More UCLA draft day signings

Just got word from UCLA that they’ve confirmed the signings of Derrick Coleman to Minnesota, Taylor Embree to San Diego, Nelson Rosario to Jacksonville and Nate Chandler to Carolina.

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  • Coach Thom

    Whoopee! So happy for all of them. I wanted the Broncos to pick up Coleman, but I’m sure Minnesota will suit him just fine. Congratulations, Bruins. Now make sure you stay on the rosters.

  • Blueblood

    Taylor Embree will be a wash out. No heart, no talent. Rosario and Coleman will be journeyman players.


    Blueblood, while i wish them all well, i completely agree with you- Rosario and Coleman will be amazing!

  • Blitzed

    Give Embree credit, he’s going to stand out at Chargers camp. It’s hard to miss the guy waving his hands in the air every 5 seconds for a fair catch.

  • Politically Speaking

    The only way Rosario will make the Jags is through the relevance of the other UCLA alums helping that lackluster offense.

    If Rosario wants to get paid for his physical talent he has to seriously upgrade his desire and focus.

    I wish him and the other three being given offers the best in making some team.

    BTW – I find it interesting that Embree got a nod and Tony Dye not even a sniff!!

  • The Sad Fact Checker

    Here are non-FBS players were drafted compared to those UCLA stars seeking an NFL paycheck:

    Brian Quick 21(33) St. Louis Rams WR 6’3½” 220 – Appalachian State

    Jerron Mcmillian 438(133) Green Bay Packers S 5’11⅛” 203 – Maine
    Justin Bethe l67(177) Arizona Cardinals S 5’11⅝”200 – Presbyterian
    Corey White 527(162) New Orleans Saints S 5’11½” 206 – Samford
    Christian Thompson 435(130) Baltimore Ravens S 6’0¼” 211 – South Carolina State
    Matt Johnson 440(135) Dallas Cowboys S 6’1″ 216 – Eastern Washington

    Tom Compton 623(193) Washington Redskins OL 6’4⅞” 313 – South Dakota
    Amini Silatolu 28(40) Carolina Panthers OG 6’3⅝”311 – Midwestern State
    Gino Gradkowski 43(98) Baltimore Ravens OG 6’2½” 295 – Delaware

    Sad, sad, sad….

  • ProbationU

    Maybe Embree can lead some of the Chargers over the wall.

  • MichaelRyerson

    It won’t get any easier for any of them. And it’s so easy to take off on these young guys. And it feels so good. Cheap thrills. Plenty of blame to go around. With the level of play the last few years you wouldn’t expect anybody to get much of a look going in. Now they’ve got to prove it the only place it counts. And yes, they’re all still Bruins.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Tony Dye was too anxious to leave, he should have stuck around for another year.

  • RobertAbooey

    Sad Fact Checker:

    I had the exact same thought — here all all these players from schools few people have ever heard of and they get drafted while UCLA gets COMPLETELY SHUT OUT!!!!!!!

    This is just another indicator of how far UCLA FB has fallen

    Maybe Mora can turn things around………..

  • Anon

    Tony Dye has no eligibility left. How could he stay another year?

  • Anonymous

    Tony Dye could have sat out for the rest of last year after his injury and taken a medical redshirt and come back this year.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Abooey & Checker: You can’t be too shocked by smaller-school talent making it (remember Jerry Rice? Walter Payton?) but, yes, the shrinking of our overall NFL presence these days is stunning, none the less.

    But it follows suit with where our whole football cheese has slid off the proverbial cracker. I mean, would you expect an NFL draftee these past two years with how we’ve played?

    Hopefully, CJM leads this program back to what I remember as a kid under Donahue … It was pretty cool when I learned reading an SI article that we had more current NFL players at that time than ANY OTHER program in the country.

    Of course, he could never lead us to that Natty!
    Oh, how I’d love to see one in football some day …

  • Jon Gold’s lunch

    Tony Dye signed with the Bengals

  • That was in the first post.

  • SunnyByrd


  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Nice hoops program you got there, too.