UCLA baseball playing for the Cup

The UCLA baseball team won’t just be playing for their first College World Series championship when they embark on their fourth trip to Omaha this week.

The Bruins are playing for the Cup.

With the athletic program ranked sixth in the Capital One Cup rankings – thanks to top-10 finishes in volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer and water polo – a title run in the CWS would give UCLA a shot to hoist the trophy.

Florida might stand in the way, as the Gators are not only ranked No. 1 in the current Capital One Cup rankings, but also head to Omaha. The Cup will be presented at the Espy’s on July 11, and the prize includes $400,000 in scholarship money for student-athletes.

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  • UCLAmed

    What about the women’s athletics?

  • Larry

    Ah… Florida! I’m so stinking tired of Florida. Talk about a thorn in our side.

  • Maze

    As a longtime proponent/sympathizer/apologist for this blog, not really sure why I was censored there. Oh well…Murshed on!

  • I got emails about all that crap, so I deleted all of it. No harm, no foul.

  • Bored

    I don’t understand. How is it that the other blog, gets like 6 posts a day, and we get 1 if were lucky, with absolutely no insight in to our team activities? college players organizing themselves for drills, what is going on? Can we get a little more info these days please.

  • sshhhh

    if you say something, you’ll get banned or deleted.

  • Anonymous

    jon needs to be banned…He’s a disgrace.

  • Anon

    Recent verbal commit by Cameron Judge of Oak Christian is continuing the trend for having Oak Christian’s players each year. SUC have Mater Dei and we have Oak Christian…

  • CrouchingBruin

    It would be $200K in scholarships for the winner of the Men’s Cup, $400K is the combined award for both men & women (Stanford already won the Women’s Cup). Still, $200K is nothing to sneeze at. That’s about one year for four out-of-state athletes, or four years for one out-of-state athlete.