Pac-12 Roundball Roundtable Pt. 10

These are no Siskels and Eberts, but a handful of Pac-12 beat writers had the best – or worst? – view of what was one rotten men’s basketball season. Jeff Faraudo of the Oakland Tribune (Cal), Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic (Arizona State), Bill Oram of the Salt Lake Tribune (Utah), Ryan Divish of the Tacoma News Tribune (Washington) and Tom Kensler of the Denver Post (Colorado) join the Daily News’ Jon Gold for a roundtable discussion on what doomed the conference…and what it can do to fix itself.

10) How many NCAA tournament picks does this conference deserve?

Jon Gold: Only Washington and Cal will go, but plucky Oregon deserves a shot, and might get it.

Two — Washington and Cal. Unless someone else wins the Pac-12 tournament . . . which certainly could happen.

Doug Haller: I think Oregon will win the automatic bid at this week’s Pac-12 Tournament, so I think three. Washington, Cal and the Ducks.

Bill Oram: I think Oregon, Cal and Washington all deserve bids, but I’d be shocked if more than two are rewarded.

Ryan Divish: Probably two at least, if Oregon were to win the Pac-12 tourney title then three. Because I feel like Washington and Cal should be in.

Tom Kensler: Three.

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