Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • lbcbruin

    Jon, Thanks for all your work. Can you tell us a little bit about the Offense and defensive formations. Not hearing a lot about how people are lining up? How are certain players being used on both sides of the ball? What does this spread/3-4 look like?? Thanks.


  • Ley

    Hi Jon,
    Based on what you’ve seen of the QB’s does it look more like Hundley or Brehaut as the QB who will receive the most reps (Jerry Neuheisel) ? Do you believe Mora has watched tapes of last year that clearly shows Prince panicking with any type of pressure and will that have any impact on his decision? Prince is great once again when he knows he wont be hit in PRACTICE? (the red jersey MVP)?? It looks as if a starter at the receiver or back position is not that important as the ball will be spread around with plenty for everyone??

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    What “inside” do you have on Big Smith this spring? Nearly 2 months since the season-ending loss to AZ, has he done anything yet physically or is he gonna “weight” until the bitter end for The Charles Barkley Crash Diet?

    (Note: I emailed your Daily News address)

  • EJ

    Do you know anything about the new ucla jerseys?

  • Anonymous

    Damien thigpen – don’t hear much about him. Do u think he will trader?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the condition of the field(s)? Do you feel it is a hazard for ankles and knees? What about the length?

  • Anonymous

    You were quite accurate in your estimates for last year’s victory total. You have also described the limitations of our offensive line, an unsure quarterback situation combined with all-new offensive and defensive schemes with a new staff. I realize it is extremely early, but what would be your guess on our record this fall? The boys at Bruins Nation say that anything less than 9-3 with a victory of SC is a failure. Would you agree with that sentiment?

  • Anonymous

    Why wont they televise the Spring Game?

  • Peter


    The Pac-12, as a result of a blockbuster radio deal, has recently sent around a memo saying that the first game of the season will be tomorrow for all teams. Jim Mora, panicked, runs into your Daily News office and says, sweaty and out of breath, “Jon, I still haven’t made my mind up who to start at QB! Help!” Who do you tell him to start?

  • Anonymous

    Why does Adidas not treat fans to authentic gear like Nike? I know lots of Bruin fans who’d love to support the team by buying jerseys and shorts

  • Anonymous

    We miss the interviews u used to always do with the players. Are those coming back?

  • Anonymous

    Any word on Transfers in/out?

  • Anonymous

    Anyway we can find out why TE-Reeves was released from the team? Attempting to come back?

  • Anonymous

    Any truth to the rumor that UCLA offered a 6’3″ freshman receiver at St John Bosco Isiah Spencer-Lopez?

  • CheatOn!

    Practice every couple of days? So what do the players work on during the off days?

  • CheatOn!

    Which players won’t be here in the Fall? Which will be politely told they won’t get on the field and which will leave on their own?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, as a USC fan not here to bash the UCLA fan base, I was wondering what should Howland’s expecatations be this year? An NCAA bid, a sweet 16 or elite eight? Prior to the SI article I was surprised that a number of UCLA fans wanted him out considering he has been to a number of Final Fours but now I think the leash is pretty tight especially with an incoming top 3 recruiting class.

  • Annonymous

    What’s the current state of Shabazz’s eligibility for this fall?

  • BruinRogue

    Will Anderson be used as a PG on offense but SF on defense?

  • Anonymous

    Rumor has it, Connor Bradford is the 2nd to transfer (1st being Nick Crissman). Anyone else? And how many still need to go for scholly room?

  • DC in LA

    Is there anything that the Neuheisel regime did better than the current coaching team, as it relates to our ability to win games? (aka: I’m not so interested in the fluffy, feel good stuff, but more with the training philosphy and mechanics)

    PS Great job!

  • Uncle Rico

    Dear Jon,

    In your completely honest and unbiased opinion…which ONE (1) of your regular commenters on this blog could throw a football over them mountains?!



  • Bruinfan818

    Jon do you when our incoming basketball recruits will be officially on campus and participating in offseason workouts?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jon — what’s your gut sense of where the fb and bb teams will finish in the pac-12? Will either of them end up in the top 25? Thanks!

  • BruinInSeattle

    Hi Jon,

    Always wondered how current recruits feel about highly touted incoming recruits, like Shabazz, and how they are positioned to be the “saviors” of the team? Are current players worried about losing playing time losing starting status or thankful that the team is getting a shot in the arm?

  • BruinBall

    Can you explain the base roles of the various skill positions in the Mazzone offense? I gather it’s mostly single back and a bunch of receivers (no tight end) spread across the LOS? But what’s the role of a guy like Fuaria or other tight ends in this offense? And how does the RBs moving into receiver position work?

  • Ucla13

    How is Kevin Prince doing?How do you think the O line is looking? Are they actually getting to block in practice now?

  • Thomas Soteros-McNamara


    Have you heard anything about the progress of season ticket renewals? Does it look like any of the recent developments are paying off, or are we on the brink of bankruptcy?

  • Chris

    Jon, my 10 year old son has his mind set at playing O Line at UCLA. His grand dad was an O Lineman for Auburn and I was a outside linebacker. He is already attending the Future Bruins Camp this summer. Do you have any advice for him to specifically be a Bruin? Thank you!

  • CheatOn!

    So what are our chances with Savon Goodman?

  • Shawn


    I remember seeing something months ago (not necessarily on your blog)that the NCAA contacted all colleges recruiting Shabazz about the fact that he may not be eligible. Then never heard anything about it again. Not sure why it is mentioned but not expanded on? Mentioned sort of in passing on your most recent blog post. Can you expand on what the issues were? Were they academic issues that can be overcome, or issues of his status as an amateur athlete? Or something else?

    From your earlier post:

    On Muhammad’s eligibility:
    “Regarding Shabazz, we’re going to work with whatever comes with that. Our compliance department has been in contact with the NCAA regarding any issues pertinent to his eligibility. We’ll be very supportive and do whatever we can.”

  • BruinInSeattle

    any plans to get the Bruin football field a full length field to practice on and abandon Spaulding?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Your immediate thoughts, after leaving town for only a few days, upon hearing that your fill-in hauls in this quote: “The D-Line is the strength of this team.”

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Jon: When will the new Pac. 12 channel be up and running.