Rapid Fire: Zumwalt, Williams leave practice early …

LB Jordan Zumwalt practiced for the first time since leaving practice early three days ago because of heat exhaustion. He returned today and left about 45 minutes into practice. The culprit is heat related. Seems like once you’re hit hard with heat exhaustion it’s hard to bounce back from it. WR Javon Williams left for the same reason and both were carted off together, heads hanging low, pads off and wet towels around their neck. LB Anthony Barr had a huge cast on his left arm for a broken knuckle on his left pinky. A significant upgrade from the smaller cast a day earlier. RB Darius Bell had a bit of a quad issue early in practice but seemed to be fine after a short session with trainers. WR Ricky Marvray ditched the red jersey and donned a blue jersey for the first time in fall camp, though he saw no real contact in team drills.

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  • Picard

    This is absolutely pathetic. I guess Mora is going need a few years to weed out all these soft Neuheisel players and get some real MEN in the program who can practice in heat. Man, if our guys are really THIS affected by the heat, then I’m a little word about the opener against Rice. I haven’t read any reports about Rice players leaving practice early for Midol and popsicles.

    MAN UP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Really it is like 112 out there and on the field probably 125, shouldn’t be practicing in 100 degree weather. These are young men and they are not out of shape, plus I don’t feel uclas problem was player toughness other than team execution. If they keep this stuff up they will not have anyone left to play, heat doesn’t make you better it wears you down to injuries and concussions.