Anderson could need thumb surgery

Incoming UCLA freshman Kyle Anderson might need surgery on his thumb, as he Tweeted yesterday. He said doctors told him he could miss up to three months after surgery, and his dad expanded on the topic with Adam Zagoria of Zagsblog: Check it out

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  • MichaelRyerson

    Be quick but don’t hurry, Kyle. Recognise there’s plenty of time but confirm you need it, get it done quickly and get that rehab started. You’re going to come out of that rehab frustrated and motivated. Plenty of time to play yourself back into game shape. Go Bruins!

  • UCLASteve

    And so it begins… already… sigh.


    As I have written ad nauseum, football is too dangerous and should be outlawed.

    And it will be, but it will probably take another 100 years or so to realize that this “game” is not beneficial to an enlightened society.

    The world, quite frankly, when it comes to American football, looks at America as being out-of-touch and lovingly embracing this barbaric sport.

  • The Blur

    Basketball can be rough, too.

  • Ad Nauseum

    @Be Real

    I find a SUCophant like you taking my name in vain rather hilarious. I have been blamed by the likes of you and your ilk for far too often.

    Your self-righteous ideas are too dangerous and should be outlawed.

    And unfortunately you will be until he moving out of his mother’s cellar at which time you may finally realize that your “game” of trolling over on the UCLA site is not beneficial, nor enlightening to UCLA fans.

    Your world, quite frankly, when it comes to commenting on anything football or basketball is banal,out-of-touch and embraces the attitudes of your barbaric $UC, which ultimately is tedious.

    To paraphrase the other Dylan, Be Real…please “Do go gentle into that good night,” and stay over with your Trojan ilk…and I do mean Jimmies.

  • Anonymous

    Second consecutive days of bashing Jon on bruingold … nobody wants to defend him there. JG, it looks like you have some options – one of which is taking your high road… “everyone has a right to their opinion, I have won awards, so they are just the bitter, disgruntled, and very vocal minority”. Another option is to work that much harder, take heed of their criticism, and prove them wrong. What would a young Kobe do? What would a more mature Kobe do? Time for introspection, grasshopper.

  • MichaelRyerson

    @BE REAL, Perhaps never has the term ad nauseum been used more appropriately. In fact, the first six words of your comment comprise its entire substance, one might simply stop reading at that point and not miss anything of importance.

  • You’re comparing a sportswriter who covers college sports to Kobe Bryant?

  • Warren

    Maybe his thumbs would heal faster if he did a little less Tweeting…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon, we’ve seen the clips of you dominating Lew on that office nerf hoop. The Kobe comparisons are lofty, yes, but you are just that damn good with the orange spongy ball in hand.

  • Hey rockies, shoot me an email if you don’t mind.

  • Anonymous

    c’mon, we all can aspire to be Kobe-esque, sportswriters, joe-the-usc-grads, captains of industry …. well, maybe not one segment of that group, but certainly sportswriters!

  • Blueblood

    Re: BeReal comments. sounds to me like the source of your nausea maybe a hair ball lodged up your wahzoo. Maybe a trip to your local veterinarian will give you some relief. Or better yet give up that woos of a sport the world calls football but is also known as soccer. I am pretty sure there has been more fan deaths watching soccer than collegiate football. Get a life you moron.