• BruinRogue

    Man, close one. But we need to keep playing like this.

  • bruincheerleader

    Good win for the Bruins…if only…if we could have closed out 3 or 4 other games like this we would be going to the big dance…instead of 18-11, which considering all this seasons upheavels isn’t all that bad, but we could have been 21-8 min..damn

  • Celebrity Chefs Dot Com

    A challenge…a Bobby Flay Throwdown…has been attenuated here in the Southland.

    Celebrity chefs Joachim Splichal (Patina group), Wolfgang Puck (Spago, Cut) and Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger (Ciudad, Border Grill) will compete in a challenge to create the haute cuisine of crow to be delivered to the Bruin Nation brotherhood of d-bags, who in spite of one of the more exciting games on NBC sports today, are still are calling for the dismissal of the UCLA coach, and dismissing the caliber of the players win…

    As expected, these losers give no credit to the players, who played their hearts out for their self-respect and their coach. Obviously, the boyz don’t have the cesspool of negativity on the “Bookmarks.”

    For those boycotting BN [BitchNits] here’s some insight from the professional basketball purists who know BB like all get out…you know the usual suspects:

    Serious question: Does this change any minds about whether Howland should be retained for next year?
    Fox 71

    Not mine. It’s just one game.

    Not me. The revelations finished me forever with Howland

    not me. i was rooting for the players but NOT howland

    Howland almost threw it away by taking out the players who led the 10-2 run. We won despite Howland’s game management.
    Seth Chandler [Didn’t know you were on the court Seth]

    No. too much water under the bridge on all accounts. but it was good to see the team respond with toughness in the finish. maybe a sign that the message about The UCLA Way is finally getting heard? [From Bruin Nation??? Thanks guys for your team motivation.]

    I would be curious to see Howland and a new AD that gave a rip [Huh??? Sorry I didn’t major in psychotic languages as an undergraduate.]

    not me

    9 years is enough evidence

    maybe not here, but the casual fans will
    Objection Penguin [Probably the most telling leak from the Nestor Rump Roasters]

    Doesn’t really matter what we think. He just bought himself at least another year.
    classof67 [Nice to have a mature voice among the hollow barrel of whack-a-moles]

    [BTW – the last comment by their fearless leader]

    Yep. And they are the “best” team in this joke conference.
    Nestor [Now isn’t that the support of the team the young men need…the “official voice of Bruins fans denigrates the conference in which they play…But that’s OK ‘cuz its all about the kids.]

  • Anonymous

    Eversince the Rocky Seto debacle BN thinks that they run the athletic department. Don’t visit BN. Everytime you check out their site you count as a visitor and they can claim that their site is the definitive site for everything UCLA because it has the most visitors. There ae plenty of other UCLA blogs you can visit for UCLA info.

  • BruinInSeattle

    ha ha ha to Bellerphon and Nestor and all the other hysterical psychobots over at BruinsNation, where discourse is discouraged and mindless agreement is mandated.

    mark the date: BruinsNation on the wrong side of history.

    Wrong about Mora
    Wrong about Howland
    Wrong about what it means to support a program through thick and thin.

  • Real Bruin Fan

    If you can stop reading the crap BN spits out you should, although sometimes its like watching a car crash seeing what idiotic statements those clowns write

  • BruinInSeattle

    I can’t even log into their (BN) site anymore — they want me to sign some kind of loyalty oath since I disagreed with them in a comments section. Apparently, it’s okay for them to disparage anyone in their sights, but if someone else has a cross word for their analysis, then their feathers get all ruffled. Whatevs…they’re obnoxious, arrogant, and at the end of the day, not very insightful, just full of hate.

  • Nestor hates Bruin Victories

    Seriously, if you HATE when the team wins, and HATE the players themselves, doesn’t that kind of make you a trOJan?

    Still waiting for that “scorched Earth policy” once Mora gets hired, btw…

  • Bellerphronsucks

    Come on, BN is a great venue for placid closet fans. Nestor can’t go back to waiting on tables. BN = Bitchy Narcissists

  • Amillennialist
  • 74Psych

    No need to make personal attacks about the naysayers at BN. Among my gripes with them is their intolerance towards those who dare to disagree with them.

