Just a Lil’ Diddy

Look, let’s not fool ourselves.

We all know It’s All About The Benjamins.

The mass hysteria over the UCLA athletic scholarship earned – earned. – by Justin Combs may be a few months late, but it’s entirely understandable.

After all, money is a Crazy Thang.

But it is wrong.

Why is there no hoopla when a rich banker’s kid receives a free ride? Or a dentist’s? Or a stock broker or an accountant? Athletic scholarships are merit-based, not need-based.

In this Journey Through the Life, people have to understand that the Young G’s deserve what they get.

Lil Diddy owned scholarship offers from Illinois, Iowa, Virginia and West Virginia, as well, and little doubt that if he’d ended up a Hawkeye or a Mountaineer, the naysayers out there would be just as loud.

Last Night, I kept reading comments from people smashing this kid, fans from all over Makin’ It Hard On Him.

That’s Crazy.

Yes, he’s Been Around The World, maybe taken The Last Train To Paris once or twice, gotten to Blast Off from an Airport or two. Big deal. I’m sorry, but sometimes, where there is Smoke, there is no fire. This story is Incomplete, Lonely, without merit. I Can’t Believe the Saga Continues. Forever.

What You Want? Diddy to pay for the Rose Bowl renovation himself? I mean, he could, but that’s beside the point. You have to ask yourself, Is This The End? Will that Satisfy You?

Nope. If You Want This Money you’re going to have to get it from somewhere else. I Don’t Like That, and neither should you.

I’m sure Diddy is one Mad Rapper right now.

I’m sure he’s telling his son Don’t Stop What You’re Doing.

And we all know that when Diddy Speaks, people listen. They’ve been listening since way back at PS 112. This is a Bad Boy for Life we’re talking about. You all remember who his Best Friend was? Notorious B.I.G.

And maybe he said it best.

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.

In The Future, maybe people will Hold Up. Maybe they’ll understand that Special Feelin’ they have isn’t anger or jealousy, but misunderstanding.

After all, who cares, if Combs leads UCLA to more …


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  • Rich White Athlete’s Parent

    At least I EARNED my money LEGITIMATELY via predatory lending, liquidating viable companies and stock market manipulation and whatnot.

  • Jimmy

    There’s not much difference between Jerry Neuheisel and Justin Combs. Both have millionaire dads. It’s unfair to a young man who’s worked so hard to have what he’s earned questioned.

  • txbruin

    Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Eh-ah, eh-ah.

  • BruinFaithful

    TOTALLY dead on Jon. It’s all these racist and socialist liberals, getting all worked up over nothing. They are so ignorant they don’t even realize that contrary to popular belief, UCLA really isn’t a public school. ONLY 3% of it’s total operating budget comes from public sources.

    That UCLA is not doing so well is BS. If UCLA is hurting so bad, why did they just spend $140 million to renovate Pauley Pavillion? With no public funds btw? Why are they planning a $250 million hotel on campus? With no public funds btw? And the other hundreds of millions of dollars they are spending to build new buildings. Doesn’t sound like a school in trouble to me. What they need to do is learn how to do, as we all do, is spend less than you make.

  • ucla ex-dormie

    @BruinFaithful, what are you talking about? Kindly keep your twisted and hateful political opinion out of here please, this is a refuge from all that. If you think liberals are racist and/or socialist you need to get out of the house more often and meet some real people.

  • hogsman

    Nice – that took some creativity to make it all work, not to mention time and effort needed to input all the links.

  • bruins_united

    Great post. Thanks JG, this made my day!

  • Jeffrey

    You get paid to write this stuff?

  • Magnum 101

    Great post, John! Totally agree BruinFaithful, except maybe the racist part!

  • No, this one I did out of love.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure from whence the ‘mass hysteria’ originated, but BF calling whiners over the Justin Combs scholarship socialist liberals may not be the most efficacious use of the terms. In general, some of the most liberal ideas are attributed to universities, and maybe the most said to have originated from the ‘left coast’.

    And thanks Jon for a creative post, out of the goodness of your heart/love.

