• Anonymous

    Jon Gold: Lover of words

  • Bruin Brian


    Can I suggest you get yourself an inexpensive tripod for your video camera for interviews? Watching a shaky, hand held video is really unappealing and a simple, inexpensive tripod could make all the difference. You do a good job of presenting yourself as a professional journalist but I think you should also provide professional looking content. Hand held video is a real let down when compared to the rest of your good work. If a tripod is too cumbersome for you, how about an image stabilized video camera? Just a thought………

  • Coach Thom

    @ Bruin Brian

    Hand-held camera work, or ‘shaky cam’, or ‘living camera’, whatever, has been all the rage for the past 30 years in movie making. Heck, it goes back to the silent era when cameras weighed a ton and there were no steady-cam units to help lighten the load. So, in other words, Jon is simply following the trend of modern film-making. If you want to see ‘shaky cam’ at its best (or worst) have a look at Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia.’ You wouldn’t be so hasty to criticize poor Jon for his innovative cinema techniques. My suggestion for Jon is to make his questions less rambling and more concise. I could see Coach Jim getting just a bit antsy waiting for Jon to finish a question that Coach jim had obviously already formulated an answer to. Jon, keep the ‘shaky cam’ if you must but abbreviate the damn questions!

  • Anonymous

    @Bruin Brian

    If Jon needs a tripod, consider buying one for him. And maybe a beer, too, (or better yet, a burger) to thank him for doing such a darn good job.

  • Ley

    I am so pumped to get the season started!!! Will you or other Bruin Reporters be allowed to the San Bernadino training facility or is it off limits??

  • Bruin Brian

    @ Coach Thom

    Yes, I know all about the technique of “living camera” and for the most part I can’t stand it. The second Jason Bourne movie was almost unwatchable because of it IMHO. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. My suggestion for a tripod or image stabilized camera still stands and I whole-heartedly agree with your comment about Jon’s questions needing some tight editing.

  • Jerry

    Hey Jon,
    You asked Mora a great question in a great way in regards to his upcoming choice of QB. You really made him choose his words carefully. After hearing his response and seeing his body lanuage, along with everything else you’ve seen from spring etc, or other info your privy to, what would be YOUR educated guess on which QB he’s leaning toward?
    I find it interesting that his “tune” has changed from wait and see to I have an idea…

  • Critic

    Jon, do you realize you are a TERRIBLE interviewer? Stop talking. Be quiet. Ask a short, open-ended question, the shut the hell up!

  • Anti-Critic

    Critic, do you realize you are a TERRIBLE commenter? Stop typing. Be quiet. Write a short, useful comment then log the hell off!

  • localbruin

    San Berdoo will be Junction Boys for Jon Gold. Will he survive?

    Mora has beady eyes. He should wear glasses or something.

  • Observer

    Anti-Critic, do you realize you are a TERRIBLE critic (anti or other)? Critic wrote a short, useful comment and then logged off after 23 words. How the hell much shorter could Critic’s comments be?

  • I just wasted 2 minutes of my precious life reading bothing but uselss commentary. Who gives a rat’s ass how Jon asks questions? I seriously doubt any of you would do better. GeeeeeZ!!!

  • Critic

    Jon likes the sound of his own voice. He thinks too much. He has a narrative already planned in his own mind and can’t help but foist it upon his subject.