Day 3 of Fall Camp from San Bernardino ….


CLICK HERE for my notebook focusing on assistant coach Marques Tuiasosopo.

*The first major injury out of fall camp indeed came Sunday afternoon when DE Sam Tai went down with an injury. At the time severity of the injury was unkown. On Monday we found out it was a very serious injury and a blow to the Bruins after it was learned that Tai suffered a torn ACL and will be out the entire 2012 season. No update on Torian White, who had chest pains over the weekend and needed to be looked at by doctors before resuming practice. Dalton Hilliard was not at practice. He bruised his knee and he’s fine. He’s sore but he’ll be held out a couple days. Tevin McDonald did not practice because of dehydration. Tre Hale, Brett Downey and Patrick Larimore also were affected by heat. Kenny Walker dealt with some asthma issues, and Sam Goines also left practice early becuase of the heat.

**Despite the high temperatures, Mora said he would not adjust practice times. “You know how it was in Houston?” asked Mora. “It was worse than this. I would rather us be a little bit shocked now and adjusted than shocked and beat. Unless they change the game to the Astro Dome this is how it’s going to be, except more humid.”

***Mora said he’s excited about punt and kickoff returners. He’s got a laundry list of what he’s looking for before coming to a decision. “Guys that can catch the ball consistently and make good decisions with regards to when they catch it and when they don’t catch it. Guys that whent they catch make sure that we kep it, secure it. You want a guy that can make the first guy miss and a guy that can be explosvie with the ball and get us positive yards. That F position is really deep. And when you add Paul Perkins and Fabian Moreau to it [and] it’s a pretty epxlosive looking group, plus Kenny Walker. The guy can fly.”

****Special teams for the first time were in competitive drills. Punter Jeff Locke hasn’t lost a step, no punt intended. Locke’s hang time was impressive, and a couple times even punted behind the returner. For the first time we saw Ka’imi Faibairn take extra points and field goals with Locke holding. Faibairn missed the first attempt hitting the right post. His second attempt was good just inside the right post. He converted a 27-yard field goal inside the left post and went up the middle on his next attempt, both from the left hash mark. Faibairn then attempted from 37 yards on the right hash and converted. The ball moved to the 42 yard line from the left hash but the kick was way low.

*****Brett Hundley continues to impress. His poise in the pocket and decision making is just amazing to watch considering he still had some wrinkles in spring camp. Hundley finds the small pockets and his accuracy only helps receivers. T.J. Millweard gives the ball a good spin and is crisp in his delivery. But his decisions still are an issue, as you’d expect from a young man.

*******The linemen had to do a handful of up-and-downs. Not sure what prompted them, but Simon Goines sure had a hard time getting back in line when it was over. He gasped for air and Adrian Klemm told him to leave the field. Goines then took off his helmet, pads and shirt and headed to the trainer’s tent, which was very busy as you might imagine.

********Taylor Lagace is not backing down. The true freshman who on Sunday earned high praise from Mora, continues to bring his tough-as-nails approach at safety. First it was Jake Brendel giving Lagace a good push well after one play and then Lagace’s helmet came flying off after Ben Wysocki took issue with his follow through after tackling Johnathan Franklin, this after Lagace recovered a Malcolm Jones fumble on a previous play. Lagace has good instincts and burst of speed that can get him to the ball from virtually any point of the field.

*********Say what you want about the offensive line’s lack of depth, but you gotta love the leaders of this group. During a 10-minute water/shade break, Xavier Su’aFilo did anything but take a break, rallying the troops and reminding them about technique and quality reps. Guard Alexandru Ceachir perhaps took it to heart the most. He threw up at the end of practice, and I made sure to stay away from that tree.

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  • Bigtimebruin

    Great write up and vid.

  • Picard

    Love the live video of practice! Makes us feel like we are there. But Miguel, you need to start asking Mora some questions during the press conference. Haha! I’m. Keep up the good work!