  • BruinFaithful


    Really, I do think there is a certain racist agenda here. Where is the clamoring for Joe Montana to pay for his kid’s scholie at UDub? Or other rich white player’s kids or families of the rich professionals Jon listed above. If you don’t believe race plays a part in sports and that race and sports and politics intersect at times, then maybe you need to get out of your dorm every once in a while.


    Jon, thanks for your comments on this issue.I met you after the spring game. My nephew is the db coach. Your response to this is right on the button. It just show’s again how people respond without having all the facts. They have to remember that it’s a two way street. If we want you to report correct info., the same applies to us as fans. And i hate saying this, but this also has to do with race. Just look at the other jobs of students parents you mentioned. just stating facts.

  • la_bruin

    Three things I took away from all of this:
    1) It never ceases to amaze me the awful things people say about a KID GOING TO SCHOOL behind the safety & cowardice of anonymity & a computer screen.
    2) Jon… you a krazy @#$%er.
    3) This is a legendary video.

  • JohnnyB

    This kid received a scholarship,for what he does,not who he is.
    Whose to say pop’s ,would not make him earn his way through college?
    Just saying.

  • Marc

    It’s a bunch of nonsense; the media jumping on this scholarship. It isn’t some racist, “liberal” agenda, though. They wouldn’t report on a son of a former football player because there’s some kind of “family genes” going on there. They see an opportunity to drive readership and viewership by sensationalizing this as it has two high level brand names that many people recognize (UCLA and P Diddy). That is all it’s about. I don’t know when people are going to realize that the media is a FOR PROFIT corporate machine, instead of some “liberal” propaganda machine people think it is. Stop being lazy and find out the info for yourselves.

    If it was truly “liberal” media they would be talking about the war on the poor in this country. Instead they talk about the war on women. Why is that, you ask? Because people identify with that story line; women viewers and readers, especially. Poor people don’t watch CNN or Fox, so why talk about that reality? If it was a truly “liberal” media, they would be reporting on the immoral budgets passed by the state of California that cuts deep into the programs for the poor and for the elderly and especially for the children. No, instead they stoke up fears over taxes. Why is that, you ask? Because tax payers watch and read the news. How better to get their attention than tell them the state wants more of what they earn.

    Get out of your house, dorm, bar or cave and see what’s really going on. And this story about a young athlete who’s dad happens to be a famous rapper is just like I said. Take a look at how popular the stories are on the various “news” sites. It’s working….

  • ucla84

    Somebody get this man a rimshot, stat.

  • TruBruin

    Good Stuff Jon…

  • BruinPain

    It’s Obama’s fault.

  • JJA42

    What, no George Strait? Racist:-)

  • Bruin2002

    Great work Jon! Sooooo much more original than a PDiddy song.

  • Ley

    Hey Jon,
    Have you heard about any big name B Ball recruits visiting UCLA Today???

  • Playedatthenextlevel

    If you deserve the scholarship you should get it. It should not matter who you are …. or who your parents are.

  • Anonymous

    O.K. jon…take the rest of the week off.

  • Marc needs a clue

    The media is liberal. Liberals don’t care about the poor, they care about power. That’s why they’ll say anything to get and keep their people in office.

    That’s why they frame politicians’ taxing, borrowing, and devaluing the currency to the point of economic crisis in order to buy votes as “doing it for the kids,” an absurd lie you repeat eagerly enough.

    And the “War on Women” is merely another Democrat meme, this one alleging a Republican hatred of women, when the actual misogynists are feminists, abortionists, and other liberal death-peddlers.

    But you swallow their lies whole.

    Wake up, Marc.

  • 60-0

    ho hum, yawn….

  • Marc

    You are an idiot. Spouting the same old garbage that the reich says about people left of Reagan. All I can do is laugh at your total stupidity. LOL. ROFL. OMG. LMFAO.

    60-0? What is that? are you so stupid you don’t even know the handle?

    The world is full of idiots.

  • Marc [hearts] fascism

    Ironic that you mention “reich,” since Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Mao, Pot, etc. are all — despite their internecine disagreements — bloody statists who sought to dominate others in the name of “the people.”

