UCLA sent packing in College World Series

Scott Rose, out in Omaha, with the news of the UCLA baseball team’s disappointing season-ending loss to Florida State in the CWS: Bruins fall 4-1

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  • Anonymous

    Walk, single, flyout, walk, walk, walk, walk– wow. Nice start to the game. Game over. No, the Bruins load the bases with no outs in the sixth. Single, K, K, K. Now game is really over. Outscored 8-1 the last 2 games, and another UCLA men’s program underachieves. Great academic school, excellent women’s sports.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    For a team with good-but-not-great starting pitching, and virtually no power bats, this team did pretty well to get as far as it did. A bunch of singles hitters and a great bullpen will only get you so far. Disagree that they underachieved. Easy to say, Anon, but no real analysis behind your comment.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Way to go gutties. Another year, another 0 men’s national titles!

  • PV Bruin

    Even though we did not go all the way … I still would like to applaud the team for their effort in reaching the CWS…

  • Bruin Baseball

    Sometimes I wonder what Savage is thinking. He recruits well, but is not a solid game day coach.

    You should have taken Pluko out after the 5th or at least 6th inning Friday in the blowout.

    Plutko had 3 full days rest and had solid college world series experience. You throw him as far as he is comfortable since he is the ace. Instead you start nervous Nellie who can’t throw a strike and then go to Watson the freshman with the bases loaded.

    You get eliminated with your ace rested on the bench.


  • doug4ucla

    @BRUIN BASEBALL….I couldn’t agree more…why save pitchers for the fall…..lose you go home….everybody should of been available…..and ONE run in two games not going to make it…..in any league even “coach pitch”

  • ProbationU

    With all due respect to @Bruin Baseball and @doug4ucla, when you score 1 run in 18 innings, you are going to lose. While we were lucky to only give up 4 runs to FSU, we still only scored 1. The bats went silent and no amount of coaching adjusments can fix things with no hits.

    This was an outstanding year. 2 visits to Omaha in 3 years for a program that had only been there twice before in the entire history of the program. Let’s have some perspective here….Savage has done a great job and in particular with this team which was never expected to be this good after losing the #1 and #3 draft picks after last year.

    Job well done, Bruins.

  • doug4ucla

    @ProbationU….I said ONE run in two games is not going to work……..they need a great job this year no doubt…………BUT lose u go home didn’t work ALL hands need to be on deck JUST SAY IN

  • anon

    what a horrible way to end the season. the pitcher couldn’t even get the pitch over the plate and you’re way behind after the first inning…