Big day for UCLA on the WWL

Not only did the UCLA basketball recruiting class move up to No. 1 ahead of Kentucky in the 2012 class rankings – with Ben Howland and John Calipari sharing the spotlight on the front page of – but then there was a Steven Manfro sighting.

And a big one. named Manfro the No. 1 spring “breakthrough” player and adorns the top spot on the college football page at the moment as well. Here’s the story: Manfro Going Big

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  • Anonymous

    Many of us were not surprised we could get this class, but what will Howland do with it, and is this model of recruiting sustainable? Naturally, if Howland goes on to win 7 of the 10 next national championships, the question will be – is that sustainable for the following decades?

    Nextdoor from bn

  • Anonymous

    whats WWL ?

  • Anonymous

    ^ World Wide Leader?

  • BruinRogue

    So ESPN finally puts down the LeBron, SEC, and all things Boston lovefest to write about a West Coast team.

  • MPP Bruin

    Our program should focus on getting the top kids in California each year. UCLA should be THE west coast destination for college hoops. 8 of the top 100 California prospects on the ESPN 100 list came from California and they all went somewhere else. That being said, if only 8 kids came from our state, then we must continue to pursue national recruits. We can’t ignore all of the talent we have here in CA.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    WWL: Josh Smith’s waistline.

  • Same ol’ drivel…..

    Geez, the Josh Smith jokes are really getting old….time for a new schtick crockies….

  • bruin blue

    We only recruit academically eligible recruits from California.

    And we got Powell last year. No argument.

  • Anonymous

    What’s bigger…Josh Smith’s “waistline” or the IQ of ucla-of-the-cock-smokers? Hasn’t this guy been outed as a trOJan troll already? Go back to BN, Tydides.