Parker picks Bruins

Ben Howland has reeled in another big one. A really big one.’s No. 8-ranked center and 20th overall prospect, Tony Parker, committed to UCLA on Monday afternoon, giving the Bruins four top-76 prospects. Parker joins No. 2 prospect Shabazz Muhammad, No. 4 Kyle Anderson and No. 76 Jordan Adams to give UCLA a consensus top-2 class.

Parker was long considered to be a UCLA lean, and the recent commitment of Shabazz Muhammad only helped seal the deal for the Bruins, who will re-open Pauley Pavilion with a squad that should be ranked in the preseason top-10.

Taking a look at UCLA’s lineup next year, there is true talent and depth at each position for the first time since its run of three straight Final Fours:

Point Guard
Larry Drew/Kyle Anderson

Shooting Guard
Tyler Lamb/Norman Powell

Small Forward
Shabazz Muhammad/Jordan Adams

Power Forward
David Wear/Travis Wear

Joshua Smith/Tony Parker/Anthony Stover

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  • Anonymous

    Please less Tyler Lamb. Lousy defender and soft player who cant’ take contact. More Powell!!

  • Bruinfreak

    Not a single dunk in the highlight of a guy 6-8, 6-9. I’d prefer he plays above the rim a bit more. But as long as he’s productive, that’s good enough I guess.

  • Terry

    Wow. The guys been a Bruin for only a couple of hours, and our so-called fans are already criticizing him. Who needs Sports Illustrated when we can detroy ourselves?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Hey, great get. Welcome to Westwood, Tony. Now the real work begins for Coach Howland and I don’t mean the games or even the practices but rather what to do about likely 30-40 sycophants, hangers-on, loafers, ‘advisors’, close relatives and former coaches who come with the truly gifted amateur, all looking to gravy-train their respective players into the draft. They don’t have the best interests of the program at heart and truth be told they don’t even have the best interests of the players at heart either, they’re only looking to steal a little of the spot light that naturally falls on elite athletes and will be whispering in the ear of their guy if he finds himself on the bench in favor of some other player. It’s a mine field out there. Now the fun starts. We desperately need a Lorenzo Mata Real!

  • Nestor

    I told you Ben Howland would land the #1 recruiting class. I stood by him while all of you blasted him. Ben Howland for president. Howland o akbar! Howland o akbar!

  • The Big Woof!

    We need a personal trainer/nutritionist to be locked in a room with Joshua and Tony all summer to get them into much better shape than they are now – Tony doesn’t have far to go, Joshua much more.
    Shabazz can visit them periodically to get them on the court and have his work ethic rub on them in the places where the pounds wear off.

    The Big Woof! is extatic over this class – if I weren’t 400 miles away, I’d be looking for season tix again.

  • BruinRogue

    How to solve the dilemma on who gets the more minutes: Lock Josh Smith and Tony Parker in a gym with no food and only water for 5 months. The one who scored the most points wins. And it’ll also have the added benefit of improving their weight!

  • Tustin Dave

    If Tony can come in close to his program weight of 255, he will be the starter. If he comes in around 280, we will have another Josh Smith situation.

    Basically, if he can run he will start. Josh is still nearly 60 lbs overweight.

  • BruinBall

    I saw TP in a number of those HS all-star games. He has potential, but I think Josh Smith is still better at this point.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    What a haul this class is …
    And The Giant Peach makes it complete.
    I did not see the all-star games, where he does look a bit heavier, but did see two of his televised high school games against very solid talent.
    And Parker really dominated. His footwork is supreme for his age. Everything is square, strong and in your face directly attacking the rim. Great left hand too, for this stage of his game.
    Maybe an inch or even two shorter than Big Josh, but easily 50 pounds lighter, too … and more athletic.
    Remember, at this time of his senior year, Big Josh was facing knee surgery and literally lumbering throught the McDonald’s All-America Game.
    I had no idea when watching back in the winter this kid even had UCLA on his radar. I remember pointing out several times to my son of how I liked the way he dominated in the post and then out to about 10 feet.
    What a catch.

  • Bruinalum11

    Question–can Parker play Power Forward? If he is actual a little shorter than his size and seems to have good hands, could we see Smith/Parker together? Am I off on this thought?

  • Rich

    If I were Howland, I’d ask Mora if he could loan the services of one Sal Alosi to whip both Tony and Josh into shape…

  • Anonymous
  • sam

    Great get for the bruins. For those of you looking for a Lorenzo Mata, this kid could be it. Not a one and done kid (I don’t think) and could help the bruins for a few years as he hones his game.Shabbazz is gonna be the focus and theres only one ball. Beautiful get for Coach howland

  • anon

    OMG. not one dunk in that highlight reel… is he josh smith part 2???

  • BruinfromBellevue

    Wow, I’m so excited about Tony’s size, aggressiveness and athleticism. He seems to already be what Josh could be if he lost weight and was in shape. And what a power tandem these two could be! Hopefully, Tony and the other frosh will help motivate Josh into realizing his potential. Barring injuries and assuming Josh is on board, our front court should be deep and talented – it’s the backcourt that has me concerned, esp. after this last year’s disastrous 3-guard lineup. Let’s hope the 4 incoming guards develop, mesh and attain a Final Four level of play. If so we’ll have a Bruin team to remember…

  • BruinFaithful

    Bazz is not going to play SF and he shouldn’t. He’s more effective as a SG, and that’s where BH plans to play him.

    He is training in Santa Rosa right now, to be the most effective SG possible.

    I also see Powell playing some PG, with his athleticism, like Westbrook, and Jrue, that is where he belongs and will be most effective. With the depth that this team will have, unlike Westy and Jrue, he will be afforded the luxury of not having to play out of position.

    Anderson will be a Point Forward. How much point and how much SF he plays, will depend upon how effective LD2 and Powell are.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what I think the Lineup should look like.

    PG: Larry Drew/Norman Powell
    SG: Shabazz Muhammad/Jordan Adams/Tyler Lamb
    SF: Kyle Anderson/Jordan Adams/Tyler Lamb
    PF: Travis/David Wear
    C: Joshua Smith/Tony Parker

    I think this looks more like a Traditional NBA Lineup and Howland seems to want this.. We tried an NBA Size lineup last year, but abandoned it after losses to mediocre team..