Larimore named to Lott Trophy List

Missed this earlier today but UCLA senior linebacker Patrick Larimore was named to the Ronnie Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List. Larimore is primed for a big senior year if he can stay healthy. He’s battled shoulder and concussion issues, but should be fine heading into fall.

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Depth Charges

UCLA head coach Jim Mora released a post-spring depth chart, but with so many injured and many incoming freshman expected to play a big role early for the Bruins, Mora said not to put too much stock in it.

Some quick thoughts:

* Left tackle is very worrisome, as it appears Simon Goines is going to have to be in the two-deep the day he gets on campus. The Bruins are deeper inside than they are out, so I still see Jeff Baca sliding outside when all is said and done. Very, very thin though.

* Interesting “or’s” at center, Y receiver and defensive end. I wonder if Joseph Fauria and Darius Bell can be used specifically in different packages, as it appears the staff is growing fond of Bell at the Y.

* Owa Odighizuwa had a nice spring and it looks like he’s going to be rewarded for it. Mora really lauded him during a long conference call today.

* Didn’t quite appreciate the loss of Isaiah Bowens until I looked closer at the depth chart. Mora essentially said Holmes could end up there at some point next year. The Bruins really, really need Aaron Porter not to play pro baseball.

* Pretty impressive depth at defensive tackle, as Mora noted.


X (receiver)
9 Jerry Johnson (6-4, 218, Sr.**) or
15 Devin Lucien (6-1, 192, Fr.**)
32 Sam Handler (6-0, 200, Fr.)

Left Tackle
56 Xavier Su’a-Filo (6-4, 310, So.)
67 Michael Padovese (6-5, 322, Fr.**)

Left Guard
71 Wade Yandall (6-4, 315, So.**) (3)
76 Alexandru Ceachir (6-5, 305, So.)
55 Ben Wysocki (6-4, 306, Fr.**)

64 Greg Capella (6-4, 310, Jr.**) (1 at C, 13 at OG) or
54 Jake Brendel (6-5/295, Fr.**)
51 Tre Hale (6-2, 308, So.**)
63 Kody Innes (6-4, 285, So.**)

Right Guard
60 Jeff Baca (6-4, 304, Sr.**) (12, 11 at OT)
72 Alberto Cid (6-4, 305, Jr.**) (6)
75 Chris Ward (6-4, 318, Jr.) (4)

Right Tackle
77 Torian White (6-6, 295, Fr.**)
73 Will Oliver (6-7, 305, Fr.**)
78 Brett Downey (6-7, 305, Sr.**) (1)

Y Receiver
8 Joseph Fauria (6-7, 258, Sr.**) (9) or
3 Darius Bell (6-0, 230, Jr.*)
85 John Young (6-5, 280, So.**)
89 Jordan Barrett (6-3, 257, Jr.**)
29 Jackson Reeder (6-3, 194, Fr.**)

F Receiver
7 Ricky Marvray (6-0, 190, Jr.**)
6 Jordon James (5-11, 200, So.**) (3, at f back)
22 Roosevelt Davis (5-7, 162, Fr.**)

QB (Listed numerically)
4 Kevin Prince (6-2, 230, Sr.**) (10)
11 Jerry Neuheisel (6-2, 190, Fr.)
12 Richard Brehaut (6-2, 225, Sr.) (4)
14 T.J. Millweard (6-4, 230, Fr.)
17 Brett Hundley (6-4, 225, Fr.**)
18 Mike Fafaul (6-3, 215, Fr.)

41 David Allen (6-2, 224, Sr.**)
45 Alek Cusick (6-1, 235, Jr.**)
49 Luke Gane (6-1, 247, So.**)
44 Phillip Ruhl (6-0, 225, So.**)

23 Johnathan Franklin (5-10, 205, Sr.**) (14)
28 Malcolm Jones (6-0, 227, Jr.)
33 Steven Manfro (5-11, 195, Fr.**)
25 Damien Thigpen (5-9, 185, Jr.**)
20 Melvin Emesibe (5-11, 200, Fr.**)

Z Receiver
1 Shaq Evans (6-1, 205,Jr.**) (6 starts)
88 Jerry Rice, Jr. (6-0, 182, Jr.**)
86 Logan Sweet (6-1, 185, Fr.**)
81 Tyler Scott (6-2, 214, Fr.**)


Defensive End
56 Datone Jones (6-5, 280, Sr.**) (14 starts) or
94 Owamagbe Odighizuwa (6-5, 278, Jr.) (1)
91 Sam Tai (6-4, 275, Fr.**)

