UCLA trails Arizona 29-23 at the half

If UCLA fans thought the team’s performance in the first half of its matchup with USC on Wednesday in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournamentset offensive basketball back 50 years, they would have thought the Bruins’ erratic first 20 minutes against Arizona on Thursday sent the game back to the ice age.

UCLA could not have been colder.

The Bruins shot 10-for-29 from the field and committed 10 first-half turnovers and they needed a late-half spurt to avoid one of the worst first-halves in conference history, heading into halftime down 29-23.

With Arizona playing pinpoint defense, UCLA managed just six points 10 minutes into the game, but the Wildcats’ poor offense kept the game close. Eventually the Bruins cut it to a one-point Arizona lead, but the Wildcats went on a mini-spurt to push the lead back to six going into the half.

Lazeric Jones, Jerime Anderson, Tyler Lamb and Norman Powell combined for 5-for-14 shooting and six turnovers, but Arizona also got substandard guard play, and only Solomon Hill has really punished the Bruins, scoring 14 first-half points.

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  • Anonymous

    I heard their PG missed the bus. They are playing better without their PG than we are with ours. How about that? Good job Howland.


    Actually, the team trails 66-58, and time has run out.

    So they end up 19-14 with 3 of those “wins” against the lowly Trojans. That won’t help its RIP rating, or whatever they call it, for an NIT bid.

    College basketball in L.A. this year was just pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    This Bruin team could not throw a ball in the ocean. Bring on some talent and have Josh lose 50 pounds.

  • Marc


    That is how Arizona won this game. That is also how they won the game in Arizona, but today was flat out egregious.

    Check how many field goals they made vs free throws. UCLA had 25 fouls and two players foul out of the game.

    Arizona had a total of 15 fouls in the game.

    Parents- don’t let your kids grow up to be refererees.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Way to go Bruins. NIT, knew you had it in you…

  • Yeah for talent development

    Yeah UCLA is headed to Howland’s NIT (Never Intended to Teach). DG should be so proud. I am waiting for one of those epic monologue from his weekly blog- How UCLA alumni should be proud of the direction the program is going and we are going to turn this around eventually. I’m also excited that J Smith is coming back next year. I was so afraid he was going to bolt for the D league. Hey, does anyone know if Howland makes any bonus if he reaches the NIT? I would love DG to answer that. It is always interesting that when players transferred from UCLA, they get better. When players transferred to UCLA, well, you know what I mean. Howland, what is your answer to that?

  • Maze


    Are you a UCLA graduate? Really, I’d like to know. You write like a scatterbrained schizo…