UCLA news and notes from Pac-12 Media Day

Some of the more relative notes from today:

* UCLA head coach Jim Mora said incoming freshman defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy has had a knee issue flare up and he required arthroscopic surgery on his left meniscus on Friday. Mora said he’d miss the first part of training camp, give or take a couple weeks.

* The Bruins are going after some Penn State players, though Mora could not name specifics. Some Nittany Lions have reached out with interested in UCLA. As this is a very fluid situation, Mora said he’s not sure what the timeline on any movement could be.

* Mora said that linebacker Mike Orloff (knee) has taken a medical retirement and confirmed that Wesley Flowers, Joe Roberts, Jared Koster and Anthony Thompson were no longer with the program. He also confirmed the grayshirts of both Lacy Westbrook – who, by the way, is out of the hospital and recovering from a recent health scare – and Eli Ankou.

* I asked Mora about the quarterback situation, does he know the guy and just needs to be convinced or he still needs to see more from all of them, and he answered pretty specifically that it’s more A than B. He has his guy.

* Also, Mora made it pretty clear that Dietrich Riley would not be returning this year, despite recent positive Tweets.

* Player movement notes: Dalton Hilliard is on defense and appears to be staying there, as does Anthony Barr, though Mora wants to see a lot from him.

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  • BruinFaithful

    Unreal!!!! It never ends. First Lacy, now Ellis. What have we done to deserve so much misfortune and misery. It’s like we’re snake bit.

  • Anonymous

    Media Day wasn’t the same without Neuheisel’s unjustified arrogance.

  • Anonymous

    Did u ask Mora what was really in the passion bucket afterall? Where did Rick leave it?

  • OC Bruin

    At a private dinner a little over a month ago when answering a few questions, Mora said that 1) We lost out on Falah……his parents wanted him to pick the Bruins however his heart was with the Trojans so he was going there……that proved to be correct and 2) Hundley is his guy at QB.

  • localbruin

    BF, just thinkin out loud here, but do you suppose the hit from the San Berdoo two-a-days announcement caused a tweek in McCarthy’s knee???

  • bushwhite

    So I see all of you University of Common Little Adults fans are hoping to poach Penn St. also..well good luck you need it. Not much we can say as USC is poaching the Penn St. RB.

    Hopefully Jim L. Lessa can get some talent on to your squad. Rick New weasel didn’t recruit well and that showed in the (false) Pac 12 championship game of 2 teams that got toasted by USC.

    Jim L Lessa better get midwestern boys who can play football onto the westwood high campus so you guys don’t make the Pac 12 look bad again.

    Oh BTW after Jim L leaves for Washington, who are you guys thinking will be the next coach?

    OK well I live in Detroit and Mel Farr runs alot of car dealerships here, a real scumbag we all hate him..couldn’t you at least give us someone mediocre like brian poli dixon?

    good luck in the Kraft Fight hunger bowl

  • bushwhite

    oh I forgot, yeah, Falah says hello guys, I am a Trojan now I will be playing for the MNC…

    Nice to see a young man with an intelligent head on his shoulders picking the superior school

  • localbruin

    Hey, Buttwhipe. Go get a job.

  • bushwhite

    yeah, that is what we say to the HUNDREDS of jealous UCLA fans who ruin the Wolf board and http://www.wearesc.com and all the other Trojan boards…payback is a bitch local :o))

  • Ley

    Wipe your Bush White? Did you really say Detroit. For goodness sake we are in Southern Cal you idiot. South Central University/Detroit….Same thing???

  • bushwhite

    And you know what’s great?

    I am probably the only SC fan on here posting Trash. And I admit to Local, I am talking trash on your board. Not classy at all..but you know what?

    There are probably more UCLA fans on USC boards and Wolf website that USC fans…and that’s why I am here.

    I am so sick of your compatriots on our board running their mouth talking Trash..I feel you need a little dose of your own medicine.

    So let’s get out the Cade Mcnown posters and root for the powder blue bears!

  • bushwhite

    hey ley

    now that rhymes..if I had a UCLA degree I would be really happy with myself for posting it.

    So, I can see I have to explain everything to you guys, it’s that UCLA education

    I was BORN in LA and lived in LA, my work transferred me to Detroit

    oh and 1+1 =2 :))

  • Ley

    OMG! You said that Detroit word again, I cant stop laughing. Please stop. You should just stop now. I don’t know what’s worse. U South Central, or Detroit.

  • bushwhite

    so what did you guys do after the 50-0 whitewash?