Nose Tackle
92 Brandon Willis (6-3, 275, So.)
90 Donovan Carter (6-2, 313, Sr.** (1)
98 Seali’i Epenesa (6-2, 323, Jr.)
77 Kevin McReynolds (6-3, 310, Fr.**)
95 Brandon Tuliaupupu (6-2, 331, Fr.**)

Defensive End
99 Cassius Marsh (6-4, 295, Jr.) (8) or
94 Owamagbe Odighizuwa (6-5, 278, Jr.) (1)
96 Iuta Tepa (6-2, 268, Jr.**)
78 Wesley Flowers (6-5, 254, So.**)

Outside Linebacker
35 Jordan Zumwalt (6-4, 235, Jr.) (4) or
59 Keenan Graham (6-3, 252, Jr.**) (1, at def. end)
14 Aramide Olaniyan (6-2, 220, So.**)
47 Ryan Medina (6-3, 235, Sr.**)

Inside Linebacker
42 Patrick Larimore (6-3, 253,Sr.**) (13)
27 Jared Koster (6-1, 208, So.**)
57 Jason Stewart (6-2, 237, Fr.**)
55 Todd Golper (6-1, 240, Jr.**)

Inside Linebacker
30 Eric Kendricks (6-2, 230, So.**) (3)
33 Ryan Hofmeister (6-2, 220, So.**)
44 Mike Orloff (6-3, 222, Fr.**)

Outside Linebacker
43 Damien Holmes (6-4, 260, Sr.**) (14, at def. end)
12 Aaron Wallace (6-4, 235, Fr.**)
11 Anthony Barr (6-5, 238, Jr.) (7, at f back)

22 Sheldon Price (6-2, 185, Sr.) (12)
8 Anthony Jefferson (6-1, 190, So.**)
29 Erick Zumwalt (5-10, 170, Fr.**)

Strong Safety
26 Andrew Abbott (5-11, 200, Sr.**) (7)
19 Dalton Hilliard (6-0, 205, Sr.) (5, at safety)
39 Dylan Price (5-10, 206, So.**)

Free Safety
7 Tevin McDonald (6-0, 202, So.**) (11)
4 Stan McKay (6-1, 205, Jr.**) (2)
23 Anthony Thompson (6-1, 208, Fr.**)

21 Aaron Hester (6-1, 205, Sr.**) (12)
2 Brandon Sermons (6-11, 185, Jr.**)
9 Marcus Rios (6-0, 185, Fr.)


21 Joe Roberts (6-1, 206, So.**)

18 Jeff Locke (6-1, 210, Sr.**) (14)

18 Jeff Locke (6-1, 210, Sr.**) (14)
42 Michael Leamy (5-11, 183, Fr.**)

48 Kevin McDermott (6-5, 250, Sr.**) (14)

Punt / Kickoff Return (listed in numerical order)
1 Shaq Evans (6-1, 205,Jr.**)
6 Jordon James (5-11, 200, So.**)
7 Ricky Marvray (6-0, 190, Jr.**)
19 Dalton Hilliard (6-0, 205, Sr.)
25 Damien Thigpen (5-9, 185, Jr.**)
28 Malcolm Jones (6-0, 227, Jr.)
33 Steven Manfro (5-11, 195, Fr.**)

(others listed numerically)
45 Peter Hajimihalis (5-9, 195, Fr.**)
50 Jay Weneta (6-0, 216, Fr.**)
53 Christopher Longo (6-4, 203, Fr.**)

DS 15 Alex Mascarenas (5-10, 188, Jr.**) (2)
DS 1 Dietrich Riley (6-1, 205, Jr.) (5)
FS 31 Librado Barocio (5-9, 175, So.**)
LILB 25 Isaiah Bowens (6-2, 235, Jr.**)

( ) indicates number of games started in 2011 season ( ) indicates number of games started in 2011 season

** indicates utilized redshirt year ** indicates utilized redshirt year
italics italics indicates non-scholarship player indicates non-scholarship player

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Estimated stats from spring game

From UCLA:

Brett Hundley 12-20-185 yds-1 td 1 int
Richard Brehaut 12-16-249 yds-4 td 0 int
Kevin Prince 8-11-101 yds 2 td 0 int

Rushing -
Johnathan Franklin 8 – 28 yds
Malcolm Jones 8-38 yds 1 td
Jordon James 6-18 yds
Steven Manfro 2-20

Receiving -
Jerry Johnson 5-125 2 td
Tyler Scott 3-113 2 td
Steven Manfro 7-105
Darius Bell 5-56 1 td
Devin Lucien 3-48 1 td
Shaq Evans 4-46

Scoring -
Brett Hundley 41 yd pass to Tyler Scott
Malcolm Jones 1 yd run
Richard Brehaut 20-yd pass to Darius Bell
Kevin Prince 15-yd pass to Logan Sweet
Richard Brehaut 63-yd pass to Tyler Scott
Richard Brehaut 69-yard pass to Jerry Johnson
Brett Hundley 18-yd run
Richard Brehaut 9-yd pass to Jerry Johnson
Kevin Prince 9-yd pass to Devin Lucien

Sacks – Datone Jones – 2 , Donovan Carter

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Thoughts from today’s spring game

* Well, it most certainly looked like a different offense today at the Rose Bowl. From the get-go, the offense took it to the admittedly thin defense, striking deep on a number of throws.

