Jones named to NABC All-District 20 team

From UCLA:

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) has announced the NABC Division I All-District teams for 2012, recognizing the nation’s best men’s collegiate basketball student-athletes. The following student-athletes represent the Pac-12 on the NABC All-District 20 team:

First Team
Jorge Gutierrez, California
Jared Cunningham, Oregon State
Terrence Ross, Washington
Solomon Hill, Arizona
Brock Motum, Washington State

Second Team
Tony Wroten, Washington
Andre Robertson, Colorado
Allen Crabbe, California
Lazeric Jones, UCLA
E.J. Singler, Oregon

The teams are selected and voted on by the NABC member coaches. The above student-athletes are eligible for the NABC Coaches’ Division I All-America teams, which will be announced on Tuesday, March 20.

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Zeek! Great attitude.

  • UCLASteve

    Wow, only one UCLA rep and that’s on the Second team. My how times have changed.

  • Anonymous

    Our football team better improve next season because our basketball team suckssss. Bunch of classless thugs if you ask me.

  • Mr. Polite


    First, I don’t see any previous question that asked you your opinion…Second, go back to your fellow BN UCLA players haters.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, if you say anything against the UCLA team on this site, you’re tagged a BN Troll. Can’t we have one post that doesn’t have to mention the “other” website? Please?

  • Anonymous

    Time to fire Coach K. Duke can’t lose to Lehigh. Nestor, BN

  • Coach Thom

    Even if Coach Ben reels in Shabazz, the kid will be gone in a year. College basketball is a joke.

  • Coach Thom

    Even if Coach Ben reels in Shabazz, the kid will be gone in a year. College basketball is a joke.

  • Coach Thom

    Even if Coach Ben reels in Shabazz, the kid will be gone in a year. College basketball is a joke.

  • Hank

    @ Anonymous 7:20PM

    Once again, comments directed towards the “other” site. Sigh.

    But while trying to support Howland with those comments, you’re comparing apples to oranges. To draw comparisons to Coach K.’s 27-7, come from behind victory on the road at UNC, NCAA Tourney 2nd seeded, 13-3 regular season ACC team to UCLA’s 19-14, SI embarrassing, 5 road losses by 3 or less points, NCAA and NIT rejected, 11-7 regular season Pac team is just laughable.

    If Coach K. had similar record/issues as Howland and UCLA, then yes, a loss to Lehigh would be unacceptable.

    Now I am sure you’ll make some other disparaging remark branding me as a suc Troll or “other” website lover. Whatever. Go for it.

  • Here’s the Deal

    I don’t think criticizing the team or UCLA is frowned upon on this site. Back and forth dialogue is certainly welcomed and healthy, it’s when the negativity becomes toxic and words such as “thugs” or any other descriptors that are juvenile and meant to incite that these comments are labeled BN-like. Why can’t this site be a conversation between mature fans, and leave the childish discussion to others?

  • Boston Bruin

    Absolutely spot on Deal!!!

  • Think About It

    Most likely the “thugs” comment above from Anon @ 8:11am was in reference to the SI article. It was a statement made in frustration to the disappointing season (nobody can deny) from our beloved BBALL team.

    Yes, those “thugs” referred to in the article are now gone, it is more the mentality of the team rather than the individual players which did the acts that deserved this unflattering title.

    As such, pegging Anon as a “BN UCLA players haters” is similarly off mark.

  • Well deserved for our most improved player.

  • carlos


  • Worst. School. Ever.

  • Amillennialist


    Jon’s sister just passed away. Show some respect.

  • Amillennialist

    “Worst. School. Ever.”

    Enough about USC!

  • Anonymous

    As usual, AMill wins the “Interwebs”.

  • Marc

    While no one is paying attention…

    PAC-12 currently has three teams in the final eight in the NIT. Washington vs Oregon for a spot in the semifinals in MSG. Stanford vs. Nevada for a spot in the semis on the other side of the bracket.

