• Semi-Pro

    Sal Alosi seems to be doin his job. Wow, just around his face he looks so much leaner. I think OLB is a more natural fit for him, I never thought he had the frame to bulk up for DL.

  • Coach Thom

    What a credit these players are to UCLA and the academic standards of the school. Damien is articulate, expresses himself well, and is polite. I’m sure on game day, they will all become beasts as well. Good to see.

  • Lawyer bob

    No he loves to lead the witness or is nor confident in his question

  • My stack of journalism awards leads me to believe I’m a more than adequate interviewer. I’m trying to get quotes for my newspaper story – my job, lest you forget – and the videos are a courtesy. Don’t like them, I have this wacky idea about not watching them.

  • Anonymous

    Jon knows what he’s doing. You think these football players are going to say something interesting in two or three minutes without a little help?

  • Readers should be able to express themselves. So should I. Reading the same stuff gets pretty tiresome, when you’re the one who’s clicking on the videos. And, yeah, I think I know a thing or two about interviewing.

  • Holmes is a beast…his style of play reminds me more of Clay Matthews than Polamalu…it could be the hair (Mathews hair)