• Chris

    I’m really enjoying the content and rapport you two seem to have. Nice work Gold.

  • The Lew and Gold Rapport

  • Anonymous

    Great to see you guys see the same thing but have different takes on them.

  • captainqtp

    Ok, Jon, you swayed me. I’m jumping on the Hundley train.

  • PowderKegBlue

    Great work as usual. You guys should change the name to the “10” Report since the two of you standing there look like the number 10.

  • Hank

    Quick, somebody feed Lew. I think he’s gonna blow away.

  • Ley

    time to support Hundley…….GO BRUINS….Let Mazzone work his Magic.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies


  • Anonymous

    Why is all the audio on the left channel?