Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) It looks as if BRETT HUNDLEY will be the starting QB for the season (HOPEFULLY). Do you see this as another step in the direction of change in the program?
NOTE: We have more than enough AMO for a gunfight/this years schedule, and only a wimp would think otherwise! – Ley
I still think it’s too early too call, and Noel Mazzone reiterated it to me yesterday – he’s going to pick the best one.

2) Hi Jon, what’s your gut sense of where the bb and fb teams will finish in the Pac-12? Will either of them end up in the Top-25? Top-15 a possibility for bb? – Anonymous
It’s a big gut, so it counts extra. Hoops finishes top-6 and depending on the starting quarterback, UCLA either goes 7-5 or 8-4. Outside the top-25, but not too far outside.

3) Haven’t heard much about Anthony Barr this Spring. How is he adjusting to the switch from FB to OLB? Will he be a playmaker in the fall? – Anonymous
He’s been injured most of fall camp, so it’s hard to tell. I’d redshirt him, at this point, and then decide what to do with him. I say they go the TCU route and bulk him the heck up and stick him at D-end.

4) So much has been made about the stellar recruiting class we got this year, but (with a few exceptions) they’re not able to take part in spring ball. These kids won’t know the system well, they won’t be able to take full advantage of Alosi’s S&C program, and they won’t have the tempo and mindset drilled into them as thoroughly. Do you see that as a disadvantage for these guys come fall (especially guys like McCarthy, whose main “downside” was a tendency to take plays off)? Am I overlooking something important here? – Facescar
No, you’re right – it’s definitely a disadvantage. But it’s not an insurmountable disadvantage.

5) Given all that, which freshmen will still be able to come in and make a difference? Our secondary already looks injury-ravaged, so could we see a slew of true freshmen behind the 3-4 if things get even worse? – Facescar
Guys like McCarthy, Ishmael Adams and maybe an offensive lineman will see some time, and early.

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  • Ley

    Thanks Jon and it looks as if we will have B Ball playing in China about the same time as Football is about to start? Lot’s of fun to look FWD to.

  • Anonymous

    If Mora is able to come in and after the first season, have the football team in the top 30, that would be monumental. I hope that happens but after so many years of disappointment, I’m a bit skeptical.

  • Miro

    How can you possibly write about spring practice when you are always turned away from the action talking to someone?

  • Yup, you got me.