Brief Nick Ekbatani update

Hey guys, was just passed along some encouraging news about former UCLA offensive lineman Nick Ekbatani, who was in a car accident last weekend that resulted in a severe leg injury, and ultimately, amputation up to the knee.

“Nick stood up today with the help of a walker and they put him in a wheelchair so he can get used to sitting up and everything. He’s doing really well.”

The Big Nick Fund is charging ahead still, with more than $37,000 raised in just a few days, due in no small part to the support of UCLA community. Kudos.

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  • Mark

    Feel terrible for the lad. Parents, tell your kids not to ride motorcycles.

  • INawe

    So true: It is not that I don’t trust myself on a motorcycle… it’s that I don’t trust all the other oblivious people on the road.

  • A rider

    Parents, don’t let your children ride without FULL insurance. Also, don’t let your children drive cars. Or walk on sidewalks. Or fly on commercial aircraft. Or . . . Please, don’t blame the activity for the bad result, because driving a car is far more dangerous (considering how much more often people drive than walk or ride bicycles or motorcycles). Perhaps we might focus our energies on requiring proof of driving skill.

  • Jerry

    Wishing you the best Nick.

  • Anonymous

    Mean while there is a bit of GOOD NEW’S…..Dietrich Riley is cleared to go!!!!!

  • Mark

    Riding a motorcycle puts you in harm’s way. It’s irresponsible.

  • Bruin Gold

    Riding a motorcycle is FAR more dangerous than riding a car.

    Even if you have excellent driving skills, unexpected mishaps such as encountering a deep pot hole or a wild hog crossing the road at night can kill or maim you when riding a motorcycle. You are simply too exposed to the environment.

    A driver in a car has a much higher chance of surviving such an accident.

    Further, since you cannot stop in time in a motorcycle when driving in the dark, motorcyclists should never drive at night. That would be like trying to fly a plane in thick fog.

    Motorcycle vs car accidents occur all the time. Usually the car drivers don’t see the motorcyclists coming since the motorcyclist is too small and driving too fast to anticipate (e.g. regular highway speeds). It is the motorcyclist that is scraped off the ground when that happens.

    When you ride a motorcycle, simply expect death or a career ending accident at any moment.

  • Mark

    Right on, Bruin Gold

  • Anonymous

    Have Nick look into the Biomechanics group of the MIT media lab. They are working on cool lower leg prosthetics, led by Herman Herr, an MIT professor and mountain climber who lost both legs in a climbing accident. Of course a wooden peg makes for a better pirates costume next halloween.

  • Nick Ekbatani

    Instead of blaming my beloved motorcycle who did no one any harm whatsoever…why dont we point the finger at the jerk who obliviously made a blind left turn at full speed and nearly killed me.

    A drivers license should be MUCH harder to attain. They shouldnt be handed out like candy on halloween to anyone who can turn a key in an ignition.

    This happened because the road is full of terrible drivers.