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Sheldon Price on his big moment:
“When he first got here, he said we’re not trying to just win Pac-12, we’re trying to win national championships. Since I’ve been here, that was the first time – the very first time, man – that I heard anyone say anything about national championships. Everybody else just talked Pac-12 championship. Competing in the Pac-12. Look, everybody wants to win a championship, but for him to be like, the Pac-12 isn’t enough, you want to be the best? That was a real game-changer.”

Sheldon Price on UCLA getting tough:
“Since we’ve been looking for it, we’ve accepted it. At times, Coach Mora is like you’re known for being soft. And it’s like, hold on. That’s not me. That’s not who I am. That’s what the program has looked like. But that’s not who we are. Everybody’s taken on that challenge well. It’s all positive. It’s going to be tough, going to be hard, I may not like it. But I – we – need it.”

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Datone Jones on community leadership:
“It’s not just coming from us. It’s the young kids who are like, yeah I’m young, but I can help push through too. We’re all in this together. Only way we can survive this is if we do this as a we. It’s a respect thing. Guys are pushing each other. I have to be pushed. Everyone has their own opinion now, their own voice. Cassius Marsh stepping up. I forget he’s an underclassman still, he seems like a senior. When we’re not on the field, Kevin McReynolds, he’s getting respect. We let him go out there and do his thing. You’re going to see more results. You’re going to see the seed actually grow. Get the potential out of us. In the past, things weren’t hard. Now it’s hard. We’re being put into situations that toughen us.”

Jones on UCLA’s toughening up:
“Coach Mora always says to us that we have to be hard. Hard doesn’t mean tough guys or a-holes. The definition he gave us is better. Not easily broken. Resilient. Hard to move. We need that.”