* The quarterbacks were, for the most part, good to very good on Saturday. Richard Brehaut had four pretty touchdown passes and Brett Hundley had a nice deep touchdown pass and a long run. Kevin Prince was also good, adding a nice touchdown throw, but Brehaut and Hundley kind of stole the day.

* Perhaps the biggest actual “news” out of the day was the revelation that Brehaut would be remaining with the football team and forgoing the rest of the baseball season. It’s a big move for him, as he’s going all in on football.

* Have to be impressed by Jerry Johnson and the rest of the receiver corps. Johnson had a number of fantastic plays, Devin Lucien made a couple nice grabs, and Noel Mazzone specifically lauded Shaq Evans after the scrimmage.

* Walk-on Tyler Scott, though, had the best day of all. Scott had two beautiful touchdown catches and a third that was called back because of off-setting penalties.

* Steven Manfro. Not much to say about him other than he’s just kind of an unbelievable story. Had an 80-yard kickoff return today – but a blown backflip that was pretty hilarious – and a number of silky catches and runs.

* The defensive line was a bit Jekyl and Hyde, alternating great push with bad push back. Datone Jones and Cassius Marsh looked stout, and Donovan Carter had a good sack, but overall, not what you’d want up front.

* I got a ton of videos that I’ll post over the next several days.

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Chest bumps and backflips highlight UCLA spring game

It started with a blown chest bump and it ended with a quick-pick six, but UCLA’s football spring game was all offense.

There was even a backflip. Sort of.

The Bruins exploded for several long touchdowns – the majority on touchdown throws from redshirt senior quarterback Richard Brehaut and redshirt freshman Brett Hundley – during an offensive display in front of an estimated crowd of 13,000 at the Rose Bowl on Saturday afternoon.

With several defensive players in the two-deep not even dressed out – including linebackers Jordan Zumwalt and Eric Kendricks – the offense exploited the inexperience, particularly shining early in the afternoon.

Embroiled in a competition that will stretch into midway through fall camp, the quarterbacks performed well, Brehaut throwing four touchdown passes, including a pair to senior wide receiver Jerry Johnson. Hundley, meanwhile, got the first reps and got the offense off to a quick start, hitting walk-on wide receiver Tyler Scott for a 41-yard touchdown on the day’s first drive, one of Scott’s three scores on the day.

Hundley sprinted to the end zone to celebrate with his offensive teammates and a three-way chest bump with Scott and offensive lineman Kody Innes ended with the trio on the ground, laughing.

“(Offensive coordinator Noel) Mazzone told us, ‘Just have fun today,’ and that’s what we did today,” Hundley said. “We tried to light up the scoreboard. It was a fun offense. A fun day.”

Hundley added a 27-yard touchdown run and Kevin Prince added a pair of touchdown passes as well in the quarterbacks’ lost opportunity to shine before an offseason that will go a long way toward determining who gets the first snaps against Rice on Aug. 30 in the season opener.

“I just got done telling them – now is the time to start working harder,” offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone said. “To me, it’s what they do between now and August 1 that’s going to play a big decision in what happens next season.”

The offense didn’t have all the fun on Saturday, though.

Defensive end Datone Jones had two sacks and was a constant presence in the backfield and UCLA defense picked up four interceptions, including an interception-return-for-touchdown by senior cornerback Sheldon Price that ended the action.

The coaching staff was smiling widest about coming out of the afternoon without losing any more players to injury as the team was hit particularly hard by the injury bug this spring.

“Any time you’re going 11-on-11 with your own team, you’re taking a risk,” head coach Jim Mora said. “You’re doubling your risk any time you scrimmage because you’ve got 22 of your own players. But the trade off for us in this point in the development of this team is important.”

Perhaps the highlight of the afternoon, though, was the 80-yard kickoff return for touchdown by Valencia product Steven Manfro, who has excelled this spring.
The lowlight? His botched backflip immediately following the play.

“It was a long run, so…,” Manfro said, sheepishly. “I could do it after a short run … but I had no jumps.”

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