Nelson reportedly suing Sports Illustrated

TMZ is reporting that former UCLA forward Reeves Nelson, under the advisement of entertainment lawyer Keith Fink, is suing Sports Illustrated for defamation of character relating to the March article by George Dohrmann. Nelson is reportedly seeking more than $10 million in damages.

Nelson’s UCLA career ended abruptly last season after he was dismissed from the team by Ben Howland for repeated violations of team rules and attitude issues. He attempted a professional career in Lithuania but lasted just five weeks, and he has been seen on the UCLA campus recently working out.

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  • A Regent Wants to Know

    How can someone who has not graduated, nor matriculating have access to the UCLA facilities?

    While the university is a public institution, it is a private entity, not a public park.

    Time for “Sleeves” to find a new way in life, away from Westwood. Keeping moving west and try the courts in Venice.

  • hogsman

    Most likely, some student staff member or former teammate let him in. The administration would be wise, for liability purposes, to make him leave — nothing good can come out of him being there (e.g., harrassing others, starting fights, getting hurt and suing, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    Inside UCLA with Jon Gold, you hear it second(hand).

  • Anon

    Nelson working out at UCLA is probably a result of the same process that lets dozens of former players and current NBA players work out at UCLA in organized pick-up games. They don’t limit that to current students or alums because it is good for recruiting to have those games during the summer.

    It’s also possible he registered for summer school and is awaiting the start of the quarter. He was kicked off the team, but he can still take classes at UCLA (even if not on scholarship).

  • Glowbruins

    For the first time in a while, I’m cheering for Reeves.
    That “article” was a shameful example of what passes as adequate investigation and reporting these days. The article was based, almost completely, on the alleged comments of various unnamed sources. How can anyone assess the credibility or veracity of the accusations when the sources are never identified or confirmed?

  • mariodileo

    See you in court, Reeves…and not a basketball court…

  • Coach Thom

    Perhaps Reeves has overcome his personality/behavioural issues and is now becoming more focused on his future. Of course, winning a 10 million dollar law suit would certainly help him get his feet back on the ground.

  • Peter

    This does nothing to change the fact that Reeves was a detriment to the team and university. He clearly was selfish and had a bad attitude.

    The lawsuit probably has a lot to do with the fact that he realizes he will not likely be making a living playing basketball.

    What a loser.

  • BruinPain

    I’m glad somebody is finally suing SI for that piece of Rupert Murdoch inspired yellow journalism.


    Just because a “price” or prayer is mentioned in a lawsuit often is out of step with reality. The ‘suit could have been for $10-Billion for all that it matters.

    How is this public figure at the time going to prove damages?

    Anyway, I doubt if anyone will lose sleep over it

  • Anonymous

    BruinPain, get a brain. SI is part of a LIBERAL media conglomerate. So of course deceitful propaganda comes very naturally to SI. By the way, using a football blog to score political points is kinda Stalinist, too.

  • Hello Kettle (above)

    Oh, the irony dripping from the statement above….

  • Anonymous

    Hello Kettle, you don’t recognize a distinction between spewing political propaganda into a football discussion and pointing out that said propaganda spewing is inappropriate? Or are you trying to pretend the allusion to Rupert Murdoch was not political?

  • Anonymous

    One of the typically-mendacious leftists who can’t help but project their fascism onto others.

  • Sam

    Reeves possibly taking summer courses and reminiscing about the good old days with Howland? Does anyone remember this canker sore of a player who flushed away a promising career? He let down his fans, his team, himself. The fact that he’s putzing around campus means he’s got no clue and no shame. Find someplace else to work out Reeves. As Nicholson said in a movie” Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here. ”

  • BruinPain

    Anon, sorry to take you away from your Rush Limbaugh tea fest. You seem to be the “political” one as well as the name caller. Fact remains that Rupert Murdoch and yellow journalism are synonymous. So please, go troll somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    BruinPain, typical leftie, so narrow-minded he expects all to just say “amen” when out of nowhere, on a football blog, he claims a screw-up by a TIME Incorporated publication is “Rupert Murdoch inspired”.

  • BruinBrent

    I just booted from Bruins Nation because I had the nerve to defend myself and express reasoned disagreement with Nestor.

    I’m ’05Bruin.

    Truly unfortunate that a site that really does an excellent job covering sports is run, essentially, without any form of accountability. One person expresses disagreement (and I mean I never once called anyone a name) and just like that, I quietly am silenced. Well, they lost a smart passionate bruin fan today. Makes you wonder what the point of a blog is if you don’t want any opposing opinions.

    Jon, you might not be as productive as those guys over at BN, but you have a great sense of humor and pretty darn good unbiased insight. Thanks for such a great blog.

