• BruCam87

    The way I see it the negatives of missing the Tourney balance out the positives of a deep run so after this awful year I see Howland on even ground. Plus it would be tough to fire him when there has been no home court advantage whatsoever this year. I see next year as make or break for him especially if he lands Shabazz. Should be a PAC 12 Title and deep tourney run or bust situation.

    On the flipside if he couldn’t win the title with a lineup of 2 all-stars and 2 NBA starters what makes you think he’ll ever win one.

    One more year – make or break.

  • Anonymous

    As a too-attached UCLA fan living in central PA, this seems like a poor attempt at trying to replicate something even remotely similar to the Penn State scandal. SI was outdone on that front by a young woman from a mid-major sized newspaper. So, why not shift sports (and coasts) and try to bring down the other bastion of college athletics. Rings hollow here.

  • Semi-Pro

    They weren’t all-stars or NBA starters when they were at UCLA. Back then they were just good college players…and lost to teams that also had good college players.

    It’s pretty easy to improve your game when you can focus on basketball 24/7 like you can when you play professionally.

  • Ley

    Nice to see Anonymous Players and coaches that are GONE making comments. Can you say Sour Grapes. Duke went through this a few years back and recovered nicely i would say. You dont see any of the guys that actually worked there tails off and are now in the NBA chiming in. Go Figure. Guys that didn’t get off the bench and coaches gone making anonymous comments. HMMMMM. Nice try SI. You could write that article about any team in the country.

  • 909Bruin

    time for the Brad Stevens era to begin at UCLA!!!

  • Anonymous

    First football for coach being too soft on player now basketball. Sure the coaches have their share of blame, however the common link between Ben Howland and Rick Neuheisel is Dan Guerrero. Fire Dan Guerrero. Go Bruins!

  • Anonymous

    It’s ridiculous to compare this situation to Duke’s situation a couple of years back. This goes beyond whether or not we win games or make the tournament. This is about a culture that has been created at UCLA, and a culture that refuses to go away. Students at UCLA have long been aware of the party habits of our most recent players, but this article sheds more light on how poorly the coaching staff has managed them. We can blame the article for being sensational all we want, but at the end of the day, we have too much talent on our teams to consistently underachieve. Players like Jrue Holiday have absolutely no motivation to stay when they play in an environment like this.

  • rejn

    Before I read the SI story I was a little hesitant how to answer the question – especially if the answer is NO. On the other hand, any Bruin BB fan/supporter cannot be happy at all with the losing.

    If the SI story is true, which I have read…..

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t there some stories or incidents involving Howlands son getting into some trouble at a couple of UCLA games?

    As the saying goes, it starts at the top. It’s hard to believe that this sort of garbage is happening under Coach Howlands watch. But it’s happening, and if it’s true, then maybe answering NO to the question is the only true answer that can be given.

    It’s sickening to hear what the players are doing and how little discipline is being exercised by Howland. He’s right up there with the worst of the worst. Shameful. No excuses. No way that it should be tolerated one more day. It’s ridiculous, and unfortunately says that Howland has no clue what discipline is all about. His son???? His players???? Coincidence? No, I don’t think so.

    As I said, if the story is true, then, NO, he should not be the coach next year. How can any one support a coach who has no control over his players – support him and the program with a lack of leadership, character, quality, moral conduct firmly in place.

    I thought Howland was the right guy to coach UCLA Basketball, but not after this.

    In fact, I thought Neuheisel was the right choice, too.

    Shame on you Coach Howland. This is not a bump in the road as I just heard your boss say on the radio. This is major red flag and a reflection on your character. I wouldn’t want you around my kids nor coaching my kids with this type of behavior, all the way around.

  • JW

    Hit the road jack, UCLA wants it’s pyramid back in place.

    So it be said, so it be done.

  • BruinRogue

    That depends on:

    1. Will he start paying as much attention to his offense as he does on defense?
    2. Will he stop wasting timeouts that either kill momentum on our side or can be called much later in the game?
    3. Can he still develop players like Afflalo?
    4. Can he improve on improving player development and utilizing his players properly (i.e. stop sending Dragovic out when you have a Mike Moser, feed the ball to Kevin Love not wait 34 seconds before chucking a desperation heave)?
    5. Can he manage his substitutions and rosters more wisely? (i.e. us having 3 top PG’s at once with no bigs one year, then having 3 top PF/SF’s with no PG’s)
    6. Will he just fix what’s been going wrong the past few years?

  • rejn

    Maybe the story is really helping make sense of what’s going on. All the departures and leaving earlier? Seriously, Malcolm Lee and Tyler Honeycutt leaving early? Why? Where are they now? Makes no sense unless it’s just not a good situation to be in. Howland did a find job at Pitt, but Pitt is not UCLA. Maybe Howland is in way over his head, too. Or maybe Howland has gotten caught up in the glitz and glamour or LA and just can’t succeed in this market. Nothing wrong with that unless it’s ignored and he continues to be the way the story pictured him. If Howland react this way once, or for the past few years, that’s a problem. And for Guerrero to say something like, well, these issues need to be addressed and Coach has been dealing them and working on it – or something like that. Well, if he responded this way, who’s to say that it won’t happen again. Maybe, maybe not…but I doubt that this something you fix overnight. And who’s to say that there aren’t other issues that have not been discovered???

  • Coach Thom

    As with the football coaching staff, this BB coaching must go. Howland clearly can’t handle the Hollywood atmosphere that purveys at UCLA. We need the equivalent of Jim Mora to take control of this imploding program. The NBA should be forced to change its policy of promoting ‘one n’ dones’. There should be a mandate that college students must have completed their junior year before becoming eligible to play in the NBA.

  • Marc

    I just have to ask this. If Ben Howland is fired, who is on the list of replacements?

    I’m not sure either way; above my pay-grade and I’m not an “expert” from bruinsnation.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens.