Assorted season preview quotes

I had to start gathering quotes for my college football magazine preview stuff, and several players had good select quotes to say:

Johnathan Franklin on guys picking up a new offense:
“Guys are definitely picking it up in a good way. We’re moving pretty well. To me it’s just football, if you want to keep your job, you have to adjust to it. Guys are realizing that. Whatever guys have to do learn the offense, they have to do it. We understand coach Mora isn’t playing any games.”

Franklin on turning things around for UCLA:
“It’s vital to me. That’s one of the reasons I came to UCLA, to not come to a program at the top but take it to the top. It’s vital. I think about all the time about all the guys who left 4-8, 6-6, 6-8. I don’t want to be just another guy. I want it to be, Johnathan Franklin did this, he helped be a part of that 2012 team that turned things around.”

Damien Holmes on when he felt a change:
“A positive moment was when Coach Mora stopped practice and started yelling at all of us. The only reason it was encouraging for me is he said we’re going to push you to new levels and that was like if you didn’t believe me, believe me now. That was a moment.”

Holmes on the need for consistency:
“We’ve seen flashes since I’ve been here. My thing is we need to get the flashes to be consistent. Flashes aren’t going to win you game. It’s consistency. You can look all over the sports world, it’s not the flashiest teams that win, it’s the teams that are consistent. If you look across the country – there is so much talent. There are so many athletes. To say a team has more talent, yeah that may happen a couple games, but really it’s who is getting turnovers, who’s getting least amount of penalties, who’s running the right yards in a route. It’s the consistency stuff that your every day fan is not going to notice. They’ll notice the 25-yard sack, the one-handed catch. They won’t notice everything that went wrong first.”