Bruins lost in the Fogg in 65-63 loss at Arizona


Tyler Lamb was a step behind and Anthony Stover was a second late. The two UCLA sophomores simply looked lost.

In a Fogg, you could say.

Arizona’s Kyle Fogg drained a 3-pointer with 53 seconds left among mass UCLA confusion to give the Wildcats a six-point cushion, and they eventually closed out the Bruins with a 65-63 win at the McKale Center in front of 14,724.

UCLA guard Jerime Anderson – who matched Fogg’s game-high 20 points – had a chance to tie the game with a second left, but his jump shot clanked off the rim.

It was the Bruins’ fifth road loss by less than three points in 2012.

“This one is very tough,” a sullen Anderson said after the game. “I don’t know if this is the toughest loss we’ve taken all year…but it’s up there.”

Particularly after wrestling the lead away from Arizona midway through the second half and maintaining a slight advantage until roughly four minutes remained.

If not for Fogg, the Bruins might have been in the clear.

Playing to a packed house on Senior Night, the rivalry’s biggest recent barometer turned it on just as UCLA did.

Fogg – who has averaged 20 points in the Wildcats’ four wins over the Bruins since 2009 and just nine points in three losses – scored 11 of Arizona’s 15 points during UCLA’s second-half run, never letting the Wildcats fall behind by more than four.
His free throw with 4:06 left gave Arizona a 54-53 lead and the Wildcats never trailed again.

“As he goes, they go,” Anderson said. “He started getting it going in the second half, getting to the free-throw line, then he started to find some comfortability, hit some threes. He’s a good player, he’s always been a good player.”

Anderson knows well.

The two have squared off against each other since meeting randomly in a rec gym in eighth grade and they traded points on Saturday once more. With Fogg shutting down UCLA’s leading scorer Lazeric Jones – who had 20 points in a 66-57 win over Arizona State on Thursday but just two points on 1-of-12 shooting against the Wildcats – Anderson rose to the occasion.

Except on the hurried last possession, as UCLA had no timeouts following a Fogg free throw with seven seconds left. The Bruins ran a fake handoff, though Anderson said he “would’ve rather just come down and had an iso or maybe a flat screen, something up top.” Precious seconds dripped off the clock, and Anderson was forced to take an off-balance jumper with less than two seconds left.

“You always want to make the big shot, just help your team to a win,” Anderson said. “That’s the only thing that matters at the end of the day. I could care less if I scored 40 points as long as we get the ‘W.'”

Anderson had to take matters into his own hands as his teammates crumbled under the pressure.

Excluding Anderson, who made 9-of-16 shots, the Bruins shot just 16-of-45 and just 11-of-18 from the free-throw line. ”

Joshua Smith’s foul trouble did not help matters for UCLA (16-13, 9-7) as the hulking sophomore center was called for two quick fouls in the first half and then added a third before the break, eventually finishing with four fouls but nine points and five rebounds.

“He’s getting the same fouls over and over and they’re reaching fouls,” Howland said. “His first foul of the game was reaching in. He has to play to his size and we keep talking about it, hopefully he’ll eventually be able to do it because he was very effective for us and he only got to play 14 minutes.”

With Smith burdened by foul trouble, Howland still insisted on going into the post as David and Travis Wear combined for 21 points and 16 rebounds in 56 total minutes.
Eventually, though, when it mattered most, UCLA was unsure where to go.

Arizona had Fogg, the venerable leader who helped bridge the gap between the pre-Derrick Williams Wildcats and now the post-Williams Wildcats.

The Bruins had Anderson, who only demands the ball some of the time.

On Saturday, not enough.

“We’ve had trouble at the end of games and that’s the focus then,” Anderson said. “We never really made a point to point that guy out per se. That’s an important thing you do on a team.

“There should be that guy.”

Almost 30 games into the season, that player appears lost, though.

In a fog, you might say.

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  • Rob M

    I hate that I always have to preface my comments with “I am a Howland guy”, but here goes….

    It was a gritty performance in a rough place. Credit the team for slugging it out in a see-saw game, BUT…

    …wouldn’t it be nice to have a Timeout left at the end of a game for once?!? Everyone knows all the knocks on CBH, and I still think the positives outweigh the negatives, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS. It’s so frustrating knowing that if the game comes down to the buzzer, we have to play on the fly and can’t take a TO to draw up a game-tying or game-winning play.


    Want to never play zone? Fine.
    Stick with ineffective offense? Fine.
    Want to be more of a disciplinarian? Fine.
    Use an inscrutable substitution pattern? Fine.
    Want to call momentum-killing timeouts after our own made baskets? Fine. (um, not so much…)
    Always use up all your timeouts by the 5 min mark in the 2nd half? Of all the stubborn, “basketball DNA” traits CBH has, this is the one that is easily correctable, yet he has done it consistently his whole tenure. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can we get him to save one damn Timeout in the future? Can I start a petition or something?

    Ok, rant over.

    Go Bruins.

  • The Blur

    Rob, I’ll sign that petition. The momentum killing timeouts you mention irk me even more when I see finishes like this.

  • Anonymous

    Sad thing is… I don’t even care anymore.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    robM: +1


    Wow, as a Trojan fan, it is nice to see the pain regarding Los Angeles college basketball is universal: SC is dismal, and uckla is, well, mediocre.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Pbbbsssttt… Everyone knows UCLA is a football school. They don’t care about basketball….

    Oh, what? You sure? Oh……

  • Reasonable Bruin

    @Rob M:

    We were all ‘Howland guys’ at some point. Just like we were Neuheisel guys and Dorrell guys. But at some point the formula stops working.

    All of the problems you have with Howland have been there since day 1, but I think the fact he was recruiting NBA caliber talent and going to Final Fours masked many of his shortcomings.

    You’re certainly right about the timeouts. A Ben Howland coached game will undoubtedly include the following:

    1) Momentum killing timeouts that kill his OWN team’s momentum (Anyone remember SC at home a few years ago?).
    2) Automatically burning a timeout after 3 consecutive opponent’s made baskets (sometimes after 2).
    3) Wasting unnecessary timeouts when the next dead ball is a full TV timeout.
    4) Never having timeouts at the end of games.

    Add those to the list of certainties like death & taxes.

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m hoping for a fifth place finish so we can smash last place USC again. Will USC have a school record 23 losses by then? I expect more like 25.

  • Anonymous

    If the Bruins could shoot free throws at all, they’d probably have six more wins. Doesn’t help that they rank around 268th out of 338 Division I teams in free throwing.

  • uclamd92

    The reality is most UCLA fans hate Howland/Guerrero more than USC at this point. Because of these two overpaid underachievers, I refuse to send $ to the Alumni fund, go to games, buy merchandise, and rarely watch games. Thanx to them, UCLA basketball has become a laughing stock and they seem not to care. I feel like Long Beach State is a better product. When will Chancellor Block do something? Or does he not care also? I am beginning to believe that this situation will not change for a long time. Get used to it Bruin fans. At least I have. Our beloved university is not well represented anymore.

  • Blue Bruin

    God willing, there are only 3 games left in the Ben Howland era!

  • BSKB

    Blue Bruin, go back to Bruinsnation (If I was the antiNestor, I’d call it BandwagonNation of BitchNation). We are all just bored of the tired routine from your type. I’d give an in depth analysis of exactly why you suck, but it’s like trying to scrutinize a wind vane. Ultimately, you find what blows and go with it.

    If there is one sense I’m getting, it’s the desperation that if BN folks don’t get CBH out now, God forbid, he might actually have a good year next year. That would be a tragedy wouldn’t it? Hence the sad attempts to push headlines to drive away recruits and poison the program. I like UCLA sports, I want my school to succeed, but I know that it has never been about me. I doubt the BN folks truly get that, hence the endless egocentric posting over there.

  • Anonymous

    blue, md92, and “reasonable” are BN shills.

    (I would have said that they’re all Nestor, but there are too many articles and prepositions in place.

    It’s probably whoever is going to post their post-game “analysis,” so they’re over here stealing what they can from Gold.)

  • Marc

    Amen BSKB

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


    Anyone remember when Nestor and those losers claimed there would be a “scorched earth” policy against the athletic department if Mora was hired? I’m still waiting to see that Nestor.