    And, even further down the dial, Two PAC-12 teams in the CBI are still playing. PAC-12 guaranteed to have a representative in the finals as Oregon State matches up against Washington State, with the winner facing the Butler/PITT winner in the best of three championship series.

    That, right there is a list of five teams getting extra practice and playing time. In my opinion, the PAC-11 will be a lot better next year. Stanford and Oregon are trending upwards, while Wahington will remain in the top three/four of the conference next year.

    Hopefully, next year sees the PAC-12 sending four or five teams to the NCAA’s with UCLA being one of those representatives.

  • MichaelRyerson

    A tad on the quiet side around here, Jon. Hope everything is getting back to some semblance of normal in your life. One step at a time, bud.

  • Around Campus

    Other Spring sports:

    Baseball = #9 is 15-4 and 2-1 in conference

    Men’s Golf = #5 – recently finished third in Collegiate Master’s

    Men’s Tennis = #4 – recently beat Baylor

    Men’s T&F = placed 45th in Indoor NCAA Championship with Alec Falderman (Weight Throw) was chosen as an All-American.

    Men’s VB = #2 – 19-4, recently won the Kilgour Cup

    Women’s Crew = won both dual meets thus far this season

    Women’s Tennis = #1 – 14-0 recently beating Pepperdine

    Women’s T&F = placed 28th in Indoor NCAA Championship and 3 event winners in first Outdoor meet.

    Softball = #17 – 20-7 with most recent wins over Pittsburgh and Utah State.

  • Sam

    Jon, I’m sure I speak for everyone here in that you and your family are in our prayers. Take care of you.


  • Anonymous

    Regarding comment from Marc @ 11:17PM

    Great! The Pac is now competitive in the mid to low tier tournaments. Fantastic.

  • Marc


    Short sighted viewpoint from you, as is typical from anonymous trolls.

    Grow up.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon: Missing you during these dog-days of a dance minus UCLA, pre-Spring football and now, maybe even no Tebow in Denver. And, that I can still bust out laughing over the whole CBH kissing you last year.

    Most of all, though: Take some time for you.

  • Anonymous

    @ Marc

    Again, someone on this site makes a comment disagreed with, and they are knocked as a troll. Sigh.

  • Mr. Polite

    @Anonymous 3-20 1:06 PM

    Perhaps the reason Marc and others refer to some of the commentators as trolls is because it’s so tiresome to see UCLA athletics denigrated and insulted.

    Commenting on play (and coaching) is one thing, character assassination is unacceptable. “Think About It” tried to rationalize Anon 3-15 8:11 AM’s comment that “…our basketball team suckssss. Bunch of classless thugs…” as being about just a few of the players per the SI article. While “suckssss” is not a problem, “classless thugs” tagged the entire team, regardless of tortured logic.

    By the way, while “Hank 3-17 5:32 AM” invited the moniker of troll for his scathing, yet factual, observation of team play, no one stepped forward to bestow it upon him. The reason is that he didn’t attack the players or the coach.

    While there are no specified parameters for trolldom, the term is perhaps tossed around too freely by those sick of personalized attacks on athletes and coaches by those from other schools and supposedly speaking on behalf of UCLA fans.

    Perhaps it’s over the top to refer to those relying on sarcasm as trolls. While I not speaking on behalf of Marc or other on Jon’s site, I suspect they would subscribe to Oscar Wilde’s observation that “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit;” hence Marc’s observation of possible trollism.

  • MichaelRyerson

    The bun is the lowest form of wheat.

  • Amillennialist

    I have to disagree vigorously — but courteously — with Mr. Polite; sarcasm done right can be quite witty.

    (I myself prefer Irony. I was the only practitioner of it until ’75, when I quit because I got tired of people staring at me funny.)

    I do give a hearty second to Mr. Polite’s sublime (and punctilious) analysis of Marc’s application of “troll”; a real fan would complain about the Bruins’ poor performances of late, but they would do it without the bile and snide condescension, especially toward someone like Marc, a thoughtful fan who clearly cares about UCLA athletics.

