Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) So, just how much playing time will this Manfro character get? And, at which position? – Anonymous
I could see him getting a few carries a game. No more than that to start, though, and at running back.

2) Who would you say are our top targets for UCLA Football and bball for the class of 2013? – Anonymous
DT Eddie Vanderdoes is high up on the list, and RBs Pierre Cormier and Justin Davis are coveted. Offensive line and wide receiver are two major positions of need, and there are too many targets to list there.
In terms of basketball, Ishmail Wainright is a big target, as is Allerik Freeman and Zach Lavine.

3) Hey Jon, don’t pay any attention to these other mooks but since you’ve got the pundit-sportswriter crystal ball out how about this one: Which Bruins go in the first round next year? How about the second? – MichaelRyerson
Sorry bud, which sport?

4) If the season started this Saturday, who is UCLA’s starting QB? – Semi-Pro

For maybe the first time, I’m not going to go out on a limb. They’ve snapped right under me too many times.
I truly believe it is not over, nor will it be, until mid-way through fall camp.
Brett Hundley has made some big strides, to be sure, but his accuracy is just not there yet. Will it be come mid-August? Maybe. If so, sure, you play for the future and crown him then. Richard Brehaut had not thrown the football much before spring ball, and I wonder if a couple months of training before fall camp will have him ready. If so, he’s the most accurate out there, and Noel Mazzone’s offense demands accuracy. Kevin Prince, meanwhile, has apparently been playing with a bum shoulder. And what of Devin Fuller?
My problem with crowning Hundley now is because it just feels like a blatant attempt to “look forward,” when UCLA has too much at stake this season. A big year – 8-4 or better – would pay huge, huge dividends in recruiting, and the Bruins need that to truly close the gap with USC.
If one of the quarterbacks had truly, truly distanced himself to this point, I might be ready to pull the trigger. I’m not yet.

5) What’s your first question for Mora when he barely beats Rice and realizes that he too is carrying a knife to a gunfight? – localbruin
You call that eh knoyfe? That’s not eh knoyfe. This is eh knoyfe. That’d be No. 1.

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  • Anonymous

    Rick said the “gap” had closed, guess u forgot.

    Voices carry…

  • MichaelRyerson

    Nice. And who you callin’ Bud, Bud?

  • No, really, which sport?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    I love Bud.

  • bruin85

    We are pathetic UCLA geeks who love to read EVERYTHING you write on our beloved bruins… YOU pick the sport you want to answer on his draft question! We wont care, we will happily read it… then debate it… and later tell you why you are wrong!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have to be Jon to tell you the 1st Rd Draft picks in the Football and Basketball..

    – 1st Rd: Joseph Fauria (Late 1st)
    – 2nd Rd: No one
    – Franklin and Datone Jones may be 4-7th depending on their performances this season..
    – I think Aaron Hester and Sheldon Price may be drafted to…

    – 1st Rd: Shabazz and Anderson
    – If Josh Smith slims down and has a good year, he’s a 1st rounder.. If he doesn’t step his game up, he’ll return or go undrafted

    Is this a fair assessment Jon?