    The other main gripe is that they go on and on and on about upholding standards and representing UCLA in a professional manner yet many of their main writers don’t seem to understand how to write in the English language. My degree means more than the quality of the teams in a competition. It has to do with the quality of education that UCLA offers. As the self-proclaimed official voice of Bruin fans, I sure wish they’d write like they actually got a UCLA education.

  • Anonymous

    Good work Bruins!!! To finally taste victory in a close game especially when we were down late. Kudos to the grit and determination of the players. Every counts as it builds towards the next season. Even better would be winning the PAC 12 tournament and taking no prisoners in the NCAAs! One can hope. On Senior day, thanks to Lazeric and Jerime.

  • MPP Bruin

    Good win today. Even though the conference is down, it’s always good to beat the team that is currently #1. UCLA’s execution was far from perfect, but they were good enough when it counted. The last couple of minutes they got the stops they needed to and scored the timely buckets.

  • Marc

    They are just a bunch of immature assholes. They need and will get an asskicking one of these days.

    Love how their response when punked is “whatever”. That right there tells you the are immature and probably do not have any worthwhile relationships in their real lives.

    UCLA needs to get their lawyers involved and slap them with some lawsuits for everything from the use of the bear image to the defamation of character they routinely use. Shut that site down! I really do hope to meet them at the Rosebowl this coming year. Let’s see them come into lot H flying their flag high. It would be SWEET!

  • BOYCOTT BruinsNation.com

    Nestor. An oppressive, intolerant, paranoid, and egotistical disgrace to the UCLA family. The pathetic wannabe-blogger troll considered to be the “brains” behind BruinsNation. What a fucking clown. I used to love that site. Now, I can’t even skim the shit he and the rest of his “associates” and “of counsels” put on the front page without smirking. (Seriously. They call themselves that.)

  • Boston Bruin

    It was great seeing UCLA on TV…not so many opportunities here in Boston this year. I was hoping for the best and the players came through. Thankfully Reggie Miller was there so that the announcers couldn’t go crazy gossip about this week’s bad press for the team.

    Fantastic last 10 minutes…those players really felt they had the game in hand. Laz…congrats on your last regular season game. Great way to end your Senior regular season.

    @74Psych…couldn’t agree more with your comments.

    Perhaps BN can hire the young Navy seaman who wrote an article on Jon’s last Mazzone post about her experience in Navy team building to team Mora…considering she seems about 20, she writes circles around those “UCLA educated” frauds journalizing for the ‘official site’ of Bruins fans.

  • Seriously

    Report BruinsNation to SBNation. Im sure the admins have no idea the vitriol theyre spewing. Let Nestor and Co webmaster their own shitty blog and give back the sbnation format to the sane fans.

    I seriously can’t help myself from checking that mental asylum but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them go down in flames.


    Let’s make a difference. #NixNestor

  • Anonymous

    I’m a current member of the Marching Band. Everyone I know hates BruinsNation

  • Coach Thom

    So, does this mean we’re still in it for a run at the National Championship? College BB confuses me.

  • New to the Site

    I’m just learning about Bruin Nation…first off are they all frat guys? Is that why they have the Greek pseudonyms?

    Also…all the posters/commentors seem to be the same people for each article…like only about a couple of dozen names always showing up.

    @Marc…I don’t think UCLA can sue them for using the bear image…at first I didn’t realize the one in the upper left corner was a bear/bruin. Thank God the actual UCLA image actually looks like the animal the mascot is supposed to represent.

    Perhaps the horrible Photoshop art used is emblematic of of the content.

    @ BOYCOTT – those terms they use — “associates” and “of counsel” — aren’t those law firm terms? So are you’re saying that in addition to pretending to be writers and purveyors of all things Bruin-fan, they’re also pretending to be legal eagles?

  • Relevant
  • MPP Bruin

    My biggest problem with BN is their excessive use of “scare quotes”. You know, when they try to insinuate that a “word” actually means a different “word” in their “blog”.

  • Nestor’s Mommy

    Sorry Bruins – – even I agree that my little Murshed has turned into an a-hole.

  • Larry

    Seriously guys… You’re all so obsessed with BN. Unbelievable how much people talk about them on this blog.

  • InsideSoCal Nestor


    You don’t like what we write, don’t read it. Go whine somewhere else, like BN (where you came from).

    You won’t be missed. Thanks.

    And seriously, I hate it when we win.

  • Amillennialist

    Nestor is the Charles Johnson of sports “blogs.”

  • Occupy BN

    Larry – because if we don’t voice our disgust with BN, those outside the Bruin family will take what they’re saying as true. They don’t speak for any Bruins I know, yet the fact is that site has a lot of awareness. Sad. And this week they’ve gone too far, it’s time for us to get our voice back. They claim to know what’s “best” for UCLA, but they damage our brand the most of any media outlet.

  • BruinPain

    Camel kicks little Murshad in the head as a toddler…he grows up with a screw loose as the little emperor over at BS…i mean BN.

  • Warren

    Their bear logo with the star looks like it is missing a hammer and sickle.

    Anyway, it looks like this team may have been better off if that guy had written the SI article back in November!

  • BruinPain

    Regarding the last two games since the yellow journalism article courtesy of SI, I like how are men’s basketball team ended the regular season on a nice up tick… on national TV no less. I see a lot of promise for next season with this young group with our new recruiting class. There was a lot of tumult this past season but that is past. We’ll be back to playing our home games at home as well. I’m interested to see just how far we advance in the PAC-12 tournament since we seem to be running on all cylinders right now. Go Bruins!

  • post move

    It’s amazing how much better these guys are when Joshua Smith plays hard and Tyler Lamb does a good job of imitating Malcolm Lee.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with occupyBN above. The Nestorites of BN
    are a cancer – wish they would go join Reeeves.

  • Amillennialist

    That’s not fair to Reeves.

  • Mike

    Great way to finish up a very eventful regular season. Nice to get a quality win in our last (fake) home game.

    I celebrated by putting up a last post on that other web page – where they are clearly furious that UCLA won. I’m sure it’s down by now and I’m sure I’ve been banned permanently.

    But hey, there are good times and bad times for any sports team, and those cycles tend to sort out the real fans from the band-wagoners.

  • Blue Bruin

    Let’s talk about something important: Getting rid of Howland. He’s run the program into the ground and is an embarrassment. Any true Ucla supporter realizes this.

  • http://www.onviolence.com Michael C

    Any true UCLA supporter? What are you the Spanish Inquisition looking for heretics?

    Here is how you define a “true UCLA supporter”:
    Anyone who says, “I am a UCLA supporter.”

    Go back to the other blog that bans dissent if you want to celebrate “true UCLA supporters” by crushing any and all dissent.

  • PeterUCLA

    BN is not run by true Bruins. Those fools are all about their own ego and agenda. They’re mostly middle-aged guys with nothing else to do, wishing they could be an Athletic Director.

    Armchair quarterbacking every decision of the institution is neither impressive nor useful. Also, running a blog like childish tyrants is ridiculous.

    Write to SB Nation to complain about these useless idiots and visit other blogs like this one for real Bruin news and information!

  • http://gojoebruin.com Carlos

    Perhaps this is too much of a plug. I hate to do this, but I feel like it’s best:

    I got banned from bruinsnation (I refuse to write “Bruin Nation” or “Bruins Nation” because that implies they represent us as a whole) twice. I have written damning posts about their drivel (http://sonsofwestwood.wordpress.com/the-anti-bruinsnation-goal-and-how-it-relates-to-the-purpose-of-this-blog/ and http://gojoebruin.com/2012/02/11/what-is-bruinsnation-trash-a-trojan-horse-meant-to-break-up-the-ucla-community/ most recently).

    This is a solid community, but it isn’t one that is meant to replace bn. I was so sick of their crap, that I started http://sonsofwestwood.wordpress.com/ … after being there for a few months, Fansided.com, a rival network to SBNation that has received millions of and millions of views network wide, asked me to take over their UCLA blog, http://gojoebruin.com … Since then, we’ve been syndicated on Google News, been linked on ESPN.com and have smashed records by the previous bloggers.

    This is definitely the anti-thesis to bruinsnation, and I reference them as idiots constantly. I never delete comments (save for bigotry-esque comments) and we seem to have built a small following so far.

    I invite you guys to please help me build a better community. We don’t take ourselves seriously, we’re still critical of UCLA’s athletic department, and we also like to have fun and joke around.

