A few more notes from Day 6’s first of two sessions …

The team will do goal line and short yardage and possibly do them live, meaning they’ll be in full pads again tonight at 5:30 p.m. There will be no live srimmage at any point during the rest of fall camp. There will be two more two-a-days back in Westwood where the team will start its second session around 7:45 p.m. Mora added that LB Damien Thigpen Holmes is doing really well. He’s versatile and Mora said “he has a good feel for the game” with his ability to move from defensive end and outside linebacker to inside. The plan for OL Brett Downey was to run him a little bit and then send him back inside. When practice started at 8:30 a.m. it was 86 degress. When it ended around 10:40ish it jumped to 107 degrees.

OK guys, that’s it for now. I haven’t ate anything all day so time to grab some grub and get ready for tonight’s second session.

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  • bruinbiochem06

    You mean LB Damien Holmes, not RB Damien Thigpen.

  • UCLAStripes

    Dear Lord! Damien Thigpen at LB?!

  • Anonymous

    No live scrimmage at all for the rest of camp, or just while they are in San Berdoo?

  • Miguel Melendez

    At the very least no live scrimmage while they’re in San Bernardino. No indication if there will be a live scrimmage when they get back to Westwood.

  • Marc

    Okay, now you gotta tell us what you ate. Mmmmmmm….food.

    The football notes have been fantastic to this point. Please throw me a bone and add a little flavor, er, food, to the blog. Thanks.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Welcome, Miguel! This is my first post back after the “Gold Era. Or, as I like to call them, the “Dark Ages.” Like others have posted Miguel, I wish you luck in covering the UCLA beat, should you secure the permanent gig. I am glad to hear you have thick skin and can handle the fans comments. Poor Jon’s skin was porcelain thin! Also nice to see VB, my oldest issue, stirring up the dirt pot again. As for all the back and forth about the heat issues, and despite the non sequitors about sexist comments, the salient point is that our team has a HISTORY of being soft in the trenches, particularly on the OLINE, over the past decade. So, it is very disconcerting that they are dropping like flies from heat exhaustion (except XSF). Whay is XSF immune? Could it be because he is — as VB would say — not a pansy @zz? As for the coaching so far, it seems Mora is a no nonsense sort of guy. I like that. But, I will hold out my verdict on him — and the rest of the staff — until after week three. After, Lice, the Cornshuckers, and Kitty Cats, we will have a better guage of where this team will be. (A cupcake, a legit team, and a bounce back game). Stayed tuned folks, more to come!

  • Richard Crasnick

    In-n-out burger?

  • VB

    Good to see you back UB! The people on here aren’t happy to see the UBTA back, but we are BACK full throttle!

    Miguel, question: Why wouldn’t the team hold a live scrimmage? And what exactly is a “live scrimmage?” What is the difference between a live scrimmage and just running places with full contact? Just curious.

    And please,as others requested, do tell us where you went to eat dinner. JOn Gold made it a point to turn this blog into a football beat/Zagat Guide, so I expect you to keep the tradition.

  • VB

    Oh and by the way, my sources tell me you violated Mora’s rules and shouldn’t have posted about Jones leaving practice for fighting. Have fun with no credentials big BOY

  • VB

    ^^^^ That was not the real VB…. Fake VB…

  • VB

    Okay, any future comments from Anonymous VB are not the real VB…. I will log in from now on!

    Immature people… pffffff

  • Anonymous

    Miguel, thanks for doing a great job reporting!!

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Gold was a minimalist. He exerted the least amount of effort to keep his job — or so he thought. Most of the time, he just posted raw video or food tips. VB, do you remember when we first met Gold? He was full of energy for the job and expressed his desire to take the Daily News UCLA beat to a new level. We sat with him at our tailgate and he was genuinely interested in doing a good job. We offered him our sincere congratulations on the job and even boosted him on the blog when he first started out. He posted very frequently at the beginning with substantive content. Then, for some reason, he tapered off rapidly and settled for mediocrity. When faced with criticism — even constructive criticism — Jon acted vindictively and without justification. (I still have the emails from Gene to provie it! LOL) Anyway, we don’t know the story behind Jon’s leaving the DN — and perhaps we never will, but there are lesson to be learned from his tenure, Miguel.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    “Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up … please stand up!” I know the real VB when I read it!

  • VB

    Exactly. Thanks UB. But unfortunately Miguel’s unauthorized post is the real deal. He can’t post any issues regarding those things under Mora’s regime. Much like Gold’s!

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    I don’t think Miguel should worry too much. If that is his worst offense starting out, he will be fine. Gold’s worst offense was posting videos of himself ….

  • Bruin Who Actually Attended UCLA NOT LIKE VB

    I see the BLOWHARD Mom/daughter team is back to pollute this blog after a long absence.

