• gilligan

    As a USC fan coming in peace, I was wondering is Riley’s career over? It is a shame b/c I thought he was a major loss to USC when he committed to UCLA.
    Second, I was under the impression that UCLA was at the 85 scholarship limit, if so who will lose their scholarship if some PSU players agree to join UCLA? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    according to this article,

    “Any transferred Penn State player who gets a scholarship does not count against another school’s scholarship total.”


  • Hank

    Ironically, the exemption does not apply to u$c due to their violations.

  • GG57

    Thanks for the conversation.

    Who picked the location for this video? It looks like you would have been waiting a long time for the hot dogs and pizza.

  • localbruin

    Lew is giving 110%, Gold 50%.

  • Bruintx

    Maybe Gold just had lunch there and cleaned out their entire food inventory so they had to shut down… just joking with ya Jon!

  • Coach Thom

    Ease up on Jon, guys. I thought he made some informative comments and certainly shows plenty of positive energy for his job and our team. As far as accepting Penn State transfers this season…I think they will count against next season’s scholarship total. If anybody knows differently, please elucidate.

  • Bruintx

    If Ellis McCarthy’s knee problem wasnt really a new thing, why didnt he get this done months ago?

  • localbruin

    BruinTX, might it be that the announcement of the San Berdoo engagement made his knee begin to ache?

  • Critic

    Next time can we just have the Lew Report so we don’t have to listen to Jon talk?

  • Yes, yes you can. It’s called Bruin Sports Report, formerly BruinBlitz, and it’s about $10 a month. You go there, and you don’t have to listen to me! It’s this awesome new invention called, “personal choice.” It’s really crazy how this crazy thing called, “personal choice” allows your index finger to NOT click on a video with my atrocious questions and nasally voice that I love to hear myself use. It’s kind of new, so don’t be surprised if your finger accidentally brings you back here, which is free, and not to someone else, to pay. But I’ll tell you what, instead, stay here, criticize everything I do with, so far, the 13th different anonymous handle you’ve created since December, and keep complaining. That’s way better.

  • Critic

    Looks like I got his attention.

  • Maze

    Aw, “Critic” doesn’t get enough attention from his boyfriend…pobrecito. Jon Gold FTW!