Spring Ball Preview: Quarterbacks

As part of my UCLA spring ball preview, we break down the position groupings. With a new coaching staff, the competition should be fierce in the spring, as few players did much too cement starting roles going into spring ball. The Bruins are going to more of a base spread offense and a base 3-4 defense – though they will mix packages and personnel frequently – so take into account the changes. This is only a spring preview, so only freshmen who are participating – T.J. Millweard and Marcus Rios – will be listed.


Looking Back
Kevin Prince (10 starts) 126-224 passing for 1,828 yards, with 12 touchdown and eight interception for a 135.3 efficiency rating
Richard Brehaut (4 starts) 67-121 passing for 948 yards, with six touchdowns and one interception for a 135.9 efficiency rating

Projected Depth Chart
Sr. Kevin Prince
Sr. Richard Brehaut
RS Fr. Brett Hundley
Fr. T.J. Millweard
Fr. Jerry Neuheisel

Coming In / Heading Out
In: Fr. Devin Fuller
Out: RS Sr Nick Crissman (graduation/transfer)

New head coach Jim Mora told reporters in an informal lunch session on Monday that Kevin Prince would get the first snaps on Tuesday at spring ball. Who’ll get them two days later when the team practices again is anyone’s best guess. Prince has the early lead because of his experience and the fact that he soldiered on last season despite injury and inconsistency, but the shift to new offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone’s offense really has the position without a leader at this point.
Will it be Prince, the embattled quarterback who looked like an ill fit in the Pistol offense and never gained consistency? Will it be Brehaut, who might be the best fit for a spread offense but never beat Prince in the battle for the starting nod? Will it be Hundley, who came in with great fanfare and has spectators curious? Will it be Millweard, whom the new coaches are raving about?
Mora said he’d like to have the answer become obvious, plain to see by all in the stands and on the field. He wants his man and he wants to stick with him, and that could go a long way in determining how Mora’s first season will go.

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  • Marko

    Jon, great to have you back, getting cranked up for spring practice – very dynamic times. What do you foresee for Jerry Neuheisel? Awkward situation at best I don’t see him getting any playing time but taking up a scholarship?

  • BruinRogue

    The real question is: which is going to be healthy enough to even play. You can probably just skip all spring ball and still start because the other QB’s are in the trainer’s office.

  • The Blur

    I hope Hundley plays. Give this kid the ball already.

  • I would love to see Hundley as our QB from day one of spring ball…

  • NeuWeasel

    Better not yank my boy’s scholarship. And BruinRunt is correct, Hundley is better than the Fresh Prince.

  • Jon the Jokester

    Good One Jon, putting Jerry N. on that list !


    BruinRob said:
    NOBS is locked up, in his Urn in which I piss in every day, his ashes are getting crusty.

    March 31, 2012 3:33 PM

    That’s a great representative you bRuins got!