Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) What’s the condition of the field(s)? Do you feel it is a hazard for ankles and knees? What about the length? – Anonymous
UCLA does not have a disproportionate number of ankle/knee injuries this spring, and probably too much is made about the culpability of the field in past injuries. Inuries happen. Sometimes a team feels cursed by it, but they happen. The length, to me, presents more of an issue. I would want to practice on a full field.

2) You were quite accurate in your estimates for last year’s victory total. You have also described the limitations of our offensive line, an unsure quarterback situation combined with all-new offensive and defensive schemes with a new staff. I realize it is extremely early, but what would be your guess on our record this fall? The boys at Bruins Nation say that anything less than 9-3 with a victory of SC is a failure. Would you agree with that sentiment? – Anonymous
I think it’s inane to label just about any first-year coaching performance a failure. Even if UCLA went 0-12 and it came at the expense of Jim Mora and Co. completely revamping the system from the bottom on up, that’s not a failure. A hire cannot be judged on one season, positively or negatively. A quick look at the schedule and you think that UCLA should easily get to 7 wins, probably can get to 8 wins and maybe, just maybe, can get to nine wins. But that doesn’t mean six wins, five wins, etc. is a failure.

3) Why wont they televise the Spring Game? – Anonymous
Not enough room on the schedule, what with Storage Wars AND Storage Wars Texas.

4) The Pac-12, as a result of a blockbuster radio deal, has recently sent around a memo saying that the first game of the season will be tomorrow for all teams. Jim Mora, panicked, runs into your Daily News office and says, sweaty and out of breath, “Jon, I still haven’t made my mind up who to start at QB! Help!” Who do you tell him to start? – Peter
I would go with the guy who is consistently the most accurate, and in this case, that’s Richard Brehaut. Brett Hundley is having a strong spring and Kevin Prince’s leadership is palpable. But Noel Mazzone demands accuracy and Brehaut provides it the best.

5) Any word on Transfers in/out? – Anonymous
So far the only transfers are Nick Crissman and Connor Bradford, but there will be more. A lot is being sorted out over the next few weeks.

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  • Anonymous

    Jon, you are now officially banned from BN base on your answer to question #2.

  • Bruintx

    Jon, you lucky dog… you’ve been banned from Bruin Nation??

    Oh man, that’s what I wanted! šŸ™‚

  • Pyperkub

    Expecting a victory over what is in many cases the #1 team in the nation for what is a rebuilding team with a Head Coach who has never led a College Program which was beaten by a score of 50-0 is a bit wacko. So is the 9 wins expectation… even Carroll was only 6-6 with some decent talent his first year.

    Both of those are possibilities, but to expect it? Wow.

  • KolbAte10Eggs

    Kicker Kip Smith transferred, too. And what does Casey Griffith’s injury mean to the number of scholies? Is he a medical retirement? I wonder if Dietrich Reilly is now facing that fate.


  • ProbationU

    Jon, excellent answer to #2. I tried to remind folks at BN that Coach Wooden NEVER talked about winning. He was a teacher that believed that success was based upon personal satisfaction about becoming the best that you could be…and that you should not try to be better than someone else…just be the best that you could be as that was all you had control over. I for one would like to see improved effort, more discipline and more consistency. That should translate to victories. No more blowout losses and embarrassments in the desert. Represent the university well and Mora will be able to build a program.

    Perhaps a better comparison than Pete Carroll would be Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh went 4-8, then 5-7 and 3rd year at 8-5 which happened to be the 1st year of Andrew Luck and the time to develop an OL. Seems like quite the formula.

    Not saying we should be 4-8 this year as our talent level is better than what Harbaugh inherited. We have several games that could go either direction and if Mora brings consistency, I can see 7 plus wins…and by the end of the year…and this could just be my wish..but a competitive game and possible upset of the Trojans!

  • VAbruin

    Heck, even the wife finds Barry Weiss on Storage Wars entertaining. That’s a tough king to knock off.

  • spedjones

    Should anyone actually know what Bruins Nation is? Should we care?

  • Anonymous


    Okay, I’ll bite:

    Bruinsnation is primarily a group of microphallused malcontents with absolutely no self-esteem: partly because they’ve never been laid, but mostly because they clearly get shat on in their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately these limpdicks attended UCLA.

    To compensate for their bottom-feeding roles in society they decided to hijack the SB Nation platform as representatives of our great university and use it to act like tyrants. They are relatively unknowledgeable about sports, but know enough to form opinions and run a blog by which all members must follow. Failure to do so results in childish ridicule and subsequent banning. Conflicting opinions are not welcome.

    They are tough behind their keyboards, but in real life are skinny punks who couldn’t put up a fight if they wanted to due to masturbation exhaustion.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    So, think Pee-Wee Herman when thinking BN?

  • Anonymous

    Classic take on BN – I’ll add that you can see some of them in person when the TV cameras pan the “Den” and you ask yourselves: OMG, where do some of these people come from? Smart money is that the dorkiest looking ones are also founding members of BN – it’s also likely the reason the administration decided to put them in the baseline seats and limit their exposure to the public eye.

  • Anonymous

    Not a big fan of piling on, but in the case of BN I’ll add my 2 cents worth. They talk about the high standards they expect from our athletes and coaches because they represent UCLA, but have the English language skills of Jr high kids, not representative of those who graduated from UCLA. Did they really get a degree without being able to write?

    Signed: Twice banned at BN for daring to have a different point of view.

  • Armand Morton

    Glad to see that many other Bruins share my dislike of Bruins Nation, they are really horrible at what they do! From the butchery of the language to the reports compiled completely from other people’s analysis on through their sycophantic posters, it is the worst representation of UCLA I have seen in any medium ever. It would be funny, in a sad and pathetic way, if they weren’t linked to by every other fan base in the nation through SB Nation. Too bad SB Nation lets their product be diluted and demeaned by the clique over at Bruins Nation, they don’t represent the typical, or even normal, Bruin fan.