UCLA handles Washington State easily

Vinny Bonsignore filled in for me at UCLA’s 78-46 win over Washington State last night. Here’s his write-up: Check it out

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  • Anonymous

    Was at the game last night. Hard to be too enthusiastic when the opponents played like a bad high school team. I know that the pac-12 is bad this year. But wow it’s really bad. Wondering when the pac-12 will ever rebound.

  • BZO

    Are you kidding me? You’re not going to be enthusiastic over a 32 victory this year regardless of the opponent?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong, UCLA couldn’t shoot the ball any better than they did on Thursday. But when the other team is that bad, it makes it a really bad game. Don’t mean to take anything away from UCLA, but that 32 point win is more of a reflection of how bad WSU is. Let’s face it, UCLA does not deserve to get into the tourney. Not sure if any Pac-12 team deserves it.