    And, if you like it, leave a comment and stick around. I’ll even add you as a contributor without any problem if you stay around the community long enough.

    Thanks, guys.

  • UCLA Alum and Vet

    @Blue Bruin

    Over the years I have grown extremely wary of anyone who lays claim to being the “true” adherent of anything.

    Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to designate the level of loyalty to any entity or philosophy.

    This perspective was born after my return from serving my country for the right to protest against other Americans being sacrificed in Iraq. I was told by a chicken-hawk that because of my stance, I wasn’t a “true” American.

    To paraphrase The World’s Most Interesting Man: “Stay wary, my friends!” And don’t be brainwashed by the self-proclaimed “true”sters.

  • Disgusted Alum


    I apologize for using your space, but since real UCLA alums are banned from the “official” center of Bruin-fandom” I want my fellow Bruins fans to know that I took Seriously’s challenge and sent a message to SB Nation:


    The current “manager” of Bruins Nation, Murshed Zaheed, and his Greek named associates have taken hostage a site purportedly a “Blog Of The Bruins, By The Bruins, For The Bruins” and will not allow any counter views to their own.

    If a UCLA alum, like myself, offers a counter position to their sport (and non-sport content like trying to have the university Chancellor, AD, and coaches fired or hired) missives, our message is erased and we are warned about banned if not within “their guidelines.” Unfortunately, many have been banned from the site.

    Ironically…an official UCLA communications organ, the Daily Bruin, will allow all and every letter to the Editor, regardless of whether counter to the editors’ personal views.

    Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care about such childish behavior, but I am disturbed that the Internet public coming to this UCLA-oriented site now derives a pathetically one-sided view of UCLA alum and fandom.

    Is there anything that SB nation can do to pressure this rather scarey misuse of communications that alleged speak in the name of myself and hundreds of thousands of others. Obviously these “managers” abrogate the responsibility to truly speak for Bruins other than themselves.

  • la_bruin

    May I suggest y’all simply:
    a) Discontinue contact with sites you dislike
    b) Discontinue talking about sites you dislike

    I stopped visiting them & even RSSing them ages ago once they jumped the shark and went ultra-contentious because I wasn’t even interested in reading their post titles any more: It’s a waste of energy. This is probably the reason why I don’t feel such vitriol for these guys. It wasn’t always like this – the moment they discovered they can make serious advertising money from people by posting linkbaiting articles that espouse extremist views on a topic people are passionate about, they went all in.

    I’m certain they’re loving all this chatter on the Daily News because it’s straight up advertising for their site, drawing in new viewers who want to know “what all the fuss is about”, increasing page views, multiplying ad impressions, and growing revenue for them.

    So if you’re looking to put cash in their pockets, keep it up. Otherwise, treat their site like Voldemort: Don’t talk about them, don’t mention them. And for GOD’S SAKE, don’t link your Facebook account to them.

  • The Exterminator

    I love the backlash toward BN. They need to be exterminated.

    Unfortunately, as high as the traffic is, it’s going to take a lot of emails for SB Nation to do anything. But it can be done. Disgusted Alum, what is the email address you sent that to? That was a great message.

    I think another effective solution is to email Nestor’s employer, New Partners, Inc., and ask the CEO why their employee is leading a smear campaign against UCLA. Be sure to CC the LA Times, the Washington Post (New Partners is based in DC,) the Morgan Center, and, of course, the Daily News.

  • BruinPain

    I say hound Murshed personally, his employer, his clients, and his potential clients. Let it be known the pariah that he really is. The Rush Limbaugh of blogs. In other words, just out the little bitch. And for heaven’s sake don’t visit that site. Reading that tripe will make your eyes bleed.

  • Mike

    Yep, I was Banned. It feels like winning an award.

  • http://onviolence.com Michael C

    The worst part is that major news organs cite them (and their comment section) as if they spoke for all bruins. That sucks.

  • Rob M

    It’s been a week later and after two wins, what did I notice most?

    CBH had two timeouts remaining with 1:30 left in the Washington game.

    Who was that guy and what did he do to Ben Howland?!?

    If all it took was an “expose” of “it is hard to keep Reeves Nelson in check” and “college kids like to party on New Years Eve”, than I wish SI had printed that article two years ago.

  • Rob M