  • Bob

    I don’t read Bruin Nation, I don’t care about BN, stop talking about BN. You idiots talking about BN have turned Jon’s Blog into what you hate. It would be great if this Blog was about UCLA and only UCLA.

    Please let people have an opinion without making stupid BN accusations. All you accusers have become what you dread, please, please, please, do it somewhere else.

    I can’t read BN crap and now I’m having a hard time reading this crap.

  • The Blur

    Hey Bruin NC,

    BN is too busy swinging from Mora’s nuts right now. They completely forgot how they cried like little girls when he was hired. I reminded them about this and got banned. But don’t worry, they’ll be right back to where they started if we win less than nine games.

    The funniest part about my banning was that it was during a Howland discussion where I agree about having concerns over Howland. I made them upset when I suggested there are still many positives to consider about him. A young graduate wrote a post defending Howland and they just trashed him. Sickening to see a “fans'” blog treat a fellow grad that way.

    BKSB is 100% right: they’ve made it about themselves and not UCLA. If I were a recruit and saw that blog, I’d have serious concerns about going to a school whose graduates behave that way. What’s really sad is that there are some good posters there, but they’re completely overshadowed by a handful of childish tyrants. It’s also too bad they hijacked the SB nation platform, which is great for fan discussion.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    You all need to sip that savory second cup of coffee, stare up into the Great Divide or out over the mighty Pacific and be encouraged by this fact:

    We do limp along, yes. But we have as good a shot as any to actually win this Pac-12 Tournament. Amazing, but true. And at 16-13, despite all of the would-haves and could-haves, we very well should sweep the Washingtons at home this week before …

    Opening tournament play by thoroughly destroying SUC’s JV team for a third time this season. How much sweeter does it get than that? We will hand them their all-time record 26th loss of the season, revel in their drunk coach blaring afterward that “Oh, the injuries and boo-boos we’ve sufferred to our sore pussies this year.”

    It’s a beautiful thing!

  • Reformed Droog


    You, sir, are a glass-half-full kind of guy…

    …and I like it.

    There is too much negativity around here. I like that people have their own opinions, and while I mostly disagree with the doom-and-gloom types, I do think that we should endeavor to stop being the anti-BN crowd. Let people say what they think, even if they are parroting the latest wind report.

    Let’s just live and let live. We can’t change what BN does to (sadly) represent UCLA, but we can act like adults on this blog and treat each other with healthy respect (or healthy disregard).

  • MPP Bruins

    There’s negativity around here because of our underachieving programs. I wish I could just live and let live, but that would basically mean that I should stop reading about the team. There’s a fine line between passion and madness, but right now I feel like this team is driving me towards the latter.

    The bottom line is that this university deserves better. I’m not in the Howland must go camp yet because I have reason to think that next season will be better with some stellar recruits coming in. Yet at a certain point looking to the future doesn’t get it done. We need success in the present. We’re UCLA, not some johnny-come-lately to the college sports universe.

    That being said, I do agree that I’m tired of reading about another blog on this blog.

  • Anonymous

    Blur –

    I just wanted to say the “conversation” between you and whoever it was that banned you was absolutely hilarious! You remained cool throughout while dude spent his entire day agonizing over your entire posting history. It pains me to go there, but I, along with the rest of my friends, can’t keep our eyes away from that trainwreck of a site. I wonder if Nestor realizes the majority of his “immense traffic” consist of people like me.

    Anyway, good on ya.

  • post move

    Does anyone in the UCLA basketball program take Coach Wooden’s “pyramid of Success” to heart anymore?

  • Amillennialist

    We all want to avoid BN. Our repeated references to it are due to the fact that some spew BN’s poison verbatim here.

    A search for UCLA Football leads the innocent to BN, the sixth result after Inside UCLA doesn’t turn up on the first page.

    Do you want the first impression BN leaves to go unanswered?

    You can’t let their gangrene go untreated.

  • ArtyBruin

    Yes I’m really upset with Chancellor Block, DG and CBH too. But I still want to believe. It’s so painful to see so many of the negative comments made all over the net about our Bruin basketball program. The most painful part however, is that I can’t disagree with most of them.

    Other “blue-blood” basketball programs haven’t suffered through almost 4 years of sub-par performance on the court, so why have we? I can understand a down year here or there, but for the most part our team looks listless, uninspired and unprepared. We have one of the highest paid coaches in the country and our AD is one of the best paid in the Pac 12.

