Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anonymous

    So, just how much playing time will this Manfro character get? And, at which position?

  • Anonymous

    Who would you say are our top targets for UCLA Football and bball for the class of 2013? Are we in it for Isaac Hamilton, because he hasn’t been listing UCLA. For basketball, we don’t seem like we’re really in it for any of the top guys even though we just got BAzz and Kyle. Also, for football, do you believe we can get guys like Tahaan Goodman or Su’a cravens or are they locks for SC?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Anonomously, could you lay out in further detail where every player REALLY sits depth-wise, when you feel they will probably go down to injury, what their stock is in future draft years and have that done, anonomously, by lunch? Then, if you could also anonomously speculate on how we might rate in the eyes of every high school sophomore and junior out there right now in terms of coming to UCLA, and of course, their projected stock for future drafts etc. and etc. That by supper time would be great, even if in anonomous fashion.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Hey Jon, don’t pay any attention to these other mooks but since you’ve got the pundit-sportswriter crystal ball out how about this one: Which Bruins go in the first round next year? How about the second?

  • bruincheerleader

    Hi Jon

    Could you please find out and give us an update if and how the football uniforms will be changed by the first home game?…


  • Semi-Pro

    Hi Jon,

    If the season started this Saturday, who is UCLA’s starting QB?

  • localbruin

    What’s your first question for Mora when he barely beats Rice and realizes that he too is carrying a knife to a gunfight?

  • Ley

    It looks as if BRETT HUNDLEY will be the starting QB for the season (HOPEFULLY). Do you see this as another step in the direction of change in the program?
    NOTE: We have more than enough AMO for a gunfight/this years schedule, and only a wimp would think otherwise!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jon, what’s your gut sense of where the bb and fb teams will finish in the Pac-12? Will either of them end up in the Top-25? Top-15 a possibility for bb?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon,

    Haven’t heard much about Anthony Barr this Spring. How is he adjusting to the switch from FB to OLB? Will he be a playmaker in the fall?

  • Facescar

    Hey Jon,

    So much has been made about the stellar recruiting class we got this year, but (with a few exceptions) they’re not able to take part in spring ball. These kids won’t know the system well, they won’t be able to take full advantage of Alosi’s S&C program, and they won’t have the tempo and mindset drilled into them as thoroughly. Do you see that as a disadvantage for these guys come fall (especially guys like McCarthy, whose main “downside” was a tendency to take plays off)? Am I overlooking something important here?

    Given all that, which freshmen will still be able to come in and make a difference? Our secondary already looks injury-ravaged, so could we see a slew of true freshmen behind the 3-4 if things get even worse?

    One last question: If Brett Hundley is named the starter, how do you think he fares this season? As much as people call him the savior of UCLA football, the guy will still be a RS Freshman. Should we expect big struggles against Rice (first start) or Nebraska (first big game)? Or does he seem like a guy mature enough to step up from day one?

    Sorry for the flood of questions, I’m just curious as to what you think.

  • BSKB

    My question is relative to the coaching staff, how do you think they are gelling as a unit? Are they all n the same page regarding philosophy and what they want to get out of their players? One of the supposed flaws of the Neuheisel era was that we had a bunch of folks at cross purposes, I’d love to know if we’ve resolved that issue.


    We seem to find ourselves stuck in the same quarterback competition as last year. It sounds like we have three excellent back-up QB’s… is that accurate?


    Now that we have some distance from the ESPN story… do you think they got it right?

  • lbcbruin

    I got questions…you got answers. Lbcbruin would like to know…will you challenge coach mora to an arm wrestling match? have you improved on your 6 second 40 time against sammy strong? hillard two way guy? could you take joe bruin in a pillow fight?


  • Amillennialist

    Several players have been quoted recently expressing their appreciation of the higher expectations of the current coaching staff. Is that sentiment widespread?

    Also, in light of UCLA’s poor NFL draft performance and one former player saying (a year or two ago) that it wasn’t until preparing for the draft that he learned certain fundamentals, is this coaching staff’s quality of instruction superior to the previous one’s?

