Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Mr. Gold, as a USC fan not here to bash the UCLA fan base, I was wondering what should Howland’s expecatations be this year? An NCAA bid, a sweet 16 or elite eight? Prior to the SI article I was surprised that a number of UCLA fans wanted him out considering he has been to a number of Final Fours but now I think the leash is pretty tight especially with an incoming top 3 recruiting class. – gilligan
UCLA will likely open in the top-10, so I’d say a Sweet 16 berth is just about the expectation. No idea how the team will gel together, how Joshua Smith will play, if Norman Powell or Tyler Lamb can make the leap, etc. Maybe by February everything is clicking and then anything less than an Elite 8 appearance would be considered a disappointment by the fan base. Everything is going to be a bit enhanced next season, including the expectations.

2) What’s the current state of Shabazz’s eligibility for this fall? – Anonymous
Still no word yet. Howland addressed the issue during the Tony Parker signing phone conference, but UCLA isn’t sure either.

3) Will Anderson be used as a PG on offense but SF on defense? – BruinRogue
Most likely, yes. You’d figure on either Lamb or Powell defending the opposing point when Drew isn’t in, Muhammad/Lamb/Powell/Adams on the two, Anderson/Muhammad/Lamb/Powell/Adams on the three, Wears on the four, Smith/Stover/Parker on the five. I don’t think I’m leaving anyone out.

4) Is there anything that the Neuheisel regime did better than the current coaching team, as it relates to our ability to win games? (aka: I’m not so interested in the fluffy, feel good stuff, but more with the training philosphy and mechanics) – DC in LA
It’s hard to compare staffs like that until I see them in a game situation. The staff looked fine last spring, too.

5) In your completely honest and unbiased opinion…which ONE (1) of your regular commenters on this blog could throw a football over them mountains?! BE SERIOUS – WE DEMAND REDRESS. Thanx.
– Uncle Rico
Reformed Droog, but ucla-of-the-rockies would jump out of nowhere to catch it, only to be demolished by BE REAL, then spedjones, Coach Thom and MichaelRyerson pile on BE REAL and I shake my head on the sidelines and lovingly say, “Oh, you guys.”