    I’ve bitched and moaned all season long in the comments about the ill-timed time outs, favoritism, questionable substitution patterns, after-game excuses, and just the apparent lack of preparation that has made it almost impossible for us to win games, close or not. I’m done with it. Spent.

    Enough is enough. We don’t need anymore excuses. We just need to win and if Dan and Ben can’t get it done then we need to get someone else who can.

  • uclamd92

    I love how u guys accused us of being BN posters. I do not write for anyone except myself. I’m an alumnus of one of the most prestigious university. I’m fed up of the crap that comes out of the athletic department. So, if you are happy with the current basketball program and DG, be my guest and cheer on. Because sooner or later, you will realize this is ridiculous and you’d not waste another minute to view this crap. Enoy the losing seasons, enjoy missing the tournament, and enjoy those woulda, coulda, shoulda comments that comes out of Howler’s mouth after every loss. It’s funny how he comes out up with new ones every week because he’s seemingly losing every week. Enjoy the misery.

  • bibs

    I love to read the rants of so called experts who never played,but know everything.The AD is responsible for a total program.How many titles do we have?How long did it take coach to win a title? Good players don’t need a time out to draw up a play at the end of a game.
    Jon,is there any way to edit or give sobriety tests to some of the idiots who know it all?

  • MPP Bruin

    it took Coach about 15 years to win a title, but then again, he didn’t have a losing season while he was at UCLA. I’m not naive enough to think that we’re going to get a national title every year, but I don’t think its too much to ask for us to not suck.

  • BSKB

    @UCLAmd92. Funny, you may not be a BN poster but you sure sound like one with your “Howlers” comment. I will say this again:

    Nobody here is against constructive criticism, we are just tired of people who are willing to actively damage UCLA athletics in order to satisfy their egos and sometimes unrealistic expectations.

    Having criticisms against UCLA athletics is not the problem, it never was. Hell, we respect Jon Gold a great deal because he gives very candid assessments about how UCLA does well and does poorly. What many of us object to is a sky is falling, we are all doomed attitude that is so pervasive among a certain quarter of “fans”. Too many supposed UCLA fans don’t just complain about failures, they are so desperate for change that they denounce our successes and actively undermine our school(the ways they do so are so numerous, I’d save that for a later post.)

    We all want UCLA sports to do well and all of us know that the big two sports haven’t been up to expectations. The difference is that many of us know the difference between constructive criticism and stupidity. Even if you don’t believe Ben Howland should be our coach, you should be able to criticize this team in a way not to try to scare away prospective recruits or fans.

    If you want to complain know that eventually your complaining isn’t just a fan’s lament, but a detriment to the school’s environment. BN is a cesspool. We don’t want this blog to turn into one. We love our school and will support it to the end, whether that makes us a Howland’s Howler or a Mora Mensch. We bleed Blue and Gold here, if you try to cut our teams down, we will cut you right back to check your colors.

    First, last and always: Go Bruins!

  • Amillennialist

    That’s interesting, uclamd92. You imply that you are not one of Nestor’s persons of hench, but your own words indicate otherwise:

    “I’m an alumnus of one of the most prestigious university [sic].”

    “if you are happy with the current basketball program and DG [. . .].”

    “Enoy [sic] the losing seasons [. . .].”

    “Howler’s mouth [. . .].”

    “It’s funny how he comes out up [sic] with new ones every week because he’s seemingly losing [sic] every week.”

    The dichotomy you’re implying is false; this is not a choice between either tarring-and-feathering or beatifying Howland and Guerrero.

    I don’t see how any UCLA fan can be happy with either Football or Basketball’s ineptitude lately; that doesn’t mean that those of us who find BN’s totalitarianism distasteful or who don’t want the coach’s head on a stick are “Howlers” who enjoy losing.

    That’s so . . . Nestorian of you.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon, you looked so dapper on the red carpet last night. Those were some smooth moves picking up Hollywood’s hottest hotties, too. Hell, you even looked very sober compared to so much of that crowd. Now get that beard back on and take us “Inside UCLA” come Tuesday.

