• BruinRunt

    Here’s the trash BruinRob is spewing on the other DailyNews blog:

    BruinRob Author Profile Page said:

    SUC owns = stupid moron.
    Karrillo = bored, delusional, paranoid, I bet you have wet dreams of me.
    Trojan = Gay Pride

  • BSKB

    Bruin Runt here is what we say over here:


    Cry more noob.

    Aww poor kid scuffed his knee on the bandwagon? I’m surprised, I heard most Trojan men have experience on their knees in Griffith Park.

  • BruinRunt Mommy

    Here you are Runty…Mommy was worried about you.

    When Mommy tells you to stay in your playpen, you do so. Mommy gets worried when you come over here. Don’t you realize there’s a bear over here? How many times do I have to remind you that there is a mean and angry bear over here…certainly more dangerous that a nuzzling white horse.

    Now…now…dry your eyes.

    You remember what Uncle Dan Quayle said: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste…what a waste it is to lose one’s mind or not to have a mind.” Mommy is concerned your fragile mind will be further flummoxed.

    So if you don’t want Mommy to fan your fanny with a flounder, don’t come over here and waste these adults’ time with your trivial drivel.

  • LMAO BruinRunt, there you go! you whining little beyatch! coward condom tries to disguise herself as a Bruin fan, little does he know that Bruins don’t act like BruinRunt.

    BTW, I was at the Bruin practice today, and if some of you have not had a chance to make it, it’s worth the drive no matter where you live.

    Coach Mora was on BEAST MODE today, at one time he got the team in a huddle because he was pissed over the lack of hustle, he must have dropped like 50 F bombs in about 3 minutes, and he was chasing guys off the field when they didn’t sprint off the field. He yelled at Brett Downey today, “next time you sprint off the field, or you jog straight into the locker room!” it was classic.

    After that scene, practice took a big turn, the team responded in a big way making big hits and big playes. So different from when Rick Neuheisel. The culture of the our football program is changing. Coach Jim Mora is MEAN AND NASTY!!! I love it!!

  • cv

    Really, yelling at the waterboy?

  • ^^^he yelled at everyone when things weren’t properly executed…yelling at the water boy? well, I don’t know about that one.