Pac-12 Roundball Roundtable Pt. 7

These are no Siskels and Eberts, but a handful of Pac-12 beat writers had the best – or worst? – view of what was one rotten men’s basketball season. Jeff Faraudo of the Oakland Tribune (Cal), Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic (Arizona State), Bill Oram of the Salt Lake Tribune (Utah), Ryan Divish of the Tacoma News Tribune (Washington) and Tom Kensler of the Denver Post (Colorado) join the Daily News’ Jon Gold for a roundtable discussion on what doomed the conference…and what it can do to fix itself.

7) What was the worst game you saw this year?

Jon Gold:: UCLA’s 66-47 demolition of USC on Jan. 15 wasajd;nfAk;Lj’akldsnflshg. Sorry, my head hit the keyboard. I fell asleep again just now thinking about it.

Jeff Faraudo: Anytime I had to watch USC.

Doug Haller: Come on. I saw USC vs Arizona State — twice. I saw Utah vs. Arizona State — twice. I’ve had nightmares about these games. Don’t make me relive them.

Bill Oram: USC 62, Utah 45. Once again, when you covered these Utes you saw a lot of bad basketball. A lot. But this was a pretty lousy performance from both teams, though I’m sure Trojans backers will take umbrage.

Ryan Divish: The worst game I saw probably Washington vs. Seattle University where there were over 50 fouls whistled and Seattle U head coach Cameron Dollar’s response to the officiating was, “Those guys were sure excited about reffing tonight.” As for conference play, the worst game I saw in person was Washington vs. USC. The Trojans were down to five scholarship players, and the Huskies seemed disinterested and sloppy.

Tom Kensler: Colorado 73, Utah 33 in Boulder. The score speaks for itself.

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