• Bruin_jim

    I think when the players speak of the professionalism of the coaches I think they are referring to the level of respect each coach uses when speaking to the players. It is indicative of NFL coaches because in the NFL you are dealing with grown men. I think the coaches don’t talk down on these guys (as some coaches in college do), but they also don’t baby them, so players respect that.

  • Anonymous

    Is that Seth Roggin?

  • Coach Thom

    I can’t wait to see what Cassius brings to the table this season. The switch to the 3-4 could be his salvation as far as NFL prospects are concerned. He’s hyped, and so am I.

  • ty true BRUIN

    hell yea cash lets raise some hell this season!!! anchor our BRUINS d-line and make all offenses/quarterback have to worry about you in there pregame scouting..! DO IT BIG this year cash..!

  • localbruin

    Jon you must think practicing sucks. Why else would you be asking everyone how they feel now that the “buzz” has worn off? “Hey Cassius, this thing really sucks now because you’re still here and you have to keep really running and sweating and stuff. Comment?”

    Also, Jon, you’re doing great staying away from the Datone hype this year. One day at a time, big fella.

  • Anonymous

    now the whole insidesocal/ucla world is asking – it is causal or coincidental? Thai Mex is the phil jackson to Jon’s bynum? wow – better interview Jon. 30 boards!

  • localbruin

    PS Jon, you should be getting royalties from BruinNation. That sakoshita is lifting you word for word—in fact their reports are just reprints of your stuff. Lawyer up.

  • Fred Wallenski

    Trojan women are great in bed I will give them that.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m tryin to get to the league I’ll do whatever he says…”

    Yo Cass! You ain’t even a flashlight in the college game yet and all you wanna talk about in an interview is the Not For Long NFL??? Figure it out kid. We aren’t trying to listen to your NFL dreams. I get that every player has them and wants to work towards that. That’s fair. But beyond that what is up cuz all we wanna see is our boys in blue WIN SOME FOOTBALL GAMES!!

  • Amillennialist

    Considering the lack of respect for the previous coaching staff, I’d consider Marsh’s confidence in his current coach a positive sign.