A head’s up

Hey all,

Miguel Melendez will be helping out the Los Angeles Newspaper Group and covering UCLA football practice in San Bernardino. I have no doubt his coverage will be excellent. Some big changes happening at the Daily News/LANG, and I’ll have more thorough information soon, but please treat Miguel with the kindness he deserves. You’re going to enjoy his work.


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  • DoubleBruin

    Jon, if the rumors are true and you are indeed leaving us, I thank you for keeping us informed and entertained these last few years and wish you good luck.
    Aram K.

  • Critic

    Fresh meat, came wait!

  • bruinbiochem06

    Post a short biography Miguel Melendez, we’re interested in learning about you.

    Go Bruins!

  • Marc

    Most of all, will miss your love of food and those inculsions to your various reports. Also, your comedic interactions with your various guests.

    Guess your talents didn’t go unnoticed and opportunities arose that couldn’t be passed up.

    Gotta get yours while the gettin’ is good.

    Thanks for everything the last few years.

    Welcome to the jungle Miguel.

  • Anonymous

    Does this explain why Jon hasn’t posted anything in forever?

  • Anonymous

    We eat UCLA bloggers for breakfast.

    Jump in ma belly!

  • Dad of 3

    Jon, thanks for the heads-up and we will miss you out at the Berdoo. Miguel did a fantastic job as editor of prep sports for the Star-News and he filled in nicely before . He is a good writer.

  • just asking

    Does he have a twitter account to follow?

  • Dman

    Jon we are going to miss you so much!! We are going to miss your non-detailed reports of practice, your lack of football knowledge/understanding, your cynical evaluations of our program, your hilarious blocking of anyone who comments anything that disagrees with what you say, your lack of love for UCLA, and your absolute inability to keep up the blog. Miss you already Jon!!

  • Legendary Comment

    The comment above is legendary. Wow.

    Jon. You went through a lot and unfortunately didn’t really care about blogging. Good riddance

    And welcome to Rick Kimbrel. Glad to have you back on the UCLA beat!

  • Hype

    Dont buy the hype folks. Gold got canned like a pussy bitch

  • hogsman


    If you’re really leaving, thanks for your dedication in spite of all the whiners. The introduction of video interviews and discussions was a breath of fresh air.

  • Coach Thom

    The comments above are not emblematic of true Bruin spirit. They are more symptomatic of vainglorious troglodytes that support the Asylum of Cheaters located across town. Jon, good luck with your chosen path. You’re a fine young man with a good heart.

  • Maze

    Hear, hear Thom! Considering the pattern of comments, (three unregistered in a row, with piss-poor grammar), it’s glaringly apparent: they’re either trOJans or BN editors.

    Thank you for your work, Jon!

  • Dman

    Actually Coach Thom, I am a huge UCLA fan and have been following the program since the early 90’s and TRUE bruin spirit is that of winning and excellence. It is those “Bruins” who accept mediocrity who lack TRUE Bruin SPIRIT. How many times did the fans on this site have to read: -___- had a good day passing. -___- had a good day catching etc. only to have the names replaced the next day. Someone who is assigned to cover a school like UCLA should be well informed of the intricacies of the sport(s) they are covering. Jon simply failed to know what to look for when evaluating and reporting what actually took place at practice. On the video blog, Jon would often ask players/coaches questions like “so what’s your favorite cheeseburger?” when in reality his questions should have been more like “What are your top two favorite moves while rushing the quarterback and what moves are you working on other than your favorites?” Someone might think “Dont ask that! You’re going to tell our opponent what his favorite move is!” Oh yeah, because they don’t watch film. How about asking “So Aaron, would you rather play Zone or Man defense and bump and run or give more cushion and why?” or “So Mr. Franklin, how do you balance out gaining more weight to take on more of the load but staying trim enough to not lose a step?” Who cares about what their favorite board game is?! Fans want a team that performs with excellence and we want a beat writer that does his job with the same level of passion that we have and that we expect our players to play with. New Beat writer, be one of us! Love football, love UCLA, and love UCLA FOOTBALL!!

  • Anonymous

    Holy moly, was that your audition for the job, Dman? I’d much rather know what their favorite hamburger is. It makes them, you know, human or something.

    And I’ll bet there are a lot more people like me out there than there are folks who care about the swim technique.

  • Picard

    I hope it’s true that Jon is leaving. He has been a lame duck since the end of basketball season. He really lowered the bar that Dohn set on this blog. He started off great, but then became a lazy ass once be got comfortable in the job. All he did after a while is post stupid YouTube videos that were crappy quality and piss poor interviewing. I could’ve done that! Give the job to someone who ENJOYS Ucla football, not someone who treats this job like a stepping stone to becoming a radio personality a la Petros & Money.

    Glad to know that Jon is getting canned. He was a terrible beat writer and we need someone new.

  • Homer Bloggy-McMessageBoard

    Folks simply don’t understand the role of a newspaper reporter or what the term “impartial” means – I think that’s pretty evident here. How these same people make it through life without killIng themselves is beyond me.

    If you want somebody that has to LOVE something to cover it…you should raise up out of your parents garage converted studio and start your own masturbation blog (or wutevz)…or even just locate one of the dozens already in existence on that there Internet machine of yours. Jesus Christ some of you people are fucking idiots.

  • Reformed Droog

    With friends (readers) like some of you guys, who needs enemies?

    P.S. The most publicly visible person is usually the one who gets thrown under the bus.

  • Jon is a great writer

    Jon is an excellent writer. When he posts it is fantastic. We simply want more of what he does. I wish you the best of luck Jon, you will be very successful, keep up with your great work and your articles are very fun to read

  • BruinRogue

    The real question on Miguel Melendez is this: Is he fat? We do not accept SlimJims as our bloggers

  • RodneyGuillory


    Thank you for all of your time and efforts working on this blog. Dohn left a huge hole in coverage and I really think you did some good stories to humanize things and your involvement with allowing the fans to ask questions was something fun and different. I have no doubt that if you would have been on this beat longer that you would have built an even better network with respect to recruiting and inside UCLA info. Best of luck to you in whatever your future may hold on behalf of all Bruin fans – please disregard any of the lame-Os posting on here.


  • Anonymous

    The link on my browser still says “Dohn”. Turnover happens, I’ll leave it at Dohn as the next guy probably won’t last long either.

    Journalism is a dying business and I hope you’ve moved to a better career path.

  • ucla ex-dormie

    Jon, if you’re leaving this gig, good luck to you, I wish you well. I hope they promote you and wouldn’t mind if you keep on covering this beat. I’ve enjoyed reading you.