  • uclabruin11

    Hey Jon, as always, thanks for all your work–love the blog! Never to early to think about basketball. What’s your take with both Smith at the 5 and Parker at the 4 this year? Any chance we see those guys together on the floor together? Is this not an option? Thanks as always!

  • Bob Locke

    Jon –

    Any feedback from the QB’s, receivers, snappers, kickers or punters on the new Adidas football?

  • BruinInSeattle

    Hi Jon,

    Always wondered how current recruits feel about highly touted incoming recruits, like Shabazz, and how they are positioned to be the “saviors” of the team? Are current players worried about losing playing time losing starting status or thankful that the team is getting a shot in the arm?


    any plans to get the Bruins a full length field to practice on and abandon Spaulding?

  • Michael Reeves

    If McCarthy comes in and dominates and gets the starting nod at NT, who backs him up? Who are the D-ends to go with him? I think defensive line and the front 7 will be really good next year.


  • FLBruin

    Seems like all the news this off-season has been about the offense, with the only mentions of the defense seemingly being limited to injury-reports (ie Bowens and Larimore). So my question is this — what are we doing on defense? I know it’s a 3-4, but what type of blitzes are being installed? How often are we blitzing? Also, it seems like Mazzone gets all the press but I’d like to hear about the other coordinator — what type of coach is Spanos? Does he yell a lot? What’s his style? I haven’t read a single piece about him yet.

    Basically, please talk about the defense a little bit.

  • SunnyByrd


  • SunnyByrd

    Is it true that Kevin Prince has still not gotten all of the sh!t stains out of his game pants from the USC game? Any info would be appreciated. Also, any truth to the rumor of all brown pants next year to remedy such situations in the future? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Sunnybyrd’s pants are stained brown, but not from dirt.

  • Bobby

    Most people are assuming that the starting lineup would be something like:

    PG – Anderson
    SG – Lamb / Powell
    SF – Shabazz
    PF – T. Wear
    C – Smith

    This is assuming that Lamb or Powell would guard the opposing PG. Considering that Howland is more half court defensive minded, are we too big and/ or slow to play good man-to-man defense?

  • localbruin

    Prince looks like a linebacker. Will you tell Mora next time you see him to try Kevin at Mike? Thanks in advance.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Jon, thanks for the hard work on this blog as always. Couple of football questions for you.

    1. Is the offensive line that bad or is the defensive 3-4 alignment that good? Or is it a bit of both? Any realistic hope the o-line will be improved by the time the Huskers come to town?

    2. Your colleague over at ESPNLA has joined many Bruin fans and thinks Hundley should be the starter. Coming into the spring, I thought Brehaut would be the slight favorite given his experience and an arm tailor-made for this offense. Has Brehaut shown the maturity and head to compliment his talent at long last? Or has Hundley’s throwing improved enough to match his charisma and athleticism?

    Thanks as always and stay hungry my friend.

  • Stephanie

    Since Bowens tore his ACL, why can’t he take a medical redshirt this year, so that he does not waste a year of eligibility?

  • DC in LA

    News reports is that Josh stayed at UCLA to get (back) in shape. Any word on how he is progressing?

  • Rob M

    How much does Josh Smith weight today? Can we start a graph charting his weight gain/loss to properly gauge our tourney aspirations through the off-season? Jon, we could plot your datapoints as our control weight. lol

    Go Bruins!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard players mention a Leadership & Accountability Council. Does this group actually exist, and if so, who are the members of same? How were the members selected, and what is the general purpose of this group?

  • CuriousBruin

    I keep hearing Jim Mora say that the offense is going to be “multiple” but how do you reconcile that with the whole concept of simplifying the offense and being good at one thing and having an identity? Stanford runs power football, Oregon is an up tempo spread option – all the great teams have an identity so aren’t we shooting ourselves in the foot by being “multiple”? I’d rather our offense be excellent at one thing than average at a lot.

  • spedjones

    I know this is mainly a BB and Football blog, but how is it that you failed to report the death of a UCLA legend like Ron Ballatore? Shameful.


  • captainqtp

    Jon, Ryan Taylor had a red beard. So do Jake Brendel and Carl Hulick. If Brendel and Hulick start then 3 of our 4 last starting centers will have had red beards. I need your insight. What is the significance of this?