Powell injures foot

A few days ago, UCLA sophomore guard Norman Powell posted on Facebook that he’d broken his foot, possibly jeopardizing the beginning of his season.

Luckily for the Bruins, it’s not quite so bad.

A UCLA spokesman said that Powell just suffered a rolled ankle, resulting in a sprain, and he is considered day-to-day.

That’s good news for a team that will rely on his perimeter defense next year.

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  • Mike 70

    What an incredibly lame website. No posts since Friday, no comments….nothing going on in ucla athletics I guess.

  • Semi-Pro

    You guess correctly. Welcome to the offseason.

  • anon

    The site can still at the very least update us about the 2 recruits who decommitted.

  • BruinFreak

    There are a lot of tidbits during the off season. Why I get better news about UCLA football and Basketball at Bruingold and not this dedicated UCLA sports blog is beyond me.

  • anon


    And the kicker… this site, the blogger is getting paid by the newspaper who owns the blog.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Ever since Brian Dohn left this site has sucked.

  • Critic

    Looks like I’m Jon’s only friend left.

  • Farewell Gold

    Jon has provided very good football and basketball insight the last few years – definitely among the top 3 who cover the Bruins regularly. But he’s clearly been mailing it in the last few months.

    At one point this was the first site I’d visit for up to the minute UCLA news. Now, we’re relegated to copy and paste jobs and an occasional ‘creative writing’ piece.

    The one on one with Mora was great and I figured an indicator of things to come being that camp opens in just THREE DAYS. But nope, there have been no football updates since.

    This site has always been sort of the anti-Bruin Nation (personally I could care less about the feud since I visit both blogs). But I’ve learned a hell of a lot more about the upcoming team and coaching staff on their site than this one.

    And lastly, to the pathetic pukes who will defend Jon and the Daily News by saying this is a free blog and we can go elsewhere. You’re right, it is a free blog and I AM going elsewhere to get my UCLA news and updates. However, this isn’t Jon blogging from his basement, he’s a paid journalist from the region’s 2nd largest newspaper syndicate. It’s not too much to ask to expect some daily reporting in the days leading up to fall camp.

  • Olympic Fever

    Since nobody else on this site seems to be giving us any info……I will. We just got a commitment from OG John Lopez of Orange Lutheran.