Thoughts from today’s spring game

* Well, it most certainly looked like a different offense today at the Rose Bowl. From the get-go, the offense took it to the admittedly thin defense, striking deep on a number of throws.

* The quarterbacks were, for the most part, good to very good on Saturday. Richard Brehaut had four pretty touchdown passes and Brett Hundley had a nice deep touchdown pass and a long run. Kevin Prince was also good, adding a nice touchdown throw, but Brehaut and Hundley kind of stole the day.

* Perhaps the biggest actual “news” out of the day was the revelation that Brehaut would be remaining with the football team and forgoing the rest of the baseball season. It’s a big move for him, as he’s going all in on football.

* Have to be impressed by Jerry Johnson and the rest of the receiver corps. Johnson had a number of fantastic plays, Devin Lucien made a couple nice grabs, and Noel Mazzone specifically lauded Shaq Evans after the scrimmage.

* Walk-on Tyler Scott, though, had the best day of all. Scott had two beautiful touchdown catches and a third that was called back because of off-setting penalties.

* Steven Manfro. Not much to say about him other than he’s just kind of an unbelievable story. Had an 80-yard kickoff return today – but a blown backflip that was pretty hilarious – and a number of silky catches and runs.

* The defensive line was a bit Jekyl and Hyde, alternating great push with bad push back. Datone Jones and Cassius Marsh looked stout, and Donovan Carter had a good sack, but overall, not what you’d want up front.

* I got a ton of videos that I’ll post over the next several days.