  • ucla34

    Looks like Hundley will be the second black QB to start, besides Jackie Robinson. And no i do not count Osaar Rashan. Hundley will lead us back to prominance! The savior? Cam Newton anyon? Go Bruins!!

  • mattyg

    you’re killing it miguel. keep up the good work.

  • localbruin

    Mora needs to interview out in the sun.

  • hogsman

    I’m thrilled that Mora is making them practice in heat and humidity. Kids in the SEC, Big 12, and ACC practice and play in those conditions all the time, and it gives them an edge in mental and physical toughness. UCLA players need to develop that if they want to beat the elite teams.

  • John

    ACC? When did the basketball teams start practicing outside?

  • JohnGoldWannaBe

    Dalton Hilliard was definitely at practice. Based on this report, I’m not so sure if Miguel was.

  • Miguel Melendez

    WannaBe: I have the sunburn and receipts from gas fill-ups to prove it. Nevertheless, that was a mistake on my part and you can bet your ass I’ll work on minimizing them as I go along. Carry on …

  • Vvvbj

    Based on your report WannaBe, you’re a dick.

  • Flexmonk

    This is really great coverage Miguel! Also, nice write up on Tuiasosopo….I guess I’m back to checking this blog multiple times a day.


    Any news on recruits attending practice?

  • 581Bruin

    Miguel – great work. Keep it up. This stuff is “gold” We love hearing about it. Thanks a ton.

  • Real Chuckaboo

    Hey Picard, you’d have to warm your oven up to 400, open the door and watch the video in front of it to feel like you were at the practice. šŸ™‚

  • Jeff Ball

    Bill Bolden was a black starting qb after Gary Beban graduated.

  • localbruin

    QBs still locking on.

  • Anonymous

    Di UCLA have an African American QB in the 80’s. I think his last name was Quarells (or something like that.

  • What happened to Jon Gold? Was he fired? Just curious. Seems like he attended more weddings than UCLA games during his tenure.

    Miguel is doing a great job so far. Keep up the good work.

    And JON GOLD I remember all the things you taught me

    I learned how to EAT 4×4’S and I learned how to ORDER FROM IN-N-OUT’S SECRET MENU

    Well, I learned how to love PASTRAMI AND RIBS and I learned how to lie ABOUT MY WEIGHT

    So you think JON YOU could learn how to tell US goodbye

    So you think I could learn how to tell you goodbye

    You don’t bring me flowers any more…

    Well, you think I could learn how to tell you goodbye…

    ‘Cause you don’t say you need me;

    You don’t sing me love songs;

    You don’t bring me flowers anymore…

  • VB

    Gold will announce later in the week that he is leaving. He always viewed this job as a mere stepping stone to bigger and better things, and hated every minute of dealing with UCLA fans (particularly me) and covering the crappy team. It sucks, but what can you do with someone who hates their job?

    Hopefully Miguel, or whoever replaces Gold, will actually enjoy this job and give their full effort. I never understood why beat writers get so annoyed with fans. THEIR AUDIENCE IS THE DIEHARD FANS. The nominal fans don’t keep up with blogs.

    Good luck, Miguel. Hope you do well!

    Jon, bon voyage. Hope you find a job that makes you happy.

  • Reformed Droog

    What’s to hate? I’d let all you guys date my daughter…

  • Prepdog

    Miguel what happened to going to law school u phony…what a fake farewell column.

  • cry me a river

    A lot y’all just bitch about this blog, but why? Football team has been crap, this blob is free, and newspers are dying. Beggers get with they get, so
    pay for a site onlne with better news.


  • Anonymous

    best thing about the blog during jon’s tenure was we didn’t have to hear so much about that community college guy VD and how he and his family tried to kiss up to the blog writer by means of food every home game. oh wait …

  • Maze

    Anon @ 8:56pm

    +1000, Haha! VD is my favorite underachieving little popinjay.