  • The Blur

    Thanks Anon, it’s funny you saw that exchange. It’s nice to know not everyone on that site buys into their drivel. That was my second banning from BN, and my last. I burned that bridge when I sent bellepheron an email thanking him for posting my biography. It was a most gratifying send off.

    While I respect others’ sentiments of not wanting to read about another blog here, I have to agree with the idea that it should be clear BN doesn’t represent UCLA. I have no problems with having a strong opinion, but I have a problem with someone claiming to be my voice while being a complete a**hole to fellow alum, students, and staff. This “Chianti Dan,” “neub,” and “howler” speak is childish and announces a total lack of credibility. It’s an embarrassment to the UCLA brand. Again, it doesn’t apply to everyone there, but unfortunately that’s what the site represents.

    I don’t feel this discussion in the comments section undermines Jon’s blog, but I have mass respect for him and the work he does. If he wants us to drop it, I’m cool with that.

  • Boston Bruin

    I come to “Inside UCLA” for Jon’s straightforward reportage and analysis, and stay for the hilarious BN bashing.

    As an older UCLA grad banned from BN (BitchNation…thanks for that BSKN) for accusing Nestor of not being a journalist — actually I said something to the effect that neither one of us were journalists, so our conjectures were equally valid as laymen, I came from the “Letters to the Editor” era, so I didn’t realize blogs representing an entity other than oneself would ban for offering an opinion and not personally attacking another.

    Since Jon is an actual journalist I readily appreciate that not only is his content free of UCLA coach-bashing or constant John Wooden deification (good man, great coach, ‘nuff said because “Coach” ain’t coming through the door – to paraphrase a former Celtics coach), but Jon also offers a safe haven, a refuge allowing the frustrated fan a metaphorical soapbox to blow off steam about the ‘owners’ of a site dedicated to UCLA sports, who immaturely savage coaches, would-be coaches, and administrators . To what end?

    Plus some of the anti-BN (specifically re Nestor) write-ups on this site offer some extremely hilarious points and worthy insights: i.e. Nestor’s Mother (check out the latest on “Some Howland Press Conference Notes”), too many good Anonymous posts, and some of the artful snippets on this page alone:
    ~ Amillennialist’s pearls: “You can’t let their (BNs) gangrene go untreated,” and ”Nestor’s persons of hench”
    ~ The Blur’s: “This “Chianti Dan,” “neub,” and “howler” speak is childish and announces a total lack of credibility.” and “BN is too busy swinging from Mora’s nuts right now.”
    ~ Bibs’: “I love to read the rants of so called experts who never played, but know everything.
    ~ Anonymous’: “I would have said that they’re all Nestor, but there are too many articles and prepositions in place.”
    MPP’s: “There’s a fine line between passion and madness.”
    BSKB’s: “What many of us object to is a sky is falling, we are all doomed attitude that is so pervasive among a certain quarter of ‘fans.’”
    And even the unintentionally funny defense by uclamd92: “I’m an alumnus of one of the most prestigious university.” (If you’re a UCLA grad, the English 101 teachers should be applying for unemployment insurance).

    I actually have a hard time with the mooks who attack Jon for no other reason that he won’t step away from his “fair and balanced, no spin” (sorry Jon couldn’t help myself) offering a professional’s POV since to paraphrase myself, we’re not journalists, nor are the self-important “owners” of BN, the blog of the Bruins, by the Bruins, and for the Bruins. (freakin’ Lincoln plagiarists)

  • Maze

    +1 to everything Boston Bruin said!

    For a site that claims piety and (false) adhesion to John Wooden’s teachings, they sure do go out of their way to trash student-athletes an awful lot…hypocrisy at its worst, and douchebaggery at its best.

    Coach Wooden would sometimes tell the story of this crazy-obsessed fan who got up in his face after being eliminated in the 1974 NCAA Tournament (after 7 straight Titles, of course) cursing him relentlessly on his walk from the bench to the locker room.

    That’s the kind of “fans” Murshed, Tydides, Belly, Tasshole, Charnaw, and Fox 71 are…

  • Maze


    …I’m sure that Nestor-ite would then take credit for winning the ’75 Championship: his berating obviously righted Wooden’s wrongs!

  • Anonymous!!! Bad news for Ben.