Mora on San Bernadino training camp

Jim Mora has made his stance firmly known.

No girlfriends. No friends. No family.

At least for two weeks.

The new UCLA head coach stressed discipline, accountability and toughness at his first Pac-12 Media Day on Tuesday as Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios. Step one – or two or three – in the process: bringing his team to San Bernardino for fall training camp.

“My thoughts were very simply that I wanted us to be in an environment where were somewhat isolated as a football team,” Mora said. “It’s important as we start this journey that we know each other very well. At the end of day in camp, some of these guys would be going back to their apartment. I don’t want that. If we’re talking to someone, I want it to be teammate or coach. I don’t want girlfriends there. I don’t want friends there. I don’t want parents there.”

Mora determined early that the program needed an attitude adjustment in order to find success, and a quick glance at the conference’s preseason media poll shows that the Bruins still have a lot of work.

UCLA was selected third in the Pac-12 South Division, two slots behind conference-favorite USC, though the Bruins picked up two first-place votes.

Perhaps a trip to San Bernardino will move them up the rankings.

“Coach has pretty much instilled being accountable to ourselves and our teammates,” said sophomore safety Tevin McDonald, who represented UCLA at Media Day along with senior running back Johnathan Franklin. “That’s something we might have been lacking over the years. We’re trying to be reliable teammates. Be there. Be able to be counted on every Saturday.”

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  • localbruin

    San Berdoo in August??? No girlfriends, no friends, no family should be absolutely no problem.

  • rjames38

    Are these 2 weeks going to be completely closed off to the public?

  • FleeingHomework

    @rjames, if they don’t want family or friends, they probably aren’t looking for fans to be watching and cheering. I’m personally choosing to treat this as a private camp, an opportunity for the team to bond in an environment surrounded by only themselves. Just think about what the camp scenes from Remember the Titans would be like if the stands had a crowd watching for a highlight reel.

    That said, if Jon knows otherwise, I’d love an excuse to watch the team…