    Fall back on your Women’s water polo championships?

    tell yourself “with the academics at UCLA we belong in the Ivy league” again?

    post another video of Gary Beban?

    well good luck with your #20 ranked recruiting class, have your AD get me one of those parking passes so I can park free anywhere and still post a 6-6 record

  • adk

    Hey Bushwhite,
    I wouldn’t get so cocky. For all of the success SC has had the past few years, what do you guys have to show for it? … HALF of a national championship. You guys can’t even claim a full title for 04, that pleasure goes to LSU. As for 05, well you have your name sake to thank for that. Last year you guys won a weak Pac 12 south (even though you still lost to poor ASU). You guys lost to a Stanford team that couldn’t beat Ok St and barely beat an overrated Oregon team that got clobbered by LSU, and just beat a good Wisconsin team, at best. I am not saying that you guys were not a good team, but hey, so were the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Braves.

  • Anonymous

    Actually dude, USC can claim a full national championship for 2004, the “half” national championship was during the 2003 season. But hey, tha ist 1 and a half more than UCLA can claim lol.

    BTW, during the past decade, when USC was not winning a national championship, they were winning multiple Rose Bowls.

  • Dean

    The 2004 season bcs championship was vacated by the NCAA.

  • adk

    I was referring to the year the bowl games were played. Their championship no longer exists for “2004,” (what I referred to as 05). You are missing the point, as good as the teams were, they classically underachieved. I stand behind my argument: HALF of a national championship. Heck, even the Rose Bowl appearance against Texas doesn’t count anymore.

  • Anonymous

    of course you would say the 2004 championship doesnt exist, because you hate the fact that USC was by far the best team that year.

    You are probably the same kind of idiot who says USC “cheated”…yeah, because reggie bush’s parents accepting benefits from a street agent helped USC win so many games right? lol

    BTW…USC won the 2007 and 2008 Rose Bowls. Those games were never “vacated”

    yup, Rose Bowl victories are def an underachieving accomplishment

  • adk

    The jury is out and the NCAA found SC guilty. You can’t deny that fact just as you would have embraced the fact had the ruling been otherwise. You HATE the fact that SC was stripped of the title. They have no more right to it than UCLA has the right to the 2011 Pac12 South title. BCS victories are great, I don’t argue with that. However, let me repeat “For all of the success SC has had the past few years, what do you guys have to show for it? … HALF of a national championship.” I’m not arguing that you guys are good, or have been real good. You guys just aren’t as great as you think you are (or were).

    btw, I resent the “idiot” remark. Please, lets keep this discussion on an adult level. At least pretend that you are old enough to have attended SC.

  • anon

    Stop feeding the troll. It’ll get board and return to the freeway underpass from whence it came.

  • adk


  • Anonymous

    So thrilled that the Bruins chose to be associated with a bankrupt city ranked the 16th most dangerous city in America. Way to go Mora.

  • Reformed Droog

    @Anonymous 7:07AM

    Because choosing a football training location based on relative proximity to campus, secludedness of environment, and ability to meet restrictive facility requirements is clearly akin to a UCLA stamp of approval.


    I’m sorry that there are poor representatives of the UCLA fanbase disturbing your enjoyment of Wolf’s and/or other USC blog/messageboard. Perhaps the better approach would be to engage those specific people on your own turf instead of antagonizing a mostly respectful group of Bruins on a Jon’s blog.

    Try to enjoy this rivalry without letting it take over your life, brother. Breathe.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    If it makes you guys feel any better, bushwhite was on Wolf’s blog last night bashing Tim Tebow, so bushwhite is now likely to be left there in Detroit when the Rapture happens.

    A proposal: we will try to encourage bushwhite not to stray over here, if you will do something about UCLA fan “Bill”, who keeps warning us that USC fans will all be made to pay for not respecting him (or something).

  • Watty

    Detroit, lol…

  • Reformed Droog

    @W.E.B. Dupree

    How do you propose that we police people we don’t know personally and have zero influence over? (We can’t.)

    Believe me – If we had that kind of power, we’d be taping shut the pie holes over at BN first…

  • Reformed Droog

    …and then Chris Foster…

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    “taping shut the pie holes” — colorful!

  • Anonymous

    adk: if you stop making stupid remarks, then perhaps people will cease to call you an “idiot”

    Hmm…what a novel idea huh?

    And if the word “idiot” hurt your feelings then maybe you shouldnt be so thin-skinned and realize this is just a blog. Dont take it so seriously

  • adk

    I’m here arguing a point. You’re the one using terms such as “stupid,” and “idiot.” If you cannot control your feelings enough to not use such terms, perhaps you should take a deep breath, and relax. After all, this is just a blog. Don’t take it so seriously.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Don’t get around much anymore. Thanks for reminding me why.

  • Anonymous

    I repeat, if you cease from saying stupid things, then people will have no reason to use the words “stupid” and “idiot” towards you lol. Those words (stupid: adj, idiot: noun) were added to our Englsh language because obviously there are times when they are appropriate (or in this case necessary) to use, and you can find them in any dictionary.

    Debating with people like you is like debating with a monkey so this is probably the last time I will visit this blog, seems like a redundant waste of time lol. Good luck to you.