Tuesday Practice: Notes and observations

Miguel Melendez here filling in for Jon Gold (username and all) ….

* The update today on linebacker Patrick Larimore is that he indeed suffered a concussion on Saturday. Mora said he wasn’t sure if Larimore would miss only today’s practice, the next week or the entire spring practice. Linebacker Aaron Wallace, who also appeared to have suffered concussion-like symptoms on the same play that involved Larimore’s injury, did practice after his symptoms cleared.

** Wide receiver Damien Thigpen, who had been nursing a groin injury, returned to practice and looked decent for the first half before pulling it again running a route. “He ran a crossing route and he just kind of turned weird and pulled it a little bit,” Mora said. “He’s been fighting through it. I’d like him to be able to finish the spring.” Mora added that Thigpen was taken out for cautionary reasons.

*** It’s no secret that the defensive line will be UCLA’s strength this season. Wesley Flowers is a beast out there and Datone Jones is like a classic muscle car that hauls on diesel. “We have outstanding depth,” Mora said. “And that’s without (five-star signee) Ellis (McCarthy). We have about eight guys that are legitimate players at this level. A couple legitimate at the next level. I think we’ll have a nice rotatio at end and nose tackle, be able to keep guys fresh. To me right now it’s probablly the strenght of our football team.” Mora said a big credit goes to D-line coach Angus McClure.

***** Practice was shorter today than it was Saturday. No particular reason was given. Nothing earth shattering happened. Quarterbacks looked about the same, though I’d give Richard Brehaut the slightest of edge. Kevin Prince was intercepted on a low-hanging short route.

  • Dr. Price

    Ok enough is enough, Kevin…

    Hang in there for your spot as 3rd string, take the less stressful time to start hitting the books so we can get your gluts into the UCLA School of Dentistry.

    You gave it your best…you had some high times, but unfortunately too many poor times. emulating Kevin Craft more so than even Drew Olsen.

    Son, ya ain’t gots what it takes…just suck it up and don’t end up as just another poor schmuck too long t the fair.

  • BruinBrent

    Thanks for the update Miguel. Appreciate the hard work. One comment: in the video it would be great if you did not edit out the question. It makes it hard to know what the interviewee (here RB) is really saying. So much, at least for me, is how a person responds to questions, not just what they say.


  • localbruin

    Miguel, if your life dream is to become Jon Gold, stop right now. JGold got all gooey about DJones and the Dline last year and ended up looking like a doofus for it. Keep a measured distance from the Dline, especially DJones, until they (he) actually knock somebody down wearing a game jersey.

    Some professional detachment will go a long way for you on this Miguel. Ditto Coach Mora.

  • Anonymous

    great job Miguel. Thanks!

  • Coach Thom

    Miguel…keep up the good work. I like the fact that you are omitting extraneous questions or comments. You’re bringing the meat of the interview, and I like that. Sounds and looks like Brehaut has matured immensely since last season. He’s walking and talking like a man, and his comments are insightful and articulate. If Coach Jim and Coach Noel decide to go with Richard, I’m down with it.

  • Anonymous

    Jon has a time machine and skipped ahead to Thursday ;O

  • Brock

    thigpen has had a pulled groin for 3 years. sucks because the dude is electric.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Man oh Man! Great news about the D-line! And that Datone Jones sounds like a beast. That’s great we need it…waaait a min…Ooooo my head hurts…I’m having like a…a…deja vu thingy, ya know, where I feel like I’ve been here before?? Datone Jones? Datone Jones? Geesh, where have I heard that name before…Datone…Da…the D-line…yeah, the D-line…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Miguel: “Muscle cars” don’t run on “diesel” so I don’t understand where you are going with this. Just like how can we buy into that the D-Line being the strength of this team. Really?

    It would have been nice if Mora would have at least owned up a bit and said, “Now I know this sounds as strange as a pet coon, this bein’ the most pushed-around group in the country last year and all … but dang-nabbit, these kids have all changed like they’ve been to a tent revival or somethin’ … I mean, they the strength of this here team now!”

    Maybe when Ellis McCarthy arrives, it at least improves a rung or two up the ladder. But until then, this is very, very difficult to believe. I think it’s more what Jon said earlier (I think on a Lew & Gold report?) that the D-Line looked like a pack of all-stars last spring because our overall O-Line unit was actually so poor.

    Now CJM is talking of D-linemen — the same ones from last year who couldn’t even handle San Jose State — are ready to play in the NFL? If this amazing transformation is true, then catch all this stuff in a bottle to be sold for millions down the road.

    Otherwise, we look more 5-7, tops.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I was more succinct.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    It’s your world, big fella … I just enjoy living in it.

  • Rob M

    The sting of last year’s “Datone Jones is a beast” comments is showing.

    “It’s no secret that the defensive line will be UCLA’s strength this season.” now translates into “The offensive line is worst I’ve ever seen.”

    Cynicism has set in for we victory-starved fans. Please let this be real and not fool’s gold again. Show and prove!

    Football (and Basketball) season can’t come soon enough! Go Bruins!

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Thanks for the update Miguel and the vids. Nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic about the D-Line given the comments are coming from Mora who is a defensive specialist and not prone to overly sunshine comments as was observed from the previous regime.

    Going into the spring, I thought Brehaut had the best arm and make-up for Mazzone’s offense but it was a matter if his head was going to be in it. So far so good. The O-line is certainly a work in progress but the hurry up scheme and quick read spread system should help alleviate some (not all) deficiencies.

    Go Bruins!

  • Brock

    Jon Gold… when i first saw this video i was like omg wtf.. but now, i think i love you.


  • http://www.yahoo.com BruinRob

    UCLA of the Rockies, If coach Mora says we have 8 legitimate players that can play at this level and 2 at the next level, that’s good enough for me, I think coach Mora is more than qualified to make that assessment of his DLinemen…and also you say 5-7 tops? so, with an improved defensive line, more experience QBs, revamped RB position, and with faster and improved WRs, are you saying that we can’t be better than our 6-6 record last year?? 9-3 is not out of the question.

  • Amillennialist

    More than anything, the greater expectations this coaching staff has for its players (as evidenced by players’ comments) give me a reason for optimism.

    On a related note, I remember one of UCLA’s recent defensive linemen saying something about not learning any technique until he was preparing for the NFL draft. Mora commented recently on the skill of his D-line and the quality of the coaching they’re receiving. What do the players say about the difference in the quality of instruction (if any) offered by their current and former coaches?

  • fragmanizle

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