Lunch with Mora

Several UCLA beat writers joined head coach Jim Mora for an informal lunch today, and he had some interesting things to say about the lead-up to spring ball.

* The quarterback competition is wide-open, but Mora said that Kevin Prince will get the first reps in spring ball.

* Richard Brehaut will participate fully in spring ball and is in fact leaving the baseball program during that time period to be with the football team.

* T.J. Millweard will be one of the early enrollees who will join the team for spring ball, so he should figure heavily into the quarterback competition. Devin Fuller will arrive in the fall.

* DB Marcus Rios and JC OL Alexandru Ceachir will also arrive for spring practice.

* Mora said he was nervous about the dept at safety in particular, as Dalton Hilliard has moved to offense and as Alex Mascarenas will be without contact during spring. He confirmed that Dietrich Riley will miss spring ball.

* Mora said he actually tried on the team’s game-day socks today to get a feel for them, and when asked if that was a sign of things to come regarding his attitude as head coach, he said he just is very detail-oriented. Players have complained about the quality and availability of socks and shoes for a while now.

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Welcome back, and thanks for the spring info.

  • Anonymous

    Most importantly, what did Mora order for lunch?

  • Jon Gold’s lunch

    Why move Hilliard to safety in the first place? Now they’re worried about Safety depth?

  • LTB

    I love the attention to detail šŸ™‚

  • MichaelRyerson

    Welcome back, Jon.

  • Blue Critter

    Jon, Along withthe socks; you might ask Mora what he might do to the uniforms. New era, new sharp and distictive uniforms would be nice. Welcome back.

  • UCLAFan 11

    Any specific reason why Brett Hundley’s name was left out of the talks regarding the QB competition??

  • Coah Mora’s Reality

    “Kevin Prince will get the first reps in spring ball.”

    APRIL 3, 2012…Yeah…yeah..yeah, that said, this will be the Mora reality: “Kevin… take those first three snaps…OK so you are 1 and 3 for passes within 10 yards. OK kid…thanks for the effort. Now go over there…we need some hekp on the Scout team.

  • samo hopar

    Nobody is bashing Adidas and whining about how Nike is so much better yet? Wow. I’m genuinely surprised.


    ^ Samo! Lol that’s what I expected too!

  • BruinFaithful

    A few thought:

    1.) what exactly has Mora seen, to compel him to give Prince the first snaps? I am correct that this will be a passing offense, no?

    2.) Really Richard? Now you decide to quit BB? Pfffff. Wonder how much of this was Mora or Mazzone’s doing.

    3.) No mention of Hundley?

    4.) I don’t see Hilliard as a WR. I also see him making a bigger difference on D, than on O. However, I guess this is what Spring Ball is for. I bet he’s a safety after the Spring.

  • Typical Internet Football Idiot

    He didn’t mention LBs, D-Line, CBs, O-Line or RBs, either. Looks like we’ll be playing without those next season going off of an informal lunch meeting and an update with tiny slivers of information.

    After all that goodwill built up during this past recruiting cycle, too. Harrruummpphh.

    Also, I wish we’d go back to Reebok – we used to dominate the PAC 10 wearing cleated Pumps.

  • Ley

    Oh My!!! Not the greatest “Practice” QB of all time getting the first snaps again. He knows he’s not getting hit so he actually goes through his reads. Then happy feet gets in a game with live fire and well, YOU KNOW!

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Welcome back Jon! Thanks for the spring ball preview.

    Your colleague over at ESPN reports that Nick Crissman is transferring and will get to play immediately since he graduates from UCLA this spring. Too bad injuries never really gave him a chance to compete. Best wishes to NC at his new school.

    Mora also plans to run as many “live” spring practices as NCAA rules will permit. This will be a culture change. Hope they’ve stocked up on advil and ice. This will be good for the team soul and set the tone for the 2012 season.

    It is common practice to have the previous season’s starting QB get the first crack in the spring. What Prince does with the opportunity is a different story. I wouldn’t count him out though. I doubt the boos and bitching faze him. Hundley was recruited as a pistol QB and was never consistently accurate last year which must improve in Mazzone’s offense where accuracy is a must. Millweard is probably too green to start this season but it doesn’t hurt to get started on the 2013 QB derby. My betting slip has Brehaut as the guy for 2012. He has the arm for this offense and the guys do play hard for him…whether he can get his head into it and show Mora he’s the man has yet to be determined.

    Go Bruins!

  • MakeItCount

    Maybe Mora is the guy that can finally be the spark to get a Nike deal done. Shoes and socks would no longer be an issue.