    (In fact, after reading Marc’s informative post, I myself thought, “Great. We’re the best conference in the nation not good enough for The Tournament.” But that was in lament at how bad we are — WE are — not in condemnation of the Bruins or in derision toward Marc.)

    “Great! The Pac is now competitive in the mid to low tier tournaments. Fantastic,” offered in the context in which it was, sounds too much like BitterNation. And you know what that means.

    “Troll” or “Nestor,” you take your pick.

  • Amillennialist

    That was punny, Michael.

  • Confectionnaire Poilâne


    “Poilâne bakery is considered the bast bakery in the world and Mr. Poilâne (moi) the bast baker the world as ever seen.”

    ~ Avner Laskin, Artisan Chef & Baker

    The citation above, voting me the best baker in the world numerous times, makes me the most qualified to question your “punny” remark as an example of the defamation of cereal crops by wit.

    Sir, as my baking Master may have said, had he not died too early in life in a tragic electric flour sifter accident, “Vou zet créature scandinave légendaire qui vit dans des grottes.”


  • Sweeney Todd

    Monsieur Poilâne,

    Any interest in developing a line a meat pies?

    If so, drop by my barber shop on Fleet Street, London NW. Bring some trolls and I’ll take care of them since I can guarantee the closest shave they’ll ever know.

    Also, please bring the latest conjectures on the depth chart for the UCLA Bruins 2012 Football team. With all the position changes and possible shakeouts I am feeling morose and brooding.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Alas, it was hardly original but sufficiently obvious I didn’t see the need for attribution. And the fact Oscar Wilde may have said something does not, in and of itself, make it true. Frankly,I find puns to be a significantly lower form of wit, especially when faced with sarcasm in the hands of a surgeon like Bierce.

  • Ambrose B.

    Mr. Ryerson,

    While your appraisal of my work was certainly true in the 19th century, what passes for sarcasm today would make me puke, if I weren’t dead. (Need go no further than some samples on this thread)

    Therefore,I feel more comfortable in contemporary satire.

  • MichaelRyerson

    @ Ambrose, the fact we don’t enjoy your measure in our time (although we do have Mencken, Bruce, Sahl, Carlin and Stewart) does not magically elevate the pun. Poorly formed sarcasm can be truly cringe-worthy, the blunt force trama of conversational English, but the pun remains outside, it’s little nose pressed against the window glass of the Algonquin.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: Seems like the most perfect time to ask how Benny is doing.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Benny’s most excellent adventure continues and the sound of wedding bells may very well be in the air…yes, yes, it would seem that little trojan trollop knew what she was doing all along and Benny will finally face the concerted effort of a spouse at reforming his wayward ways. He’s been close a couple of times over the years, three by my count, but never all the way to the altar. The suspense will be can she get him out of those Hush Puppies long enough to stride down that aisle or are some things he simply will not compromise. For my money, I’m betting on the Hush Puppies. She’s still too good looking for him and he’s too smart for her or at least we thought he was. He’s screwed.

  • Marc


    No; I did not knock you for disagreeing with me. I knocked you for the immature comment you made.

    “Great! The Pac is now competitive in the mid to low tier tournaments. Fantastic.”

    If you don’t see the immaturity in that comment, I don’t know what to tell you.

    Pitt is playing in the same tournament; Big East, arguably the best conference in the country. Butler is playing, too. Mid-major, yes, but quality mid-major.

    North Carolina lost the NIT in 2010.

    I don’t think any other university has such self-entitled fans as UCLA.

    All I was saying is that five PAC-12 teams are still playing in post season play, and that I believe the conference will be better for it next year.

    Sarcastic “Great” and “Fantastic” comments don’t cut it here. Bring some substance to the community. Thank you.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Benny is definitely going down this time … and Troy will work for a name of the firstborn. As long as his middle name is Aikman, of course.

  • UCLASteve


    Take it easy. We’re all on the same team. Sure Anon’s comments might strike a sore spot for some, but really, the comment was harmless and in the end (while perhaps a bit rude) I’m sure many would agree with the general point I assume that was being made – i.e. the disappointment of the Pac’s poor showing this year on the highest level.