How will the Bruins do in the Pac-12 tourney?

Was trying to post a poll about this but kept crashing.

How do you think they’ll do?

One and done? Long run? Win title and qualify for NCAAs?

Please feel free to discuss …

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  • Bruintx

    They will lose a game they should have won (naturally) in the semi’s…

    Now if Howland goes back to recruiting high quality character players with some good (not necessarily great) BB talent, he might be able to salvage his career here. I think the pressure of those three Final 4’s made him forget how he became so successful in the first place… and it wasnt by recruiting on talent alone!

  • Marc

    I think they can beat any team in the PAC-12 other than Cal. They will go as far as they can, but when they meet Cal, they will lose.

    I will be happy with a run in the NIT. I know that is not a popular opinion, but it can do them well heading into the offseason and into next year. Especially if they can make it to MSG and perhaps win it all.

    I believe it was North Carolina that won the NIT a few years back, then won the NCAA’s the next year. It is not optimal, but it is not terrible either.

    And, I support Ben Howland coming back next year. The article may have been new to a lot of people outside the program, but I’d bet it wasn’t news in and around the department at UCLA. Perhaps the airing of the dirty laundry will do the team and Ben some good.

  • Anonymous

    At least to the semi…I hope.

  • Anonymous

    Lose 2nd round…

  • MPP Bruin

    Cal is going to be a tough out. UCLA certainly has the capacity to win this tournament, but I doubt they’ll be able to put four straight games together.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Everything Marc said sounds about right. I have a hard time believing they could finally beat Cal this season, but who knows…would be nice, but that’s wishful thinking.

    As for the NIT, that would be great prep for a run in the NCAAs in the ensuing years.

    And regarding Bruintx’s comment about character — I don’t think the three Final Fours made him forget anything, I think he realized he couldn’t get over the hump and win it all with character alone…that he needed the caliber of player his program was not attracting. Couple that with an onslaught of one and dones and Howland was bringing in the best players he could but under unfamiliar circumstances. Like Marc, I think the SI article, though perhaps sensationalistic, might have been good medicine — and will allow Howland to correct mistakes and move on. No one doubts he is a great coach, which is a blessing Lavin didn’t have, what Howland needs now is to grow from this experience and recruit both ability and character to get over the hump and win it all, the Bruin way.

  • Slippery Pete

    First round will be fine if we are 5 or 6seed. Utah is a bad team and SC might be the worst college team I have seen (that includes the OSU team that lost all conference games a few years back). We have the same conference record as Colorado and beat them so I think that makes us a 5.

    After a scrimmage aginst SC we would face Arizona. We beat them when they came here and lost on the last possession out there. We could certainly beat the cats.

    Then it would matter if we face Washington or Cal. If it is Washington I don’t think a week’s time and a mile drive up Figueroa should make that much of a difference. Cal is another story. That guard of theirs torched us both times we played this season.

    If we can avoid Cal until the final (or Cal gets upset somewhere along the way) I don’t see a trip to the final as a stretch. Winning the whole thing will be tough, but this team seems to have circled the wagons.

  • Keith

    No way we can win four games in a row only playing seven guys. Ben should have used Stover and Lane lots more during the year so they would be able to contribute now. Lane being hurt doesn’t really matter since he rarely plays. We win two at the most.

  • Slippery Pete

    Hopefully for the SC game we can put it out of reach early and clear the bench. Howland hasn’t done that this season, but it is clear to him that things need to change.

  • UCLA ’64

    They’ll win the whole thing. Go Bruins!!!

  • tim warren

    I hope they get to the quarters, besides the value of beating u$c again, I’m hoping to be at their quarterfinal game