UCLA gets big OL commitment

Orange Lutheran’s John Lopez, rated the No. 6 offensive guard in the country by Rivals and No. 31 by Scout.com, verbally committed to UCLA on Wednesday night.

Lopez becomes the Bruins’ 11th verbal commitment and the fourth on what’s becoming a very good offensive line class, shaping up to be the program’s best in a long time. With Sean Dowling, Erik Bunte and Christian Morris in the fold, UCLA looks to be stocking up, and there is room for more.

Lopez has offers from most of the Pac-12 but has been a Bruin target for a long time, and Adrian Klemm sealed the deal.

Here’s some video

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  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    You said he has offers from most P12 schools but it looks like half to me. And should Colorado and OSU even count?

  • DC in LA

    O line looking good. Been a long time coming.

  • Anonymous

    Are you really complaining about the guys offer list. He picked us over Florida State, Arkansas, Washington, and Utah among others. Sounds pretty great to me.

  • ucla34

    The football culture is changing. Unfortunately our lame d!ck fans, (well at least some) will stay pathetic! Good job Mora! Time to get back to 98′ football and can’t wait for Mora and Spanos to feast on sorry @ss get into SC with a 2.0 Trojokes!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can we please stop talking about football and get back to complaining about how infrequently Jon updates his blog? Nothing makes my day better than reading posts from all those whinny people that sit in front of their browers all day long hitting the refresh button to see if some high school kid has made his decision on which college to attend.

  • Anonymous

    Coach Rick….Really??!!??

  • Anonymous

    Well if I remember right 3 years ago ucla had one of the top o line class and a top 6 in recruiting, it all doesn’t matter until the staff can coach up the players. Presently they have been coaching down.


    Only goes to prove that it is difficult to win in college football because so many teams have talented livestock.

    Of course it is even harder to win in the pros because of the reverse draft i.e. poor teams pick first, and that results in a New York Giants Super Bowl win with a mediocre record.

  • Critic

    You’re using presently wrong. What you mean is currently. Presently means happening soon.

  • Dr Stan

    Talk about prior o-line recrruits, answer this question: HOW MANY LINEMAN FROM UCLA HAVE BEEN DRAFTED INTO THE PROs IN THE PAST 5 YEARS?

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