    Speaking of Nazis, way to run their playbook! Can’t win on the facts? Have nothing relevant to offer in rebuttal? Hey, I know, LET’S CALL PEOPLE NAMES!

    Typical liberal.

    Bravo, Marc!

  • Rob M

    Is it only the UCLA sports blog that always finds its way to politics/political debate? Admittedly, sometimes I’m proud of that, but usually it’s just annoying. People, it’s a sports blog. No one cares about your political yammering.

    This whole subject was just about squeezing “UCLA”, “Diddy” and “controversy” into a news segment. The people that were interviewed [students on KCAL9 and Fox11] and those that commented negatively about lil Diddy getting a scholarship are not fans that know that athletic scholarships are merit based (on athletics/academics) and not need-based. What kind of answer do you expect from struggling students that are taking out student loans to pay for their futures (and don’t know/care about the details of a football scholarship) when they hear: “Multi-millionaire rap mogul’s son gets free ride.” Similarly, the people commenting probably only read the headline and don’t know all the facts. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but athletic scholarships aren’t even paid for by public money.

    And… if you’re still concerned about the money so much (scholarship worth estimated $60k), what do you think having that same multi-millionaire rap mogul as a Booster member is worth?

    If anything, I think it also speaks highly of UCLA that someone with unlimited money, that can send his kid to any school he wants to go, sends his kid to UCLA. Granted, a big part of that is about playing Football, but with a 3.75GPA, you know the family cares about his academics also.

  • mariodileo

    To those that think that football scholarships to a State university are paid for by taxpayers…uh, that would be NO…

    They come from a fund established by the Athletic Dept. from donations from alumni as well as revenues from TV contracts and ticket sales. Justin Combs commitment to the UCLA program not only gives the Bruins a player who can help the team but makes his father a Bruin booster. It’s a win-win situation…

    BTW, the reason this blog attracts political references is because most Bruins fans realize that there’s more to life than football and hoops…it’s too bad that some in the 99% don’t realize that voting against your best interest will not elevate you to the 1% status…

  • Marc

    At the idiot who goes by no name.

    Reich, yes! It all starts with division; blame the immigrants and the lower class. You truly are an idiot. While hitler was doing his deeds in Europe, here in America many American Natzi party people where trying to get rid of Roosevelt, who was responsible for many public programs and works that many on the Reich called “socialist”.

    Also, you obviously have the inability to distinguish between an argument over whether the media is a corporate, for profit enterprise or a “liberal propaganda machine”. You missed that whole point and went right into what is “wrong” with liberals. Obviously, you are not very intelligent, and don’t understand the difference. Name calling? How about show your freaking name, you punk.

  • Marc is to fascism as Tydides is to Nestor

    How sad, Marc, that you need to scream at an anonymous Internet poster in defense of fascism. Sad also is the fact that all you’ve got left is name-calling.

    Speaking of “idiot,” you ought to know that “for profit” and “liberal” are not necessarily mutually-exclusive (though as CNN and many other liberal propaganda organs demonstrate, being leftist does hurt the bottom line, since more and more people are realizing that liberalism is a mental disease.)

    But that does go a long way toward explaining the Left’s parasitic dependence and insatiable lust for other people’s tax dollars, doesn’t it? After all, why earn something when you can use government to take it from those who have, right?

    Right, Marc?

    I feel sorry for you.

  • Marc

    Idiot, once again ignores the comments re: the use of Reich and also comes across as completely out of touch with reality. Get your info from sources other than fox, drudge and worldnetdaily. You are the one being lied to. Eighteen years of service with my company; business management. Planning and analysis. I understand business and I know that the reich lies. Lies and you eat it up. Still no name, either. Fascism comes from your side, btw. You must either be young and lack life experiences or old and half crocked.

  • Marc [rabidly hearts] fascism and regurgitates its propaganda unquestioningly

    Thanks for proving my points.

  • Anonymous

    Or he could be middle-aged and spot-on.

  • Marc needs to tell his (il)liberal media buddies that they’re not partisan

    Looks like the head of CBS news didn’t get Marc’s memo:

    CBS Chief Moonves Attends Obama Fundraiser, Outs Journalism as ‘Partisan’: