Tuesday Practice: Notes and observations

Miguel Melendez here filling in for Jon Gold (username and all) ….

* The update today on linebacker Patrick Larimore is that he indeed suffered a concussion on Saturday. Mora said he wasn’t sure if Larimore would miss only today’s practice, the next week or the entire spring practice. Linebacker Aaron Wallace, who also appeared to have suffered concussion-like symptoms on the same play that involved Larimore’s injury, did practice after his symptoms cleared.

** Wide receiver Damien Thigpen, who had been nursing a groin injury, returned to practice and looked decent for the first half before pulling it again running a route. “He ran a crossing route and he just kind of turned weird and pulled it a little bit,” Mora said. “He’s been fighting through it. I’d like him to be able to finish the spring.” Mora added that Thigpen was taken out for cautionary reasons.

*** It’s no secret that the defensive line will be UCLA’s strength this season. Wesley Flowers is a beast out there and Datone Jones is like a classic muscle car that hauls on diesel. “We have outstanding depth,” Mora said. “And that’s without (five-star signee) Ellis (McCarthy). We have about eight guys that are legitimate players at this level. A couple legitimate at the next level. I think we’ll have a nice rotatio at end and nose tackle, be able to keep guys fresh. To me right now it’s probablly the strenght of our football team.” Mora said a big credit goes to D-line coach Angus McClure.

***** Practice was shorter today than it was Saturday. No particular reason was given. Nothing earth shattering happened. Quarterbacks looked about the same, though I’d give Richard Brehaut the slightest of edge. Kevin Prince was intercepted on a low-hanging short route.