Pac-12 Media Day here

Hey guys and girls,

The start of the season is upon us, as breakfast has been served and it’s time for Pac-12 football media out here at Universal Studios.

The themes of the day:

A third of the conference has new coaching staffs, including UCLA.

Offensive firepower is a little unknown this year as plenty of talent has left the conference the last couple years – where will the stars come from?

What does Jim Mora think about his program’s summer training?

What else do you guys want to know?

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  • Anonymous


    Please ask Coach Mora if they are addressing the problems with our uniforms with Adidas. Thanks for all you do!

  • rejn

    Has the UCLA Football Staff/Recruiters contacted any of the Penn State players about transfering to UCLA?

  • GG57

    What is the outlook for the offensive line now?

    I heard that the athletic director plans to set a high price for tickets for the Nebraska and USC games. Is that true? (Go change his mind. We want attendance; really huge, loud attendance.)

  • Josh

    Hey Jon. I love your blog and hope to see more posts as the season gets closer. Any idea if Mora is pursuing any of the potential transfers from Penn State?

  • Josh

    Sorry, I didn’t notice the rejn had asked the same thing!