Muhammad to announce college selection live on ESPNU

The two top high school basketball prospects in the country are announcing their college destinations on Wednesday, and UCLA fans are eagerly anticipating one of those announcements.

ESPNU announced today that Bishop Gorman star Shabazz Muhammad will announce his decision among UCLA, Kentucky and Duke during the channels Signing Day Special on Wednesday, along with the country’s top overall prospect, Nerlens Noel.

The Bruins also await the final decision of Tony Parker, who, like Muhammad, is playing in the Jordan Brand Classic and is expected to announce his college choice this week.

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  • BruinFaithful


    I’ve been hearing UCLA for both Bazz and Parker from some very reputable sources. You hearing the same?

    I thought Bazz was originally set to announce tomorrow and Parker on Wed. What’s going on there?

  • Lbcbruin

    What time

  • Spencer

    I believe sometime between 4:30pm and 6:30pm PT. (The broadcast starts at 4:30pm.)

  • Bruintx

    Why is everyone getting all worked up over another one-and-done player?

    Unless he is going to get us a bunch of other good players who will actually hang around for a few years, I just dont see the excitement. Its not we’ll be one player short of another Final Four next year.

  • BruinFaithful


    You kidding me? You must not be paying attention.

    1.) Because he is an exciting player, who will put fans in the seats.

    2.) Because he’s the type of player who will raise our profile nationally.

    3.) Because he’s the type of player who could bring other highly talented players, such as Parker today, and others in the future, to UCLA.

    4.) Because he is regarded as a mature team player, who knows how and wants to WIN.

    5.) Because, you are mistaken, he could be the ex factor that does elevate us to the Final Four. Think the Lakers without Kobe. Still think one player doesn’t make a difference? Look around, there aren’t many, but he is one of them.

    6.) Because he is committed to playing tough in your face man D, and is athletic enough to guard the oppositions’ best player.

    7.) Because, you need some one and done players to win NC’s. Or have you not been watching the Tourney lately?

    8.) Because he would be the BEST player we have signed, in decades. If we took and were excited about K Love, why not this kid? He’s THAT good.

    Shall I go on? You obviously haven’t seen him play. He is head and shoulders above the BEST players his age and better than many older players. He could be a Kareem type player, who could come in and completely dominate, his 1st year.

  • Bruin through and through

    He is a beast! I have seen Bazz play a ton of times over the last two years and he would make everyone on the team better, tougher and a highly competitive team that would be a force! That being said, there is NO WAY ON GOD’S green earth he is coming to Westwood as much as I would like him to and as badly as we need him! Kentucky is the obvious choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if nerlens Noel AND Bazz go to the the Bluegrass state

  • Bruintx

    Dont get me wrong… if we happened to get him, I hope you’re right. I’m just not convinced one player will be able to do what you think he will do.

    Elevate us to the Final Four? We’re going from not even making the tournament (or even invited to the NIT!!) to making the Final Four on the back of one guy? Sorry, dont buy that. You need more than one guy… I dont care how good he is. Even Kobe has to have help.

    I hope I am wrong if he does come to Westwood, but I am just skeptical as to how much this guy could do by himself in one year.

  • anon

    @Bruintx. in today’s game with so much turnover, every program is having to adapt. get a bunch of great 1 and done’s together and you can have a championship. Heck Syracuse did it with Carmelo. Kentucky did it with their 1-and-done mercenaries. If it wasn’t for Derrick Rose illegally playing (in retrospect), we would’ve won the title that year behind 1-and-done KLuv and 2-and-done Westbrook.

  • Semi-Pro

    Bruin TX:

    Uh…UCLA also has Kyle Anderson coming next year, arguably the 2nd best player in the nation behind Shabazz, and Jordan Adams as well who can shoot the lights out.

    Not to mention returning both Wears, a hopefully in shape Josh Smith (who could easily be the most dominant Center in the country if he could lose some weight), an improving Tyler Lamb, an improving Norman Powell, getting Larry Drew III activated…

    That team should ABSOLUTELY have championship level aspirations.

  • Anonymous

    “We would’ve won the title that year…” Oh really? I could have sworn that Kansas won that year. They beat a good Memphis team. Howland was outcoached by Calippari, so how on earth do you think he outcoaches a better coach in Self? Nope.

    Howland is in the crapper if he can’t land Shabazz. I’ll go out on a limb and says that he is gone after next year if he doesn’t get him. As it stands without Shabazz and Parker, this team probably doesn’t make the tournament, or barely makes it. Anderson is a good team player, but what else do you have? Lamb? Wear twins? Josh Smith? Stover? Drew? Nope, not going to happen.

  • Edward


    Howland has been outcoached at times but he has also outcoached others.

    You ask how he outcoaches Self. If I recall correctly, Howland outcoached Self in the 2007 tourney when the #2 Bruins beat the #1 seed Jayhawks 68 to 55.

  • Do One-And-Done’s Think Like This

    If Mr. Bazz and his handlers are serious about being one-and-done and for him to be the best all around talent leading up to the 2013 NBA draft, tthen objectively he’d choose UCLA.

    Why…regardless of thoughts about Howie as a bench coach, he argueably one of the best preparers of NBA talent.

    Considering one of the “expert” sites claims, “…on the oppoents side of the court, he (Bazz) is an average defender,” then he can hone his talent.

    @ BruinFaithful….

    Son, I admire your enthusiasm, but hyperbole took you to the hole with your…”He (Bazz) could be a Kareem type player, who could come in and completely dominate, his 1st year.”

    Mr. Love was a completely dominant player during his one year of study at UCLA…and he was no Kareem.

    Just let him be Bazz…that should be enough if all the experts are correct.

  • I’ve been watching the McDonald’s All-American games over the years with Lebron, Carmelo, etc., and Shabazz Muhammad is as good as any of those guys. The things he was doing in that All-star game that I saw were from another planet…according to some of the experts Shabazz’ skill are better right now than many of the NBA guys…yes Bruin TX, is THAT GOOD. I will pray that he chooses UCLA. Right now with Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams, and the returning players UCLA is pretty close to being an Elite-8 team next year with Shabazz Muhammad UCLA will be an instant contender for the title next year and if Tony Parker follows him here, you can pretty much hand over the title trophy tomorrow…yes Bruin TX Shabazz is THAT GOOD.