Rapid Fire: DE Datone Jones sent to the lockers early..

There was a skirmish in the middle of team drills and the end result was DE Datone Jones hitting the showers early. UCLA coach Jim Mora would not address the issue after practice. Here’s what we know: Jones got into a tussle with a fellow member on defense. We are not exactly sure that teammate was from our limited vantage point. Jones walked back to the sideline and remained momentarily before again being asked to leave. Here’s what we also know: Mora is no joke. He’s a no-nonsense guy and means business by sending Jones away. After that practice ran pretty smoothly.

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  • Anonymous

    My sources tell me you violated Mora’s rules and shouldn’t have posted this. Have fun with no credentials

  • BruinFaithful

    What rules? You can’t report something you personally witnessed on the field? Something that anybody else could have blogged? Anybody else there could have reported it, but not Miguel? It’s not like it was some off the record shhhh. Shut up dude. Fat ass Chris Foster reports private and off the record inside information all the time. He should be the first one to lose his credentials.

    I love that Mora is a disciplinarian, but if this was just over a skirmish, then I disagree with it. What’s the punishment in sending someone to the showers on a blistering afternoon? I understand he can’t practice, but I would have made him stand on the sidelines in the blistering sun ALL practice and made him run and do crawls after practice. Then I would have made him pick up equipment from the field.

    However, if it was a matter of lack of effort, then I would definitely have send him to the showers and maybe demoted him to 2nd string if the lack of effort continued.

    Good job Miguel. I know I criticized you the first day and you deserved it. But you have REALLY stepped up since then. Really, great job everyday since. Great reporting.