Brendan Lane to transfer

UCLA head coach Ben Howland confirmed that junior forward Brendan Lane intends to graduate early and transfer to a mid-major conference school to complete his master’s degree and play his senior year of basketball.

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  • Semi-Pro

    Eh…I wouldn’t call this transferring. He’s graduating. He just has a year of eligibility left.

  • Anonymous

    Good for him! He was given a rotten deal on the court, but stuck through it all as a mature adult. He will earn his degree from a top academic university, and he will be able to play substantially more at a mid-major. It’s just too bad. Without prima donnas and (accused) jerks like Nelson and Gordon, guys like Lane could have grown into very productive players at UCLA, similar to Alfred Aboya and Lorenzo Mata who were critically important in those Final Four runs. I think we should all wish him the best.

  • BruinRogue

    Next great ex-Bruin transfer star?

  • Reformed Droog

    After this season, I think he’s transferring from one mid-major conference to another…

  • The Blur

    Good for Lane all around. Got his UCLA diploma and hopefully some more PT.

    Nestor will be all over Howland on this for sure. He thinks Lane is the next Kevin Love and Howland’s had him on the bench for no reason.

  • BruinPain

    Best of luck to Bruin forever Brendan Lane. Congratulations on completing your Bachelor’s degree early so you’ll be able to move on and work on your advanced degree on a free ride at another university. Good Luck Brendan.

  • BNationHater

    Nestor is a clown. That site is a circus and needs to be shut down. That being said, I do feel bad that Lane didn’t get to play more. He is a solid character kid. He will be a BRUIN, no matter where he finishes out. Congrats Brandan!

  • JoeBruin

    Ahhh, no more Wear triplets. Best of luck to Lane!

    On another note, Nestor will be devastated our best player is leaving. He also is upset that a kid decided to go to Harvard instead of us. Hmmm, I think its pretty OK if someone wants to go to Harvard.

  • Anonymous

    Nestor thinks he’s awesome hiding behind his blog and his “name”. I wonder if his employer knows that he just blogs, blogs, blogs, and blogs…

  • UCLA MA Graduate

    1) The kid has a UCLA sheepskin

    1a.) Nesteek wants Lane’s foreskin

    2) He has one more year to play BB while moving towards a graduate degree.

    2a.) I wish someone paid for my graduate degree.

    This kid should play one more year get a degree in something international and then play 2 to 3 years of European BB and leave the stage loving the world more.

  • BNation Blows

    Good luck to you Brendan! Sorry Howland could not utilize your skill set with more court time. This year must have been tough. Congrats on the UCLA degree!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Happy trails, Brendan, you loyal soul.
    With diploma already in hand, may you find a home that welcomes a 6-foot-9 gift by feeding you the rock and paving the way for your MBA. No matter how small the school may be, get close to a beach or something.
    You deserve it.
    At least you will never have to live through Reeves throwing the ball through your chest in a rant on Nat’l TV again.

  • Coach Thom

    A BB player stays in school long enough to gain his degree??!!! Incredible.

  • Anonymous

    UC Irvine could use a guy like Brendan

  • doug4ucla

    I always thought he played hard and gave it his all….should of used him more….simple, “felt he got screwed”

  • UCLA 1981

    Great kid. Wish him the best.

    He also got as much time on the court as he deserved.

  • Anonymous

    “He would have been the next Bill Walton if Howland didn’t hold him back.” –Murshed Zaheed

  • Thank you Brendan Lane, for all your hard work, you gave it all 100% of the time. Good luck to you where ever you decide to enroll.

  • Anonymous

    Brendan Lane sucks donkey schlong. Pepperdine will soon find out that he sucks cow testicles. Good luck, Michael Fey Jr.