Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Is Howland stumbling the way Toledo and Neu did — giving preferential treatment to certain players and keeping more deserving athletes on the bench? – Amillennialist
It’s hard to compare football playing time and basketball playing time, but I will say I’ve been very confused by Howland’s rotation this season. I understand easing Norman Powell into his minutes, and he’s been playing more lately, but UCLA’s fatigue at the end of games has been a key factor, and we’ve seen them leave guys completely fresh on the bench for an entire game.

2) I keep hearing Howland is safe because they have such a “great” recruiting class coming in. Isn’t it true that as of today they have only two committed players one of whom may be a one and done? If so if they don’t get any of the other players they are after will it still be considered a “great” recruiting class? – MoeBruins
Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams alone make it a great recruiting class. Anderson is one of the five best players in the country, regardless of position, and Adams is an adept scorer. If Howland gets the two players he really covets – Shabazz Muhammad and Tony Parker – then it becomes the consensus top class in the country and one of the best in the west in recent years.

3) Jon kind of the opposite of Blur’s comments. To me at least from reading tweets it sounds like the players are having plenty of fun. My question is do any of them really care that the team is bad? I don’t see the heart that was a key ingrediant in Howland’s recruits in his early years. – MoeBruins
It’s too easy to just read into things like that and make definitive statements, but everything is shades of gray. Yes, it appears the team has more heart when its going to Final Fours. The talent was also much, much better.

4) UCLA alum comes up to and asks you your opinion about purchasing season tickets. Your advice buy, sell or wait and see if Mora lives up to the hype? – MoeBruins
Wait and see. I can understand a lot of skepticism based on the on-field product the last few years. One thing if they simply played poorly, but sloppy and boring is another thing.

5) Mazzone is working out Tebow and other pro players.Does this affect the eligibility of current players if they work out with them? – bibs
Without Mazzone there it’s fine, but Mazzone can’t coach current players until Spring ball.

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  • Anonymous

    Nestor = joke

  • OGBruin

    Howland isn’t safe because he has a great recruiting class coming in. He’s safe because he went to three straight Final Fours and is a very good basketball coach. Children demand instant gratification at all times and throw temper tantrums when they don’t get exactly what they want. Adults are able to assess situations for what they are and patiently wait a reasonable amount of time to allow the talented and dedicated coach of their favorite team to right the ship.

  • BruinInSeattle

    @ OGBruin — totally agree…how do I “like” someone’s comment?

    One thing often overlooked by the instant gratification crowd when they deign to compare Howland to Lavin. Howland is a great coach, Lavin was not. I do NOT care what the records are. Howland is experiencing some growing pains — a caliber of recruit he was not privy to before, how to coach kids who think they are superstars already, how to open up on offense a bit more, how to deal with one and dones and the success of his own program — issues he WILL figure out. Give him some time, let him learn on the job, in the end, he will be stronger for it.

    The only thing that made me nervous in years past was Howland’s obstinance…but as soon as he started going to the zone, against his own dogma, he showed a willingness to bend, to adapt. I cannot stress how important that is. I believe he will learn the other things, too, and I hope he gets the chance. If the thugs at BN had there way, there would be a new coach every three years and we would go back to the post-Wooden era and never evolve.

  • Tydides


    Blasphemous! You come over to BN, and I’ll wield my mighty “ban-hammer” (or other weird phallic reference) at you! I would never say this to your face (or even identify myself in public), but you’re nothing but a Howler; I will now conduct a Google search to find an appropriate meme for you…”herp derp”!

    Okay gotta go…Mom’s turning off the Internet machine now. Aloha!

  • Reasonable Bruin


    The “He took us to 3 straight Final Fours” whine is so tired by now. And you know what? The Bruins got wiped off the floor all 3 years. Since when does finishing 2nd thru 4th give someone a lifetime coaching pass? And at the university that ONLY hangs championship banners no less.


    Evolve? You call this program evolving? From three Final Fours in a row to not making the tourney 2 out of 3 years and all-conference caliber players defecting at an alarming rate. If that’s your definition of evolution I sure hope you don’t fall off the edge of the earth, pal.

  • Semi-Pro

    Only 6 teams in the entire NCAA have 3 Final Four appearances in the last 10 years. Only one has 3 consecutive.

  • BruinInSeattle

    @ Reasonable — you should go into coaching if its so damn easy.

  • Bandwagon Nation

    @”Reasonable” Bruin
    Doesn’t seem like anyone gave Howland a “lifetime pass”…check your reading comprehension, Nestor.

    So, define “players defecting at an alarming rate”.

    Of Moser, Wright, Stanback, Gordon, Nelson and Carlino…WHICH one made an upward move, Program-wise? None. They either went to mid-majors, overseas, or languished on the bench.

    Between the Wear twins and LDII, which one fled at an “alarming rate”?

    The BN (Brain-dead Nation) school of “thought” seems to be that Howland DROVE these players from the Program. Really?

  • Deja Vu

    @OG & @seattle

    Finally! Some real bruins fans who also know something about basketball. Howland is safe because he’s a great coach. I love our players but unfortunately they’re just not that great this year. Their execution has been less than stellar. But we will continue to build back up.

  • Anonymous

    If our players are not so great this year, why did everyone pick the Bruins to dominate a really bad PAC 12. I know let blame the kids, yea that’s it, its the kids, they suck, it can’t be the coach he’s a winner.

  • Burbank Bruin

    Bruin In Seattle, you might change your mind when next week’s SI article on UCLA comes out.

  • MPP Bruin

    @ Bruin in Seattle.

    No, you cannot learn on the job at UCLA. We hire winners. You had better be able to prove yourself day in, day out. There is to much history and tradition at this school to be tolerant of mediocrity. I’m not on the Howland must go train just yet, but your reasoning for keeping him just reeks of defeatism. The man has been here for 9 years? At what point do we ask him to have figured it out?