  • BruinBrent

    I was wrong. I just got a warning. I was really worried there.

  • Maze

    Brent: I’ve been following the back and forth over there re the Nelson lawsuit (might catch flak from some on here, for even venturing over to BN…I’ll just claim “trainwreck”).

    Murshed “Nestor” Zaheed and his snarky, vindictive playpal/paramour Tydides are constantly in the wrong, but are too pig-headed and myopic to own it. They delete any detractor or opposing view comments every day to save face when they get embarrassed by reasonable thought.

    You made many even-handed, valid points and they chose to rail against them b/c you don’t fit the “Fire Everyone” immediately agenda. “Wait and See” doesn’t compute over there.

    Glad you avoided Tydides’ “Ban Hammer” or his various Internet Memes (that he scours the Internet for, everyday).

  • Anonymous

    Maze, I doubt anyone here (or any decent Bruin site for that matter) would give you flak – sic – for reading BN, but if you r regurgitating their agenda-based trash without any original thought – that’s another matter altogether.

  • Hello Kettle again…

    Anon – by using the term “liberal” media you are in fact engaging in the same politicizing, can you recognize that?

    Anon 2 (or perhaps the same Anon) – typical “leftie” and then claiming “narrow-minded”, jeez….take a second and listen to yourself….sure you didn’t go to $UC?

  • Maze

    @Anon 8:47pm

    Not to give you any flak, but you should check your dictionary.

  • gilligan

    As a USC fan who has utmost respect for the UCLA fanbase I somewhat believe the SI article. First, I don’t recall Coach Howland challenging some of the major points from the article. Second, I don’t recall anyone standing up for Nelson or refuting any of the Nelson actions from the article. The lawsuit is a ploy to make Nelson more appealing to NBA teams.
    Please note that this article didn’t really impact UCLA’s recruiting because they probably have the best class. Now if UCLA wins the title or goes to a Final Four no one is going to care about the SI article and Coach Howland will probably receive an extension. Now if they implode that will be a different story…..

  • Anonymous

    Maze, don’t you think i would have done that aready – check

  • Maze

    Anon @ 10:01pm:


    So, by your own source, it’s not “- sic -” as you said previously. Thanks for proving my point–”flak” is preferred, but “flack” is also accepted.

    Next time you want to spell check someone by quoting them, “sic” should be placed in brackets, btw.

    Try again, and Cheat on! Can’t believe I just wasted 2 minutes of my day on a trOJan troll..

  • Anonymous

    we are not on the battlefield Maze.

  • miguelito

    my words of wisdom for Reeves:

    NBA GM’s don’t care about your morals, if you were good enough, you would be compensated.

    My career advice to Reeves: move back to modesto and take advantage of the booming meth industry. You already have the attitude and the ink required… you are a shoe-in

  • Maze

    For Anon 11:47pm:

    You’re right. And we’re not on a moronic playground, either.

    Sack up, attach an actual “handle” to your rambling, disjointed gibberish, and we’ll talk.

    Until then, keep embarrassing yourself…

  • Anonymous


    What were you worried about? Getting banned from the jack offs at Bruinsnation is like a UCLA badge of honor. I’ve got two.

  • Anonymous

    BruinBren, it’s Chianti Dan’s fault. He’s ruining the athletic department, the university, the economy. He’s the cause for the high gas prices. He’s the reason why Facebook stock is tanking. OMG, UCLA hadn’t had a National Championship since 2008!!!!! And Chancellor Block is too clueless to do anything about it.

  • Boston Bruin

    Anon. 4:41

    Who is Chianti Dan???

    The surname recalls one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, but the first name (I am loath to say “Christian” considering my first point) is an Italian wine of Gaiole, Castellina and Radda regions.

    While I realize it’s been de rigueur in the late 20th and early 21st century to ‘create’ first names based on whimsical likes or pastimes, or just bad phonetic spelling, in this case it might open a path to a dangerous proclivity to imbibe, just to live up to the name.

    So as far as this name…”I gots to know.”*

    * The question from a bank robber lying in the gutter in the original Dirty Harry movie posed to Callahan, who offered rhetorically “Did he fire six shots or only five?” to back the “punk” off from reaching for a gun lying close to him in the street.

  • Anonymous

    I love the bruins and I respect coach howland, but I also believe most of the article. SI has a pretty good reputation, and in talking to several former bruins it seems universal that reeves was a few bricks short of a load. Notice his brother was booted from the FB team too? UCLA is a great institution with a fantastic history…..they are maybe the only program who could come back from that so quickly. Congratulations to coach H for that.

  • Reformed Droog

    Just because we signed the lease on the Ferrari doesn’t mean we’ll win the race with it…