    I wish Jon Gold would come back just so Momma UB and her reject daughter would go back to their trailer park.

    Miguel, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY TAILGATE INVITES FROM THIS FAMILY. Just my 2 cents. You will regret ever meeting these two ladies.

  • VB

    That’s pretty rude. I know I never went to UCLA but at least I’m a TRUE bruin fan. I love them. Go CAL and UCLA!!!

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Looks like Mastando, the Travelocity Hotel Room Liquidator, is back, VB! I’m sure if Miguel wants the real scoop on VB & UB — he can ask Jill. She will tell him all about our group. And, for my part, I am back because I would not post to anything associated with, or in support of, Jon Gold. If you are so irritated with me, dude, then you are free to ignore my posts. Believe me, I won’t lose any brain cells over you.

  • Facescar

    Don’t know the backdrop of this whole VB/UB/……impostor debacle, but on one should pester other posters. Let’s not make this BN.

    Anyways, I’m almost glad to see less live scrimmaging. Our team can’t afford many more injuries.

  • Reformed Droog

    “Don’t know the backdrop of this whole VB/UB/……impostor debacle, but on one should pester other posters.”

    Yep, you definitely don’t know VB and UB…

    And for anyone who actually cares, Jon wasn’t fired.

  • bibs

    Let’s stick to football and forget about your personal feelings about Jon Gold.Jon did a good job and is a good wtiter.Some of you morons are the same ones who gave Jill a bad time. I’m glad to know that you did not attend UCLA. Miguel the proper word is eat.

  • Welcome Back UB/VB

    To the Idiot “Bruin Who Actually Attended UCLA NOT LIKE VB”:

    Stupidest argument ever. Since when did you have to attend UCLA to be a fan? My mother, father, and grandmother each earned multiple degrees from UCLA. My brother, sisters, and I were draped in Bruin gear from the day we were born. I’ve probably been to more UCLA football, basketball, and baseball games than 99% of ‘actual’ students in my age group (I’m almost 40).

    7 of the 8 people in my tailgate are die-hard fans who didn’t go to UCLA, but I’m damn sure they know more stats and names form the past than you’ll ever know. We all went to highly respected universities, but we grew up on the Westside and root for the home team.

    Did your dad drag you to Pauley after games to look for programs or ticket stubs or any shred of memorabilia from our once proud basketball program?

    Did you ever get chased by that autistic guy at Jackie Robinson Stadium for keeping home run balls hit by Eric Karros, Shane Mack, Torey Lovullo, etc?

    Did you ever take the #2 RTD bus to campus and set pinball records at the old Ackerman arcade?

    Did you ever crash a frat party (or ten) while in high school?

    Did you travel to watch OUR team play in Norman, South Bend, Austin, Knoxville, Seattle, or Eugene?

    Is the Miami game the worst sports moment of your life? Is the 1994 Rose Bowl the worst game you’ve ever witnessed live? Is Eric McNeal’s interception better than Marvin Goodwin’s?

    Do you even know what the hell I’m talking about?

    UCLA students are the “real” fans all right. That’s why they attend most football games dressed as empty seats.

    Just because you show up on campus from Visalia, in your Saturn, with your high school tassel hanging in the mirror because you’re the first in your family to graduate college, doesn’t make you some sort of authority on UCLA athletics, and it certainly doesn’t give you any exclusivity on being a fan.

  • Welcome Back UB/VB

    Last paragraph: graduate = go to.

  • VB

    Look, there are a lot of VB imposters on this thread. Looks like I must post under a new screen name. Glad to know you all missed me. I can’t believe I am still this hated after a whole year in exile. Can’t we all just get along?

  • Reasonable Bruin

    Gold was the Lolo Jones of UCLA blogging – started strong, looked like he might be #1, but crashed and burned at the end. Anyone who defends him obviously hasn’t visited this site in 6 months. It’s been mostly copying and pasting athletic dept bulletins, with a few personal essays mixed in every couple weeks. Definitely time for a breath of fresh air.

    Welcome aboard Miguel!

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    For my part, I never opined whether Gold was fired or left DN on his own accord. It is irrelevant to me. IMHO, he was not very good at his job and was too sensitive to constructive criticism. That is my opinion, and while you may disagree, it does not change my feelings. He started with the right attitude and worked very hard at first, and then it was apparent that he slipped into mediocrity. This is a comment section on a blog. Here is how it works: The host of the blog, in this case Miguel special to the DN, makes a post. Then, we get to comment. It is our opportunity to express our OPINIONS. If I don;t like your opinion, or disagree with it, I may post a retort, or ignore it altogether. My choice. Similarly, if you don’t like my comments, you can (a) ignore them, (b) retort, or (c) GFY.